London King Was Rob Schneider’s First Wife and Here Is Everything You Should Know

Do you know the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress, Elle King? She has been making waves in recent years for her talent and was listed as an ‘Artist to Watch’ by Esquire Magazine. In 2015, her debut album, Love Stuff, earned her two Grammy nominations. Well, Elle is the daughter of London King, a former model turned actress. London got her start in acting in 2000 when she appeared in the thriller, A Better Way To Die. Although London King has hardly been seen on the set of any movie since 2002, she is still referred to her as an actress.

Keep reading to learn everything to know about London king, including her spouse, parents, children and so much more.

Who Is London King? 

While information about London King’s birth has been very scanty online, it is known that London King was born in 1971 and raised in Wellston, Ohio.

What about London King’s educational and career background? Available information about her education history has also been limited. As for her career life, London King has been different things at different times. For instance, she has worked as a model, a magazine cover girl and has been featured in many TV commercials. Although London King is still commonly referred to as an actress, her acting career was very short-lived, lasting between 2000 and 2002 only. In 2000, she was cast as Cheryl in A Better Way To Die. In 2001, she played Jade in Raw Fish. Then, in 2002, she was Ruby Jenkins in The Calling also known as Man Of Faith.

Currently, London King works as a doula (a childbirth coach) through her New York-based ‘Push Love Doula’ company. According to the Push Love Doula official website, London King has been offering this service since 2003. So, obviously, this is what she has been up to since she disappeared from the screens. She currently lives in New York State.

Who Are Her Parents

London King was born to Paula and David King. She grew up in Wellston, Ohio alongside her brother, William Scott King, who is suspected to be a surgeon. Beyond that, there is not a lot of information available about the family except the fact that they are American Nationals and they are Caucasian.

Who Is Her Husband?

In 1988, London King married Rob Schneider – the famous actor, comedian, and film director – three days after meeting him. But just as the marriage began swiftly, it also ended swiftly as the couple got divorced two years later. London and Rob got married on 25th September 1988 and got divorced on the 1st of September of 1990.

After divorcing Rob Schneider in 1990, London King’s love life took a decade-long break. She was not known to date anyone else until she found love again in Justin Tesa whom she married in a low-key wedding in 2000. Available information shows that London King and Justin Tesa are still happily married. The former actress has chosen to still bear her maiden name as a surname instead of her husband’s – Tesa.

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Does She Have Children?

London King and Elle King
London King and her daughter, Elle King: Image Source

London king has a son and a daughter that we know about. Her son, Noah King, is reported to be the product of a relationship she had while she was still a teenager; before she got married for the first time. London gave birth to Noah in 1986.

As already mentioned, we know of London King’s highly talented and famous daughter Tanner Elle Schneider, better known as Elle King, who was the product of London king’s short-lived marriage with Rob Schneider. London gave birth to Elle in 1989, just a year after she married Rob. Professionally, Elle King dropped her ‘Schneider’ surname because she wanted to create a life of her own rather than living in the shadow of her famous father.

However, it seems very clear that Elle King had other reasons for refusing to use her father’s surname. For instance, Elle has told the story of how it was her stepfather, Justin Tesa – rather than Rob Schneider – who inspired her to become who she is today career-wise. Clearly, London King’s new husband is not only a great husband but also a great father. However, there are no records of London King bearing any child for Justin Tesa since 2000? There’s always the probability that she has, but has chosen to keep that fact away from the media.

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