Lizzy Musi – 5 Facts About The Professional Drag Race Driver

In the world of Drag Racing, Musi is a name that rings the bells and has grown into a dynasty of some sort. It is this same Family that spawned Lizzy Musi as a second generation drag race car driver.

More than just carrying the Musi name, Lizzy has grown into an amazing award-winning racer, who has come to be known as the driver of King Kong Dodge Stratus and then Dart-bodied Pro Mods. Her father, Pat, who is a race car driver and engine builder, greatly influenced her love for the sports and encouraged her to turn professional in the sport.

Who is Lizzy Musi?

The beautiful racer was born Elizabeth Musi on Jan 1, 1991, to the family of Pat and Elizabeth Musi who are of Swedish-American ancestry; her mother is Swedish, her father is American. She has a younger sister, Patricia (Tricia) who is also a drag racer.

With both parents as drag racers, Lizzy began racing in 1999 at age 8. She competed in junior dragster races and rose through the ranks in the sport. Her first competitive action in Junior Drag racing was in 2007 at age 16.

She attended Caterer High School, New Jersey and upon graduation, she began working in her father’s shop sweeping floors and cleaning car parts. He in turn mentored her about cars, engine, and racing, and this helped her to become a successful racer and individual. She is reportedly worth well over $500,000 presently, with great prospects of earning much more in years to come.

Lizzy Musi

Lizzy, Elizabeth, and Pat MusiHere are some facts about Lizzy Musi that will endear her to you.

1. Racing Heritage

Lizzy comes from a family of professional car racers. Her father, Pat Musi, is an award-winning race car engine builder, as well as a professional drag racer. Her mother Elizabeth, and younger sister, Patricia, are also professional racers. Her father worked with a few international racing teams to build engines and cars for racing competitions.

Four years after Pat Musi opened up his first shop, he began competing professionally in drag race competitions. He has won 8 Pro Street Championship trophies and has also won in other different classes of drag race competitions such as Pro Modified and Pro Stock.

2. Family Business

Lizzy’s father, Pat, opened his first shop – the Musi Racing Engines Shop in 1970, and they have made or modified car engines, as well as built racing cars in the shop that have dominated the racing landscape. Pat Musi, is also a veteran in the Pro Drag Racing.

Lizzy’s father teamed up with the Professional Drag Racer’s Association (PDRA) to service all their race car engines, at about the same time Lizzy was preparing to make her professional PDRA debut.

As is required of every caring father, Pat had to move his shop to North Carolina from New Jersey, to watch Lizzy compete in pro races, and to offer her fatherly counsel.

3. Social Media Popularity

Lizzy is becoming quite popular on social media, especially on Instagram, where she regularly posts pictures about her car engine work or competitive races, she has also posted a few pictures after winning competitions.

She currently has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, and through her passion for the sport, she is helping to win more fans and admiration for the sport. To crown her many efforst in the sport, Lizzy Musi has been ranked in Drag Illustrated’s 30 under 30 list.

4. Accidents and Injuries

Just as the drag racing profession has brought Lizzy fortune and fame, it has also brought along with it certain risks and injuries. In April 2012 while driving a 1968 Camaro in the American Drag Racing League in Bristol, Tennessee, USA, Lizzy was involved in a high-speed crash during the third round qualification run. Her car spun out of control, drifted for a while, before crashing over the barrier wall. Though it was a very terrible accident, she came out unhurt.

In March 2015, she suffered another high speed crash in the Pro Nitrous qualifying round for the season-opening PDRA Texas Nationals at the Texas Motorplex in Dallas. She crashed into veteran Ron Muenks’ car during the race, when she lost control of her car. Both racers survived the crash and came out unhurt.

In June 2018, she crashed her boyfriend’s car “The Shocker” into the retaining wall, damaging it extensively, while preparing the vehicle for Discovery Channel’s Television show “Street Outlaws”. She came out alive from the crash.

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5. Relationship

Lizzy Musi is not married yet, and there is no evidence that she has done so in the past. She is currently dating a fellow car racer, Kye Kelley. Following several months of speculations about a rumored relationship within the racing circles, a relationship developed between Lizzy and Kye, which she finally announced officially via her Facebook page around April 2017.

Kye Kelley was once married to Alisa Mote but the marriage only lasted two years before it ended in 2017.

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