List of All The Men Jennifer Lopez Has Been Married or Engaged to

Everyone has a relationship history, but when you are Jennifer Lopez, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, your relationships are not just another random courtship but they are newsworthy career moments that spur merchandise fans and in extreme cases, can make or mar your career. In Jennifer Lopez’s relationship history, like everyone else, are people she had flings with, got engaged and married to.

In this article, we took a look at those special relationships, the ones that went a step beyond casual dating, looking at how they started and why they ended. Check it out below.

All The Men Jennifer Lopez has Been Married or Engaged to

1. Ojani Noa – 1997 to 1998

Before dating Ojani Noa, Jennifer Lopez, who had already attained fame in Hollywood, was in a relationship with a man named David Cruz, a high school sweetheart she dated between 1984 and 1994.

Three years after the longterm relationship came to an end, she got engaged and married to Ojani Noa, who is a Cuban waiter. At the time, Jennifer Lopez was 28 years of age with a budding career in America’s entertainment industry.

The marriage seemed destined to be long and perfect because she did well to keep details out of the prying eye of Hollywood and present a loving public image. But that was not to be the case.

After eleven months of being together, they got divorced. Why they got divorced remains unknown but it was not an amicable split. Since the divorce, Jennifer Lopez has had to sue Noa multiple times, including preventing him from releasing a book about their relationship as well as a video of their honeymoon in Cuba.

2. Criss Judd – 2001 to 2002

In between Jennifer Lopez’s ill-fated marriage to Ojani Noa and a second marriage to Criss Judd was a relationship with hip-hop icon, Sean Combs aka P. Diddy.

She began her wild romance with Criss Judd after the Diddy relationship came to an end. They had met for the first time in 2000 when Criss directed her music video, Love Don’t Cost A Thing.

The video cemented Jennifer Lopez’s place as a superstar as well as got her engaged and married for the second time. The two stayed married for 10 months before their marriage suffered a divorce due to the pressure of Lopez’s life as a super celebrity.

3. Ben Affleck – 2002 to January 2004

Ben Affleck, the famous actor known for playing Batman and directing Argo, met Jennifer Lopez on the set of the film, Gigli. Not long after, they began dating and four months into their relationship, they got engaged.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were engaged for a long time in what seemed to be a depressing period in her relationship history until Ben met Jennifer Garner and fell in love with her. He postponed their wedding which led to a complete break up in January 2004.

According to Jennifer herself, it was the most depressing period of her life and in those circumstances, it is not difficult to see why.

4. Marc Anthony – 2004 to July 2011

Jennifer Lopez engaged or married
Jennifer Lopez with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony and their children

The most significant marriage in Jennifer Lopez’s relationship history is her marriage to fellow singer, Marc Anthony. After her engagement to Ben Affleck came to a sad end, she began dating Marc Anthony in the latter parts of 2004 and after a few weeks of dating, they got engaged.

The eventual marriage lasted more than a decade, during which she gave birth to two children, twins Max and Emme. Contrary to the theme of the end of the majority of her relationships, the marriage ended amicably and they have remained on good terms ever since.

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5. Alex Rodriguez – February 2017 – present

Before A-Rod came into the picture, Jennifer Lopez had been in a couple of notable relationships with Casper Smart, a young backup dancer whom she was in a relationship with between 2011 and 2016, as well as a relationship with Drake in 2016.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer began dating in 2017 after they met in Beverly Hills during a chance encounter. After two years of being in a relationship, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged in March 2019.

With this engagement expected to lead to a marriage based on information reaching the media from both camps, the hope for fans of Jennifer Lopez is for this to be the endless love she’s been waiting for.

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