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The boss on Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro has become one of the dominant faces and personalities in the food entertainment space of American Television. Along with him for his ride is his wife, Lisa Valastro whom he has been married to for more than a decade. Compared to her husband, she is not a popular figure, but she is also one of the regular faces at the family-owned and driven business, Carlo’s Bakery that appears on Cake Boss.

In this article, we took a close look at Lisa Valastro’s background, her marriage to Buddy and everything else you need to know about.

Who Is Buddy Valastro’s Wife – Lisa Valastro?

Considering how popular the Valastro name has gotten thanks Cake Boss, it would not be amiss to call Lisa Valastro a reality TV star even though her husband is the face of the show. The reality star was born on the 9th of March, 1979 in the US to Gloria Tomacco and Mauro Melgiovine. Before she became Lisa Valastro, she was Elisabetta Belgiovine.

About her education, not much is known but she is believed to have studied to college level, and worked for LifeBankUSA, a biotechnology company before her marriage to Buddy turned her into a reality TV star.

She made her first appearance on TV in 2009 on Cake Boss and has appeared in forty episodes of the show between 2009 and 2012. She has also made appearances in other shows like The Chew, Extra, Kitchen Boss, Rachael Ray, Home & Family, and a couple of others.

Lisa Valastro’s Relationship With Buddy Valastro

Long before Buddy Valastro and Lisa Valastro became man and wife, they were teenagers, who met for the first time when Lisa was 19 years old through Buddy’s cousins, who were also Lisa’s friends. They met at an Italian restaurant and have been together ever since.

The two eventually got married on October 14, 2001, after they had been engaged for nine months. At the time of their wedding, Buddy was 24 years old while Lisa was 21.

Since they got married, Lisa and Buddy have given birth to four children, three sons, and a daughter. Their first child, Sofia Valastro, is their only daughter and she was born in April 2003. Their second child, Buddy Valastro, Jr. was born in 2004, their third child, Marco Valastro in February 2007 and their last child, Carlo Valastro, was born in 2011.

Are They Still Married?

Buddy Valastro's wife
Lisa Valastro, her husband, Buddy and their children

Even though her husband, Buddy Valastro, has been involved in a few controversies since he became a prominent personality, such as his DWI incident, firing his sister and his conflict with fellow pastry chef, Duff Goldman, none of it has been domestic.

Lisa and Buddy Valastro seem to be enjoying a loving marriage and they are very much still together.

Who Is Her Husband?

Lisa Valastro’s husband is Buddy Valastro, an American reality star. He was born on the 3rd of March 1977 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Known for his career as a pastry chef and media personality, he baked his first cake at the age of 12 and took over his father’s bakery, Carlo’s Bakery at the age of 17.

He made his first appearance onscreen in 2005 when he appeared in an episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. He began hosting his show, Cake Boss in 2009 and has expanded his TV empire to other shows like Kitchen Boss, Bakery Boss, Bakers vs. Fakers and several others.

Through the popularity of his show, Buddy Valastro has grown his family business from a one-location shop in Hoboken, New Jersey into a national and international franchise with locations in Florida, New York, Texas, and Brazil. He also has multiple locations across New Jersey.

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Other Facts About Lisa Valastro

• Even though her husband is a culinary superstar known for his baking and his restaurants, Lisa does the cooking in the family, with Buddy only getting his chance to show off his skills occasionally.

• When Lisa and Buddy were dating, she would often bring him food and have date nights at the bakery whenever he was working late.

• Lisa has a huge social media following with over 560 thousand followers on Instagram and over 30 thousand on her Twitter page.

• Her favorite food is Lobster tails.

• Lisa’s husband, Buddy, once made a $30 million cake that was covered in emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

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