Is Lisa Robertson Married, Where Is The QVC Host Now?

Lisa Robertson is an American TV personality and fashion designer who became one of the highly talked about TV stars in the US after startling the world with her creativity and talent. Lisa has often gotten the world talking about her with the unique fashion designs she creates and the trendy styles she produces. A very beautiful woman, Lisa is renowned for her very cute smiles and prepossessing appearance on TV and has won many fans for herself over the years.

As a TV host, Lisa Robertson is best known for being one of the top presenters at QVC, a popular American cable, satellite, and broadcast television network. Her mesmerizing mien on television endeared her to so many people during her TV presenting career and she is regarded to be one of the truly talented presenters in the USA. She is also renowned for introducing G.I.L.I, a popular fashion line which she created in 2012.

Who is Lisa Robertson?

Lisa Robertson was born on the 7th of November 1965. An American woman, the TV personality was born in Collegedale, a city in Hamilton County, Tennessee, United States. According to reports, she was brought up by her parents in a small town in Tennessee. As a child, Lisa was very adorable because of her beauty and she caught the attention of many people in her hometown.

According to sources, Lisa has a sister called Kimberly Ann Johnson and brothers identified as Terry Allen Robertson and Daniel Todd Robertson. She grew up with her siblings in Tennessee. Lisa was so beautiful that she won the Miss Tennessee beauty pageant in 1989, a feat which brought her to limelight in the state.

Lisa’s mother has been identified as Treva Charlene Robertson and her father’s name has been given as Charles Robertson. Growing up, Lisa was very fond of her parents and the bond in the family remained strong until she became a grown woman. However, tragedy struck in 2009 when Lisa’s mother sadly passed away. According to reports, the woman died from complications arising from ovarian cancer.

The high school that Lisa Robertson attended is not known however, we know that she attended the Southern Adventist University from where she graduated with a degree in Long Term Health Care Administration.

Details of Her Career With QVC

After landing a job at a local shopping channel in Knoxville in 1991, Lisa Robertson began her TV presenting career with QVC in 1995 when she joined the cable, satellite, and broadcast television network. At first, she worked with overnight programs at the TV network but grew through the ranks to start hosting alongside other top names at QVC like Mary Beth Roe, Amy Stran, Jayne Brown, and Stacey Stauffer.

While at QVC, Lisa soon became very famous. This was because fans were drawn to her beauty and her startling persuasive skills and soon started calling her the ‘Queen of QVC’. In fact, her popularity grew so much that some fans became obsessed with her and started stalking her. One of such stalkers identified as Peter Ferreira was eventually sent to jail.

A businesswoman at heart, Lisa soon started designing her own original fashion pieces and ended up created her fashion line which she called G.I.L.I. in 2012. The fashion line was a success and, within a short time, gained massive attention around the USA.

In 2014, after having worked with QVC for about 20 years, Lisa Robertson left the TV channel. Fans of the show were quite distraught with the news of her departure but she explained that she had to leave to focus on other things.

What is Her Net Worth?

Lisa Robertson is a rich woman by all calculations. The TV personality worked for many years with QVC which happens to be one of the highly talked about TV network in America and, according to sources, she made about $1 million annually from her job as a presenter. She also owns her own fashion line and this is without doubt one outlet which fetches her quite a lot of money as well.

At the moment, Lisa Robertson is reported to be worth about $5 million by celebrity wealth calculators. Apparently, her worth is bound to change with time as her work continues.

Is Lisa Robertson Married?

Lisa Robertson
Lisa Robertson with her boyfriend, Eric McGee

Lisa Robertson is not yet a married woman at the moment, however, she is in a relationship with a man identified as Eric McGee. According to sources, Eric McGee is a fitness trainer. The exact time in which the couple met each other and fell in love is not known but they seem to be deeply in love.

The interesting thing about Lisa and Eric is that Eric is about 11 years younger than Lisa. The age disparity is, however, not a problem for them at all as their love has continued to soar. At the moment, there is no indication that they may tie the knot anytime soon. The most important thing though is that they are happy together.

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Where Is She Now?

Lisa Robertson continues to reside in the USA. After she left QVC in 2009, she turned her attention to other things. She opened a mini store and hired hands to watch over it. She also opened a website where she now sells her products and puts up her designing skills for hire. Lisa also offers beauty tips as well as fashion expertise to people seeking her services. She also offers decorating and recipes ideas on her website.

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