Lisa Joyner’s Personal Was Raised By Her Adoptive Parents – A Look Into Her Personal Life

If the love-hate relationship between celebrities and entertainment reporters is to be believed, then Lisa Joyner, who is married to the actor – Jon Cryer, can be said to be sleeping with the enemy. The nationally recognized reporter has been in the industry for decades, working for a number of television houses as an entertainment reporter.

While she has a deep background as an entertainment reporter behind her, Lisa Joyner is most prominently known as a television host, notably for the show, Long Lost Family due to its social and personal impressions. The show is centered on reuniting adopted children with their birth families.

Lisa Joyner’s relationship with adoption has become her calling card to fame. That and being married to one of the funniest men to grace modern television. Learn more about this and other information about Lisa Joyner by reading below.

Lisa Joyner’s Early Life

Lisa Marie Joyner is one of many Hollywood personalities with very interesting backgrounds. She was born on the 31st of December, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland. However, while most children are born and raised by their biological parents, Lisa Joyner was raised by her adoptive parents. This fact will later be a driving factor in Lisa creating and hosting a show in the United States.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information regarding her adoptive parents nor her birth parents, even after she found them. Being an adopted child, her ethnicity has raised questions but we can confirm that Lisa Joyner is multiracial with Caucasian and Asian ancestry. She is, however, of American nationality. Simply put, she is Asian-American.

Lisa Joyner’s education history join the list of unknown details about her life but according to her IMDb page, we know that she began her career as a reporter in 1996, working as a reporter for Good Day L.A, a show on KTTV. Details regarding her early days in the entertainment industry are currently bare but we know she worked for a few television houses as a reporter before she hit the limelight through Infanity, which she hosted between 2005 and 2009. This newfound fame spurred several other appearances including an appearance on Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

She began to host the US version of Find My Family in 2009. The show was designed to reunite adopted children and adults with their birth parents. Lisa Joyner, who is an adopted child herself turned out to be perfect for the show. She then hosted another version of the show, Long Lost Family in 2015. She also hosts the show on the TLC network alongside Chris Jacobs.

Lisa Joyner’s primary career may not be in acting, but she has dabbled in the art a few times so far since she began her professional career. She appeared for the first time in a television show as an actress in Brimstone in 1998, playing a version of her real-life career, a TV Reporter.

Since then, she has appeared in several other shows and films, often time playing a version of her life as a reporter. Some of her credits include an appearance in the popular film, xXx: State of the Union and the show, 24.

How Much Is She Worth Now?

As someone with a long career in entertainment and the host of a couple of television shows, Lisa Joyner has been able to accrue an estimated net worth of $14 million. She is believed to be earning an average of $100,000 per episode. On the other hand, her husband, Jon Cryer, who is strictly an actor is worth a remarkable $65 million.

She Doesn’t Give Much Details About Her Biological or Adoptive Parents

Despite an emotional journey about the discovery of her birth parents, Lisa Joyner has kept a lid on specifics about them. So far, all we know is the ethnicity of her parents which is believed to be Caucasian and Asian. As for her adoptive parents, not much is known as well. The television host has chosen to protect their privacy from the curious media.

What To Know About Her Husband and Children

Lisa Joyner
Lisa and her husband, Jon Cryer

Lisa Joyner on her own may not be one of the most prominent names in Hollywood but her marriage is. She has been married to Jon Cryer, an actor who is most famous for playing Alan Harper in the comedy series, Two and a Half Men since 2007. The couple has been together since their wedding on the 16th of June, 2007. As a producer, Lisa and Jon work together to produce several shows and films.

Their marriage has produced one child thus far. An adopted child named Daisy Cryer who was born on the 11th of August, 2009. Her husband, Jon, has a son, Charlie Austin Cryer from his first marriage.

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