Who Is Lior Bitton and Is He Married To Jenna Jameson?

Jenna Jameson is a former adult movie star, traditionally referred to as porn star. It is a profession that sticks to a person for the rest of their lives, and often times prevent them from experiencing the full range of human experiences, particularly traditionally monogamous relationships. Jenna has however been able to defy the odds with a relationship with Lior Bitton,

Due to the white whale status of Lior Bitton as someone in a rare public relationship with a porn star, there has been a rise in his popularity. However, a closer look at his life shows that his relationship with Jenna Jameson is not the most interesting thing about the former Israeli soldier.

We have compiled some information about Lior Bitton and his life, below. Read on.

Lior Bitton’s Bio

As far as the background life of Lior Bitton is concerned, not much is known about the fiancé of the former porn star, Jenna Jameson. He is an Isreali, born in Herzliya. The exact year or date of his birth is unknown.

Not much is known about his parents either, but Lior Bitton’s adult life has seen him feature in a couple of interesting positions. Professionally, he is a businessman who deals in the sale of diamonds. He has a company, Pacific Diamonds and Gems Store through which he has been able to build a successful financial life.

Before starting out as a businessman, Lior Bitton, as is the law for every Israeli, spent a year serving in the Israel Defense Forces. After the completion of his time in the military, he began his life as a Diamond salesman.

Lior Bitton’s time as a Diamond Salesman hasn’t been completely fun, however. A momentary lapse in moral judgment resulted in him perpetuating insurance fraud in 2010. He was arrested following an investigation but he was able to secure a favorable sentence that only put him on probation for three years, along with 90 days of house arrest.

Relationship with Jenna Jameson

Without a shred of doubt, Lior Bitton is the less popular half of the couple but that hasn’t reduced his effectiveness in being a supportive and good partner. We cannot say definitively when their relationship began but it is presumed it did after they both ended their former relationships.

Lior Bitton
Lior Button with his fiance, Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was previously in a relationship with the former mixed martial artist, Tito Ortiz and the relationship produced twin boys before ending in 2013. Lior Bitton was equally in a relationship with an unknown woman and had three children from the relationship. It is believed Lior and Jenna began to date shortly after that.

So far, their relationship has seen them go through several struggles together, including the fight for custody of Jenna Jameson’s two children with Tito Ortiz, her struggle for sobriety and her conversion to Judaism.

As part of her conversion to Judaism, Lior Bitton also appeared in a short film created by Jenna Jameson, Just Jenna which was released in 2016 to illustrate her journey from being a porn star to converting to Judaism. In the film, Lior played the role of Rabi Moray.

Their relationship, which has produced its own share of bonding experiences, produced a bigger one in April 2017 when Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson welcomed their first child, a girl named Batel Lu into the world.

Both Jenna Jameson and Lior Bitton have been proud to be a couple and it is evident via their social media pages, @liorbitt and @jennacantlose on Instagram where they both post regular family photos of each other.

Are They Married?

Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson appear to have a solid relationship and it was further confirmed in June 2015 when they got engaged to be married.

Although the couple has been engaged for several years, which usually signifies an unhealthy relationship, the lovebirds are completely in love with each other and have every intention of getting married soon.

In fact, according to news reports from Lior Bitton’s home country, Israel, the couple is will appear on a reality TV show set in the country and are likely to get married on the show. However, this has not been confirmed by the couple.

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Other Facts About Lior Bitton

  1. He has brown hair and brown colored eyes.
  2. As part of his sentence for his insurance fraud, Lior Bitton spent five days in jail.
  3. His fiancé’s children with her former relationship with Tito Ortiz are named Jesse and Journey.
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