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The name Edward Snowden may ring a bell mostly for those who could recall the incident that led to his asylum in Russia but more popular is Lindsay Mills who is best known for her relationship with the computer professional. Mills, who was first known for her skills as a pole dancer, model, artist and acrobat, became more popular after she was discovered as the long-time girlfriend of the former Central Intelligence Agency employee who leaked the US government classified secrets.

While people still find Snowden’s story quite interesting, a lot more want to know about his love life, particularly with his pole-dancing girlfriend. Here’s what we know so far about Lindsay Mills and her boyfriend.

Lindsay Mills Biography

Born on February 20, 1985, Lindsay Mills is a daughter to Martha Mills and Jonathan Mills. She was born in Maryland where she also grew up and had her education – first at Laurel High School in Maryland before moving to Maryland Institue College of Art for her degree. Mills belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and she holds an American nationality.

Although little or nothing is known as per when and how Lindsay began her career, she was already a celebrity when she was brought to the limelight following her boyfriend’s ordeal with the US government. When she moved to Oahu in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Edward, Lindsay worked at a local bar as a dancer and gradually, she began to build her fame as a well-trained pole dancer and acrobat. Lindsay was a member of the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe. On social media, she is also known for posting beautiful pictures of herself dancing.

Lindsay Mills apparently made her first public appearance in 2015, during the Academy Award. She was seen upstage with the maker of Citizenfour, Laura Poitras to receive the Oscars Award for Best Documentary Feature. As a professional dancer, Lindsay must have amassed a substantial wealth for herself. Although her net worth is not yet revealed, it is generally believed that Lindsay earns more than $48,110, which is the average salary a pole dancer in America receives annually.

Current Relationship With Edward Snowden

Lindsay Mills has been in a relationship with Edward Joseph Snowden long before he became a subject of questioning for the CIA. The two are believed to have met in Maryland, North Carolina where Lindsay grew up and had her education. They began dating in 2009 and after three years, they decided to move to Oahu in Hawaii.

Edward Snowden, a North Carolina native born to Elizabeth, a clerk for a Maryland-based U.S. District Court, and Lonnie Snowden, a former officer in the Coast Guard, was a high school dropout but he became a public figure when as an NSA analyst, he disclosed confidential information about the US government in 2013. Snowden flew to Hong Kong and then Russia as he was on-the-run from the US government who was after him for stealing government property.

Lindsay Mills boyfriend, Edward Snowden,
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Lindsay has been praised majorly for being there for her boyfriend despite all obstacles that came between their relationship. Although she was not aware of Snowden’s plans,  she still stood by him while was on the run. She often leaves the US for Russia to be with her boyfriend after he was granted asylum.

Although there’ve been rumours about Lindsay and her boyfriend being separated, the two appears to still be living as a couple happily. Lindsay had even on the valentine’s day of 2018, posted pictures of herself with Edward sharing kisses in their beautiful apartment in Russia.

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Where Is She Now?

Even though Lindsay has been careful about giving information about herself and her boyfriend, the sensational dancer seems to still be with Edward Snowden in Russia, not minding the uncertainty surrounding his life. Edward who remains one of the most famous fugitives in the world appears to be living a very normal life as the duo frequently shares their pictures on social media as they patiently wait for the day the US government will forgive his act of betrayal that has reportedly caused damage on a scale the public does not realise.

Lindsay has not moved to Russia permanently but she frequently visits the country to see her boyfriend as she has no travel restrictions. Hopefully, she would in the nearest future but till date, there is no news about their breakup or marriage.

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