Juicy Details of How Linda Phan Met & Married Drew Scott and More About Her Life Before Fame 

Everybody fancies a good love story and one of such that has been a constant on American TV for some years now is that of Linda Phan and her home improvement guru-cum-Property Brothers star, Drew Scott. Phan and Drew first ran into each other in the year 2010 and have been together ever since.

Over the course of a decade, Phan has supported her man as he and his twin brother built a home improvement empire comprising of five TV shows, product lines, books, and a lifestyle magazine. Given such accomplishments, Phan’s identity has become so intertwined with the Property Brothers’ empire that it is somehow difficult to distinguish the two. The truth, however, remains that she had her own thriving life even before she met her famous boyfriend.

Growing Up In Canada

Linda Phan is a young beautiful woman from Canada. She was born in Toronto, Canada, on April 22, 1985, and has four siblings, comprising of three older sisters, one of whom is named April, and one brother who is the youngest. While there is a dearth of information about her parents and siblings’ names, she is very close to all members of her large family, especially her sisters. They helped her design her wedding gowns and she even had them standing beside her as her bridesmaids during her wedding ceremony. Linda is Canadian by nationality and although it is not yet confirmed, sources record her ethnicity as Asian.

Information about Linda Phan’s educational qualification is not known but given her flourishing career as a creative director, there is no doubt she must have obtained some level of formal education, including at least a high school diploma. Phan began her career as a barista in an outlet attached to Canada’s entertainment company in Toronto, ‘Cineplex’ theatre. Even though the job mostly entailed handing out drinks and watching movie trailers, Phan nevertheless had a great time, a testament to her positive energy. She subsequently spent much of her mid-twenties working various other odd jobs until she met her future boo and went on to work in his company.

A Love Story That Began At The Toronto Fashion Week

Linda Phan first bumped into her boo when he attended the Toronto Fashion Week in 2010. She was a fashion police at the event, responsible for handing out badges to badly-dressed people, and Drew, who had always believed in love at first sight, was immediately attracted to her looks, as well as personality. He followed her backstage where she was eating snacks with her sisters and they exchanged phone numbers.

Following that night, Drew allowed some time to pass before he hit Phan up. They ended up going on a date that involved sushi and hot chocolate and capped things up with karaoke. During the karaoke, Drew belted out a marvellous rendition of the Lonely Island’s, I’m On a Boat, and Linda, a big fan of karaoke, tumbled into love with him. Things quickly progressed between the couple and Linda Phan followed her boyfriend back to America.

Phan with her husband and his twin brother, Jonathan

Getting Engaged and Saying I Do In Italy

At this time, Drew and his identical twin brother, Jonathan, were trying to get their home improvement show, Property Brothers, running on American TV, and Phan immediately got to work in their production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment. She also moved in with both brothers in their Las Vegas home and many queried the wisdom of this, stating that such amount of togetherness would make the couple resent each other.

Phan and her man waved off those fears and stated that their living arrangements were convenient for all the parties involved. They also maintained that their styles meshed well, and these have proven true. The couple has been together from 2010 to date and in December 2016, Drew popped the question. The elaborate proposal featured a Dr. Seuss cake, a custom ring, and a recording of Drew and his twin brother singing “Marry Me”. Phan couldn’t, of course, resist such a bold move and she said yes.

The couple got down to planning their wedding and eventually tied the knot in Italy on the 12th of May 2018. The choice of Italy was due to the fact that Phan is a big fan of Italian food, pizza with goat cheese, olives, spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, and pineapple and, Drew was quite happy to indulge his bride. The event featured bicycle tours, cooking classes, and a welcome party for their loved ones, and the couple later exchanged vows in front of about 300 guests.

Linda Phan
Phan and Drew on their wedding day Image Source

Plans Are In Place For Their Future Kids

Phan and her husband have settled down to family life and their attraction shows no signs of waning. The couple is crazy about each other and often share heart-warming tributes on their respective Instagram accounts. Drew has since revealed that the key to their union is communication. According to him, they never assume that everything is alright with the other person but keep on expressing their feelings, asking questions, and taking a genuine interest in each other.

Linda Phan and her husband are yet to welcome any kids but they have hinted that they are trying for one. In several different interviews, the couple has disclosed that they are working to expand their family and hope to make great parents. As a further sign of their seriousness and preparation, Phan and her husband have fixed up their home with kids in mind. In March 2017, the couple bought a home in L.A. which they lovingly renovated. It now boasts of five bedrooms and four baths, and they have revealed that they would be welcoming their future kids in that home.

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The Height And Age Differences Between The Couple Didn’t Matter

Linda Phan and Drew Scott are one couple who effortlessly mesh in several aspects but they do have some notable differences. Phan is quite shorter than her husband. She is 5 feet 2 inches while he is more than a foot taller at 6 foot 4 inches and this combination makes for some interesting couple pictures. Phan and her husband also boast of a significant age gap as she is seven years younger. The lovebirds have however not let these tiny facts get in their way as they gel well in other areas, including charity.

Phan and her husband are both quite philanthropic. For their wedding, they asked fans not to get them gifts but rather donate money to Me to We, an organization that is dedicated to providing clean water for less privileged communities. The couple also spent their honeymoon in Ecuador doing charity work and helping out wherever they could. Given such kind hearts, there is no doubt that these two are perfectly suited to each other.

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