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Celebrities like Lilypichu have been able to dominate all corners of social media just by doing what they like the most. Twitch, the gaming platform which is a home for online gamers has experts like Lilypichu joining the league of young ladies who have made a living through it.

Other than her gaming broadcast, Lilypichu is also fond of reading mangas. She also derives pleasure in sharing her favourite animes on her Twitch broadcast. Find out some more facts you would love to know about the Twitch streamer, YouTuber and voice actor, Lilypichu.

Lilypichu Biography, Age

Best known as Lilypichu, Lily Ki is of Korean descent born in the United States of America on November 20th in 1991. Although the young star has given rather sketchy information about herself, family and educational background, from the little we know, it appears that she dropped out of school – possibly to focus on her career as a Youtuber, streamer and voice actor.

It is not clear how many siblings young Lilypichu has but according to information circulating about her, she has a brother whose name is Daniel. Lily’s parents who seem to hold tight to their roots despite relocating to the United States, taught and raised their daughter in the Korean, culture as can be seen in her fashion style and words. Her parents discovered her passion for music and musical instruments like piano and in their bid to encourage her, they enrolled her for a music lesson.

Lily began her career on the internet in the month of March 2006. She started by posting songs, piano covers and video games like the League of Legends (LOL). While doing these, she had her Twitch account launched and with no delay, she began to post videos of herself playing the League of Legends. This did not only make her popular on the live streaming video platform, amassing up to 15 thousand viewers, it also made her popular on other social media platforms like Twitter, and Instagram. Her League of Legends (LOL) videos, for instance, earned her more viewers on her YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. Along with the videos, Lilypichu posts her commentary with a kitty face mask. She also provides relevant information and guidelines on how to play the game. All these activities online helped her become a brand name among the LoL circles and on all social media platforms.

Following the success of Lilypichu, Lily launched another YouTube channel, “LilyRaichu”, where she makes and posts videos of herself doing different crazy but interesting things. In addition to her gaming broadcast, Lilypichu also speaks of herself as an anime fan. Describing anime characters, she said they serve as a huge source of strength and inspiration to her. Lily also talks of her lifestyle, especially the part that is inspired by the Korean and Japanese culture.

Having been in the internet business for over a decade, Lilypichu has no doubt been able to generate quite a lot of fortune from her activities on twitch and other social media platforms. Her annual earnings from her self-titled YouTube channel ranges from $14.1k to $225.5K.

Boyfriend – Relationships And Affairs

Lilypichu appears to be more vocal about her love life. She is not married but is in an enviable relationship with a fellow YouTube star, Albert Chang. Like Lily, Chang has a Korean descent but he is not into Twitch like her. He rather derives pleasure in his music career.

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Chang learned how to play the bass guitar, ukulele, as well as do beatboxing but he appears to be best in playing the violin. The Pomona College graduate is also a magician and filmmaker. He is popularly known by his YouTube name “sleightlymusical.” Among his pop songs that have gone viral include “Someone I Used to Know” and “Viva la Vida”. In addition to his numerous talents, Chang also edits videos for a Los Angeles-based  Freelance Film Production.

Lilypichu and Albert Chang met each other through social media and they have been together since then. According to viral information about them, the two live together as a couple in Chang’s house in Los Angeles.

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Lily is not too tall, neither is she short. She is 5 feet 3 inches, (1.6 m). Information about her other measurements such as her weight and body measurement cannot be found. But like most Korean young girls, the youngster keeps a healthy body weight and physique.

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