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Lilchiipmunk is a Canadian video gamer who has gained so much popularity on social media, especially on Twitch – a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, and also on Instagram where she posts photos and videos of herself to the huge admiration of fans. She is known for streaming a very popular multiplayer online battle arena video game called League of Legends and has attracted many people to watch her stream the video game live very often.

Starting out quite small, Lilchiipmunk has grown over the years to become one of the most sought after video gamers on social media. She is admired for her tech-savviness and great mastery of the League of Legends.

Lilchiipmunk Bio & Age

Lilchiipmunk was born on the 28th day of the month of November in the year 1993. We know that the video gamer was born in Canada, however, the exact town or city where was born has remained vague over the years.

Lilchiipmunk grew up in Canada and developed a strong liking for video gaming from quite an early age. Even though everyone now calls her Lilchiipmunk, it is noteworthy that her real name is Caroline. She adopted Lilchiipmunk solely as a signature name on her gaming platforms. Over time, she has become very popular as a gamer online.

After taking interest in video games since an early age, she began to play many multiplayer games and became very good at playing them. After some time, she decided to start streaming the video games online using Twitch. Lilchiipmunk joined Twitch in 2014. At first, she was not noticed but she soon started gaining some visibility when her mastery of the game was observed by other users.

Lilchiipmunk started gaining more and more followers when she began wearing very skimpy dresses during her streams. Her dress sense has been a topic of discussion among other Twitch users who feel she is exposing too much flesh but this does not seem to bother Lilchiipmunk at all. She is also known to dance sometimes whenever she streams her video games. This and her mastery of the League of Legends video game have combined to make her very popular on Twitch. At the moment, she has more than 170,000 loyal followers on the streaming platform.

She is also popular on Instagram where she has more than 72,000 followers. She also has an account on Twitter. She uses all her social media accounts to consolidate her growing popularity and relevance and in so doing, continue growing into a video gamer of high repute.

Lilchiipmunk and her mother. (Image source/Instagram)

Lilchiipmunk Family

Not much is known about the family of Lilchiipmunk. The video gamer has kept mute on their identities. However, it is known that she is very close to her mother. Lilchiipmunk has shown off the older woman on her Instagram page before but kept her name a secret.

Lilchiipmunk has sisters with whom she grew up in Canada. We know this because she has posted several photos of herself posing with her sisters on Instagram. However, she has never disclosed their names or what they do. What is clear is that she is very close to her sisters. In some of the photos she posts online, she is seen with the girls having awesome times together. She was even seen at the grade 8 graduation ceremony of one of her younger sisters.

According to some sources, Lilchiipmunk has Romanian and Vietnamese roots. This means that either her father or mother or both are not completely Canadian but have roots in Romania and Vietnam.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Lilchiipmunk is not a single lady. The video gamer is in a relationship with Jaryd Russel Lazar who also happens to be a streamer too. Jaryd is known on Twitch as Summit1g which is the signature name he uses. The couple has been together for quite a while and appears to be very much in love.

Lilchiipmunk and Jaryd Russel Lazar have often appeared together on their different social media platforms to the admiration of their many fans.

What Is Her Height?

Lilchiipmunk is not a tall woman. The video gamer stands at 5 feet 3 inches in height. Details about her weight have not been revealed. Also, details about her body measurements are quite vague. However, Lilchiipmunk is a beautiful woman who is very photogenic and is loved by her fans.

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What Is Lilchiipmunk’s Net Worth?

Lilchiipmunk has apparently made some money during her video game-streaming career. She is on YouTube where she is expected to have begun to generate an income too. However, at the moment, her exact net worth his not certain.

Some sources have claimed that she is worth about $200,000 but this has not been confirmed. With time, it is expected that her real net worth will be disclosed.

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