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Untimely deaths are never a good thing, no matter why they happen, and when the news of the death of hip hop star, Mac Miller broke, it was a reminder of an unpleasant phenomenon that has been associated with hip-hop as a genre for a long time. With Mac Miller’s death came the search for the untold truth about the circumstances that led to it.

Here are a few truths we uncovered about the rapper and his background. Check it out below.

Mac Miller was Jewish

One untold truth that is sure to surprise even fans of Mac Miller is the fact he was Jewish. Aside from the fact that it was not a part of his life that he strongly identified with, Jewish people, historically, are not known for their presence as performers in hip hop.

The rapper’s Jewish heritage comes from his mother, Karen Meyers, who is a photographer. He, along with his brother, was raised Jewish but he attended a Catholic school.

He is a self-taught musician

There are a few remarkable things that Mac Miller did before he, unfortunately, passed away but one fact about him that sparks interest in his musical exploits is the fact he taught himself music. On his own, he learned how to play the guitar, drums, bass, and piano, all before he was fourteen years old and once again, taught himself how to rap. At the age of 15, he decided to make a career out of being a rapper, releasing his first mixtape in 2007 under the stage name, Easy Mac.

His first charting single was titled, Donald Trump

If Mac Miller were still alive, he might not be a big fan of the 45th President of the United States, if his statements leading up to the 2016 election are anything to go by, but back in 2011, he was a fan of the real estate mogul. His first Billboard Hot 100 single was named after the businessman, with lyrics praising him and his wealth. The single peaked at number 75 and has sold more than one million copies.

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Mac Miller’s first album was a critical failure

Considering his debut studio album, Blue Slide Park was a commercially successful album that established Mac Miller’s fame as a rapper, one of the lesser-known truths about it is the fact it was a critical failure. The album was panned by critics from Metacritic to Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. The disappointment of the critical reception of the album sent Mac into a tailspin of drugs.

He began using drugs heavily in 2012

Mac Miller died as a result of drugs, and it was a journey that began in 2012 when he started using promethazine to relieve the stress of the Macadelic Tour. Sadly, he graduated to lean, and other hard and dangerous drugs, which he eventually got addicted to. By 2014, Miller was taking drugs daily but before he died, he had intermittent periods of soberness, one in 2016 and another in 2017.

He faced multiple legal problems

Another untold truth about the life of Mac Miller is that he faced a variety of legal problems during his lifetime. His first run-in with the law was an arrest for marijuana possession in February 2011.
Others include a couple of lawsuits for stolen intellectual property, a $10 million lawsuit from the renowned producer, Lord Finesse and a $150,000 lawsuit from the band, Aquarian.

He was also arrested for driving under the influence, during which he also committed a hit and run. He was charged for the crime but he died before a trial, and the charges were eventually dropped.

Mac Miller untold truth
Mac Miller performing with ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande

Mac Miller died from fentanyl

On the 7th of September, 2018, Mac Miller, unfortunately, died from a drug overdose. He was discovered by his personal assistant and despite attempts at reviving him, he was pronounced dead at 11:51 am.

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Autopsy of his body showed he died from a toxic cocktail of fentanyl, alcohol, and cocaine.

Three people have been arrested for his death

Although he died of a drug overdose, an investigation into his death has resulted in the arrest of three people who were involved in the chain distribution of the toxic drug. Cameron James Pettit, Ryan Reavis, and Stephen are facing charges for lacing the drugs with counterfeit oxycodone which contained fentanyl.

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He was worth $9 million at the time of his death

Despite the struggles in his career, Mac Miller was worth a significant amount of money at the time of his death, estimated to be $9 million. His net worth came from five albums, multiple mixtapes, and other career ventures.

His entire wealth was willed to his mother, brother, and father.

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