Leyna Bloom – Inside The Transgender Super Model’s Life and Career

There is hardly anything else as inspiring as having supportive parents in anything one does. It actually removes every fear and doubt and set one on the way to success. That’s the case of Leyna Bloom, an Afro-Filipino transgender model who got the required endorsement from her father in her transgender project. As she rightly confirmed in an interview with Byrdie of Vogue magazine, her father was always by her side during the transition period.

Leyna Bloom is not just excited about what she has become, she is also proud of it. She is not leaving any stone unturned in her campaign to liberate other transgender women who seem to feel sorry for their action. In her campaign, she uses words like ‘we are kings and queens’ to further boost the self-esteem of her colleagues. In this write-up, we shall x-ray her biography, family, and other facts about her.

Who is Leyna Bloom?

Leyna Bloom was born on the 25th day of April 1990, in the city of Chicago, United States. She was born to a Filipino mother and an African-American father.  Life, however, became hell for young Bloom when her mother was deported by the US Immigration. The society was so cruel to her during her childhood that she was greatly traumatized repeatedly. Thanks to Harlem that changed the narrative.

She had to move on with life, living under the guidance of her father who probably didn’t have the time to really care for her. She left home and became homeless to make ends meet. Bloom made a decision to survive by working at a restaurant during the day. But at night she worked at Harlem theatre and dance halls, the first black-owned classical ballet company.

At Harlem Theatre, Leyna Bloom was given a sense of belonging. There she found what may be referred to as a home and she finally got the freedom to do what she really loves doing. Leyna often participated in dancing competitions on the floor of the theatre. This she continued until the beautiful transgender model soon became popular.

Details of Her Family

Like we mentioned above, Leyna Bloom is of African, Filipino, and American background owing to her mother’s Filipino nationality and her father’s African-American race. Following her mum’s deportation for an undisclosed crime, the highly motivated transgender was raised by her dad, who was an artist and an activist.

There’s no report of the existence of any sibling as the mother was deported when she was very young and her father has never been reported to have remarried.

Leyna seemed to be in the world alone. This may have been the reason she made the decision to become a woman. If he had people around she could have called her own, maybe she could have retained her God-given gender.

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Leyna Bloom transgender
Leyna Bloom’s transition from male to female: Image source.

Her Career and Life Achievements

Since it is largely reported that Leyna Bloom started dancing at the sixth grade, that means she never had a robust formal education. She was so outstanding in the act of dancing which further earned her a scholarship at the age of 14 to attend the Chicago Academy of Arts. She eventually dropped out of the academy in 2008, because she thought the scholarship was for men. Leyna moved to New York to pursue what she believed was her real calling. But before then, she had participated in several dancing events at Jeffrey ballet, as well as Chicago and American ballet theatre.

In addition to ballet, Leyna Bloom has established herself as a proficient hip hop dancer. She is also a sensational rapper and a very creative modern jazz maestro. While going through training, Leyna worked as a waitress at NoMo SoHo restaurant, Manhattan.

Bloom could not believe herself when she was featured on Candy Transversal Magazine. It was a feat that came too soon than expected. She was later feathered on Vogue Magazine, India. She became the first transgender woman of color to feature on Vogue.

What is Her Net Worth?

Leyna Bloom soon started getting endorsement contracts from fashion brands. She did not settle for those contracts as she also earned some wads from fashion week. Chromat and The Blond are also other brands that worked with Leyna Bloom. All these put together contributed to her net worth of over $5 million.

She is currently enjoying huge social media followership, particularly on Instagram to the tune of over 178k followers. Just recently, Leyna launched a campaign to become the first transgender woman of color to appear on the floor of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The campaign gathered lots of support from not just transgender people, but also from much of the general public. They thought she deserved it.

Details of Her Body Statistics

Leyna Bloom possesses one of the finest physiques among other catwalk stars. She stands at a towering height of 1.8 meters (5 feet 9 inches) which is about four inches above the average height for American women. The highly-rated model has a slim bodybuild and possesses a pair of black eyes and long black hair. Her sun sign is Taurus, little wonder Bloom is emotionally strong, independent, genuine, artistic and most of all intelligent – the perfect personality features of a female Taurus.

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