Lexee Smith – Bio, Body Measurements & Facts About The Dancer & Model

Not everybody gets confused about what career might be the best fit for them and Lexee Smith is one of those. A fantastic dancer with truly special skills, she knew quite early what her passion was and began early to pursue it. Having possessed all the elements of a good dancer; baby flexibility, musicality, and technique, she has become a popular teen dancer cum model with a huge fan base on social media. Read more facts about her below.

Early Life

Lexee Smith was born Lexie Jorden Smith on March 2, 2001. Her ethnicity is North America while her nationality is American. The eldest daughter of her parents, Lexee has two younger brothers named Jett and Jaxon who she inspires. The siblings grew up in Houston, Texas but in 2013 her family moved to Los Angeles, which the young artist has described as a progression for her career.

Growing up, Lexee’s parents hoped that she would pursue a life in a formal career but she made it clear especially to her mother (only identified as Maygan) that she was interested in dancing and being famous. Today she is living that dream.

Little Lexee Smith displayed an impressive talent for rhythm and dance at a very young age of 5. Hence, she started her dancing career immediately. Being an innately gifted dancer, she performed well above average and was soon approached to join a famous dance group, Latin Flavah that would further sharpen her talent. While in the group, she performed outstandingly and helped boost the group’s significance. Her confidence and technical skills also made her so entertaining to watch more than the rest of the group’s dancers.

After her time with the Latin Flavah which lasted for years, the young talented dancer left Latina Flavah to join LilBeasts, a crew of amazing kids run by Will “WildaBeast” Adams; an insane dancer who has danced for celebrities like Usher, Zendaya, Madonna, among others.

In her new dance group, Lexee continues to captivate the audience with eye-popping moves, and her performance in the group has already earned her a reputation as dancer par excellence. Although she is still in school, Lexee hopes to further hone her skills by enrolling in the prestigious dance studio, Edge Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles when she is done with education.

Even though a lot of her fans know her as a great dancer, Lexee Smith doesn’t want to be defined as just a dancer. She intends to pursue a career in acting, modeling as well as singing – talk about multi-talents.

The dancer is already making a pitch to turn this new passion into reality by sharing some fashion shots featuring her on Youtube, which has won the attention of some fashion lovers. Also, she is supporting this aspiration with a decision to launch her own clothing line. According to her, if the business turns out great it will become her first step to becoming the next supermodel.

Lexee Smith
Lexee and a co-dancer Chloe East – image source

Body Measurements

Lexee Smith’s body measurements – including her weight, height, hips- are not known. But she appears to be in good shape with her small, thin frame and apparently good height, which all together make her dancing visibly appealing. Her hair color is blonde while her eye color is brown.

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The young dancer is currently not dating anyone. Instead, she is spending her time building her career.

Lexee Smith’s Net Worth

Lexee has been successful since the inception of her career and has possibly accumulated some good fortune for herself. However, the exact amount can’t be ascertained at the moment. It is already glaring that her major source of income is dancing and her social media works.

She Loves Baseball

When Lexee Smith is not practicing her dance moves or working, she spends her time watching others play baseball at her local baseball field. Sometimes she takes part in the game.

She Is Her Brothers’ Role Model

Lexee’s career has deeply influenced her two siblings who now call her their role model. Their encouragement according to her, lights her flame and nothing seems more humbling than having them on her side, which is why she enjoys playing the big sister role.

Social Media

The dancer has an active social media life with ever-growing followings on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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