Riveting Details of Lesly Brown’s Career Switch, Kids and How She Became Pat Sajak’s Wife

Viewers of the syndicated game show Wheel of Fortune would be familiar with the name and personality of Pat Sajak who co-hosts the widely-loved program. Also, most of the viewers have come to associate Pat with his co-presenter Vanna White (who is considered as his on-screen wife). However, in real life, beyond and behind the cameras, Pat has been married to Lesly Brown for over 29 years.

Many people may not know Pat’s wife as she has often stayed away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, there are several fascinating facts to know about Lesly Brown that will worth your while.

About Lesly Brown’s Early Life Before Pat Sajak

She was born in 1965, precisely on February 18. Her father Michael Brown was a professional dentist while her mother’s name is Maria Brown. Lesly was raised in her American family alongside two sisters named Wendy and Kelly.

Regarding Lesly’s education history, we do not have details of her elementary and high school days yet. However, reliable sources have it that she studied Television Production at the University of Maryland from where she graduated with honours in 1986.

From Modelling to Photography

In terms of career, Lesly has been working as a professional photographer for years. She even owns her own photography outfit named Leslie Brown Visible Style which is based in Pensacola Florida.

However, the wife of Pat Sajak did not start out as a photographer, she has always been interested in walking and working for the fashion industry which was where she kick-started her career. Lesly Brown was crowned Miss Georgetown in a modelling competition she participated in and was a Playboy model featuring in their Women of Washington” special. 2008 saw her appearing in the promotion for Wheel-themed jewellery personally designed by her.

Eventually, she decided against a modelling career and went back to college in pursuit of a Law degree. However, fate and providence had a different plan for her, and today, she is carving a niche for herself in photography.

With her degree in television production, it is not surprising that she has graced the screen of several TV shows. In addition to her husband’s show Wheel of Fortune which has featured her severally, she was on Sandals Emerald Bay as a spokesperson in 2012 and appeared in a few of their clips.

Inside of Lesly Brown’s Love Life

Lesly Brown
Lesly with her husband and kids – image source

Lesly Brown and her husband Pat Sajak celebrated their 29th anniversary of married life in a grand style at Trump Hotel. The event which was held on December 31, 2018, goes to say the two are deeply in love and enjoying marital bliss.

However, the reverse was the case when the couple met each in 1988, the duo never felt any chemistry between them and thus, their’s cannot be classified as love at first sight. According to Pat, he didn’t even think of Lesly while driving back home that day.

A mutual friend introduced them to each other at a sports bar in California. Afterwards, Lesly Brown and Pat exchanged their phone contacts and were keeping in touch from time to time. Despite the fact that it was a long-distance relationship, the romance between them developed gradually and became obvious in almost a year.

Their wedding which was attended by less than 150 guests, (including Pat’s co-presenter Vanna White), was held at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Maryland on December 31st 1989. Exactly 9 months after that, they welcomed their first child – a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak. Their daughter Maggie Mary Sajak arrived five years later.

Lesly Brown is the second wife Pat Sajak has married. He was husband to Sheryll Sajak between 1979 and 1986 but it ended in a divorce.

Immediately after their wedding, Lesly and her husband bought a home at the cost of $1.28 million. They still reside on the property located in Severna Park Maryland, close to Annapolis. Pat is famous as one of the presenters of the syndicated game show, Wheel of Fortune, and has been on it since 1981. Their children have also been doing well for themselves. The wife of Pat Sajak has been a hands-on mum for many years, but will definitely have more free time now that her children are all grown up.

Meet The Couple’s Son Patrick Michael James Sajak

Nine months after their nuptials, the couple’s son Patrick Michael James Sajak joined the family on September 22, 1990. Patrick Jr. who has grown into a handsome lad with a significant resemblance to his dad is quite distinct from the popular show host with regards to exposure and public appearances.

He prefers the private life, always shying away from the camera when he can. However, the media radar has managed to capture him a few times while accompanying his father to sports events.

A dig targeted at his early life revealed that the younger Patrick made an appearance in Nickelodeon’s Rugrats (Chuckie is Rich episode) as one of the animated characters. This happened in 1994 when his dad played a brief role in the production and had to take his then three-year-old son along.

Presently, the son of Lesly Brown refrains from following his father to any public appearance. However, he had an account on Twitter where he presents himself as a comedian, but sadly, the account closed down since 2011 and he has ceased to function as a comedian since then. The younger Patrick doesn’t seem to own any other social media account and seems to prefer the peaceful life away from the limelight.

He was found to still be residing in their Severna Park, Maryland family home as at the first month of 2019 and is yet to marry any woman.

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A Peep Into the Life of Maggie Mary Sajak, Lesly Brown’s Daughter

On the other hand, Lesly Brown’s daughter Maggie Mary Sajak is the complete opposite of her big brother. She arrived five years after Patrick on January 5, 1995. She is a typical public personality, in fact, Maggie is currently building a career in entertainment as a multi-instrumentalist and a rising country musician. Her interest in music was kindled at a very young age, but she took to the guitar at age 12. Lesly Brown’s Daughter is also proficient at handling other instruments like the ukulele, piano, and mandolin. Maggie has three singles to her credit and one of them, ‘First Kiss‘ has been featured on CMT (Country Music Television).

Despite the fact that she is an entertainer who has gained a remarkable level of popularity, the daughter of Lesly Brown is a bit like her brother, as she doesn’t seem to have any presence on social media. However, she launched her personal website for the promotion of her music. Her sight had links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but for unknown reasons, the site is no longer functional and seems to have packed up. Maggie is different from her brother as she always joins her famous father on the red carpet.

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