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Does the name Leonardo da Vinci ring a bell? If you are a historian or probably an art lover then you’d certainly know who he is. Regarded as one of the most famous and leading artists of the high renaissance, the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks have continued to speak volumes about his extraordinary talent. Although it’s been many centuries since he passed away, his legacy has continued to live on through his works which have inspired the latter generation of artists.

Born on the 14 or 15th April 1452 in Vinci, the Republic of Florence (now known as Italy), Leonardo da Vinci was best described as a polymath. Although he never had formal educational training, he is often referred to as the prime example of Universal Genius and an individual of unquenchable curiosity by many scholars and historians. Amazingly, his versatility cut across many areas including science, music, engineering, architecture, cartography, sculpture, paintings, drawing, and invention, among others.

While he is widely regarded as one of the greatest painters that ever lived, it is known that only about 15 of his paintings have survived. Amongst his masterpieces is the portrait of Mona Lisa which is undoubtedly the most famous portrait ever made. The portrait is being preserved at the Louvre in Paris and is listed as the artwork with the highest insurance value ever by Guinness World Records. More so, his painting of The Last Supper is equally dubbed as the most reproduced religious painting of all time.

If Leonardo da Vinci were to be alive today, he would no doubt rank among the richest artists of all time. But posthumously, most of his famous paintings are either privately owned or preserved at museums. Since they are rarely sold by these museums, they are now seen as priceless. Guess you want to know more about Leonardo da Vinci’s net worth if he were alive today? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Find out all the details in the following paragraphs.

What Would Be Leonardo Da Vinci’s Net Worth If He Were Alive Today?

The super-talented polymath was one of the leading artists of the high renaissance and while he was alive, he completed a good number of paintings. Unfortunately, many of his works were lost over the years, but about 15 of them have been preserved either at a museum or private collection around the world.

Leanardo’s most expensive artwork is the Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World) Painting. This piece which depicts Jesus in Renaissance outfit, making the sign of the cross with his right hand, while holding a transparent, non-refracting crystal orb in his left is also regarded as the world’s most expensive artwork in history. In 2017, it was acquired by Saudi Arabian Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud, a close ally of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, at Christie’s auction house in New York City, the United States for $450.3 million.

leonardo da vinci
Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi Painting

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Prior to the sale, the painting which was thought to be the last known Leonardo da Vinci work in the private collection had a sordid history during the 20th century. Notably, it was first sold for about $60 in 1958. At the time, it was considered to be Bernardino Luini’s work. However, after a thorough study at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and by other scholars, it was then included in Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition at the National Gallery, London.

Later on, the artwork was acquired from a Swiss art dealer by a Russian businessman named Dmitry Rybolovlev for a price of $127.5 million in 2013. Dmitry’s family trust later put it on auction at Christie’s auction house, New York in 2017 where it was purchased by Prince Badr at US$450.3 million.

With Leonardo’s other works which were given to museums including the Mona Lisa portrait which is currently valued on insurance papers at US$730 million, there is no doubt the late artist would have been named the richest artist in history if he were alive today. Looking at the originality and creativity of his works, da Vinci ranks top when compared to other contemporary artists including Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Michaelangelo, and many others.

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