Top 10 Leo Personality Traits You Are Probably Not Aware Of

The ability of Leos to display courage in testing times is what defines them and not their big heart and the outgoing nature. It is sometimes very difficult to gauge the magnanimity and magnificence of Leos but the most interesting thing is that their traits are similar to those that are normally exhibited by lions. The Leos have an air of royalty around them and are always driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Most of them like performing arts and politics as a career because they always love to be in the limelight. This article will highlight the top 10 Leo personality traits you’re probably not aware of.

Top 10 Leo Personality Traits

10. Certainty and Stability

Leo’s prefer the known to uncertainty and will always need stable partnerships, careers and homes. They always portray extreme sensitivity while in a relationship and are known to be faithful partners. They always care for their loved ones despite the fact that they are very domineering and aggressive. Most of them prefer lifelong partnerships and friendships compared to short-term relationships.

9. Strength and Endurance

Leo’s try their level best to uphold the status quo and the interesting thing is that they have the strength and endurance to see things through. They will always try their level best to achieve their goals and are never known to give up. The challenges and difficulties of life can never prevent them from getting what they want from life.

8. Independent

Leo’s do not like depending on others and will try their level best to ensure that they do things on their own without getting help from other people. They are well organised and their overpowering personality makes it difficult for other people to help them. Leos are self-confident and strong-willed which makes it easy for them to tackle tough situations on their own.

7. Egotistical

Leo’s normally get hurt over trivial matters because of their huge and fragile ego. They always want to be respected and feared and are not always happy when they are challenged by another person. They do accommodate other people’s opinions and this can sometimes lead to their downfall. Leo’s do not care if they would hurt others because of what they do or say and are always self-centered.

6. Loyal

Leo’s are loyal to the people they associate with and it is important to know that they also demand loyalty from other people. They are trustworthy and do no take it well when they are betrayed. The fact that they completely trust other people can also be a cause for their downfall. It is easy for Leo’s to make loyal supporters because of their courteous nature and charismatic personality.

Top 10 Leo Personality Traits

5. Generous

Among the leo personality traits is their  kindness and generous nature which  makes them to be admired by many people. Leos are kind and warm-hearted in nature and will always provide help for those that need it. They are known to graciously offer love and affection to all people regardless of whether they know them or not.

4. Creative and Organised

Leos like solving difficult and complex problems and it is their creativity that helps them to achieve that. They are known to tackle tough situations by coming up with innovative ideas. One of the major specialties of Leos is to think and act big and that is why they do not like being surrounded by mediocre people. Leos execute their work in an organised manner and also make good leaders because of their overpowering personality.

3. Optimistic and Ambitious

Disappointments and setbacks do not in any way discourage Leos from pursuing their dreams. Leos will always go for the best and never settle for less. They like to hog the limelight and living a luxurious life is the dream of all Leos. Leos are successful in life because they have a habit of seeking challenges. They will always try their level best to achieve their dreams and their positive nature means that giving up is not part of their vocabulary.

2. Straightforward

Leos do not know how to mince words and are normally very frank. They are never afraid to say what they think without fearing anyone. They express their thoughts clearly and confront thoughts and opinions they do not agree with.

1. Energetic

It is the nature of Leos to always spread positive vibes wherever they are and they always seem to have infinite energy. The fact that they are energetic individuals means that they will always complete their tasks.

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