Unveiling The Life of Lenedra Carroll Atz Kilcher’s Former Wife

Lenedra Carroll is an American singer who has come to be known for many things. The musician has not only made a name for herself in the music industry but has also built a brand as a businesswoman, humanitarian and speaker.

Apart from being a superstar in her own right, she is also known for her marriage to popular TV star, Atz Kilcher, as well as being the mother to famous children, one of whom is the award-winning singer, Jewel.

Who Is Lenedra Carroll?

Lenedra Carroll was born in 1952 in Alaska, USA. Details about her early life, including where she had her education, are not abundantly available, however, we do know that her father has been identified as Jasper Jewel Carroll while her mother was called Arva Carroll. She has three siblings with whom she grew up in Alaska.

Born to not so well-to-do parents, Lenedra grew up in some measure of poverty and struggled to break free from that circle of lack. Her parents initially lived in Wrangell, a borough in Alaska before finally moving to Homer, another town in Alaska when Carroll was still a teenager. It was in Homer that she met her husband, Atz Kilcher, a reality TV star and a new phase of her life began.

Carroll would go on to find success in life, establishing a music career that spanned an impressive 15 years and releasing a couple of hits such as Daybreak Motivation and Chiribu Chiribu. During this time, she even helped to manage the music career of her daughter Jewel, who is also a singer of great repute. A deep thinker, Carroll’s reflections about life are often expressed in the lyrics of her songs. She authored a book – “The Architecture of All Abundance” in 2001. The book fetched her the NAPRA’s Nautilus Award.

Known to be a humanitarian with a kind heart for helping people, the singer co-founded a non-profit organization called “Higher Ground for Humanity” along with her daughter, Jewel, and son, Shane to help enlighten people globally and encourage them to engage in actions that will inspire positive change. Already, the foundation has operated in as many as 18 countries around the world.

Her work has earned her enormous recognition in America and she has been invited to appear in many TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey, CBS This Morning, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View Lifetime and others. She has also been featured in publications such as Reader’s Digest, USA Weekend, US, and People magazine. Today, Carroll is a highly sought after public speaker who often gets invited to address people across America.

Lenedra Carroll
Lenedra Carroll and her daughter, Jewel

Lenedra Carroll’s Family Details – Spouse and Children

Lenedra was married to Attila Kuno Kilcher who is more popularly known as Atz Kilcher, a TV personality and host. She met Atz when she and her family moved to Homer at a time when she was still a teenager. They developed an interest in each other and soon started dating, an affair which culminated in marriage. The exact date when the couple tied the knot is not clear.

The couple has three children together; Shane Kilcher, the eldest was born in 1971, followed by his sister Jewel who was born in 1974 and Atz Lee Kilcher born in 1977. The kids have since grown up to become famous as entertainers. Jewel took interest in music and became an established singer who has been nominated four times for Grammy and has won many other awards for her stunning body of work. Shane Kilcher and Atz Lee Kilcher are both reality TV stars who feature on popular Alaska: The Last Frontier TV series.

Although they spent years together as a couple, the marriage between Carroll and her husband Atz Kilcher crashed in 1982 and they went their separate ways. Atz won the custody of the children which meant that Carroll was left alone. It is on record that after his divorce, Atz turned into an alcoholic and became abusive towards his kids. Jewel has often talked about this in some interviews, reliving those days with pain, However, the man has since changed his ways according to sources.

Carroll and her children were not as close as they should be. For instance, she and Jewel were especially not cool with each other. At first, mother and daughter were close and Carroll even became Jewel’s manager who helped to push her music out for some time. However, they soon parted ways after things went sour. Things became so bad that they did not speak to each other for years. In fact, in a 2015 interview, Jewel revealed that she and her mum have not communicated since 2010. It is not known if they have finally settled their grievances. Also, we do not know about Carroll’s relationship with her other children at the moment. However, sources say it may be as toxic as before.

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Net Worth

Lenedra Carroll has amassed a sizable amount of wealth for herself over the years, having established herself as a reputable singer with some hits to her name, and as a businesswoman with deep connections around America.

Today, her money-making outlets include public speaking, business consultancy, talent management, writing and many others. Celebrity wealth calculators have pegged Carroll’s net worth at about $13 million.

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