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As a creative performer and a musician who has been at the craft since the age of 11, there is no doubt that Lena Zawaideh would have preferred to earn mainstream popularity through her work as a drummer for Bad Things but unfortunately, that was not meant to be as that role was deferred to sexual harassment allegations by her against Shaun White, the founder of the band and a renowned snowboarder.

Of course, Lena Zawaideh has left the band and has continued to express her talent with the band, NightPulse where she has become one of the prominent names in the band. You can learn all about her, her career, and the unfortunate incident below.

Lena Zawaideh’s Biography & Age

For a long time as a child, Lena Zawaideh believed she would become a doctor but sometimes, the universe has other plans. Born on the 18th of May, 1989 to parents whose identities are unknown in Carlsbad, San Diego, Lena Zawaideh’s path got diverted from her dreams of being a medical doctor as early as the age of 11 when she fell in love with the drum set.

Growing up, Lena Zawaideh was a ballet dancer who excelled academically and had a set path to attend Harvard Medical School, but that was all before she played the drum set at the age of 11 and subsequently quit ballet, choosing instead in focusing on mastering the instrument.

Supported by her brother, the only known sibling of the drummer, Lena Zawaideh began to play in several bands, including a heavy metal band that was established by her brother and herself but none of them was her big break until 2011, when she joined Bad Things, a band that consisted of herself, Shaun White and Anthony Sanudo.

While she was with the band, the band released an album, Bad Things in 2014, which was well received and resulted in a number of accomplishments, including performing at music festivals like the Lollapalooza and going on a couple of high-profile tours.

Following her exit from Bad Things, which was a messy exit, to say the least, she moved on to form her own band, NightPulse. Through the band, Lena Zawaideh has released a single, Delirious, which has performed quite well with music fans.

Relationship with Shaun White

Renowned Olympic snowboarder and medalist, Shaun White is the owner of the music band, Bad Things and after taking notice of Lena Zawaideh’s talents, brought her in as a member of the band. It was a chance at a big break for Lena who had played for a couple of bands before then.

For a few years after she joined the band in 2009, Lena Zawaideh enjoyed a great time as the band’s drummer then came the sexual harassment that eventually led to her dismissal from the band in 2014.

Lena Zaweideh
Lena Zawaideh (2nd left) with members of Bad Things at Lollapalooza

Because she was trying to avoid statutory limits, Lena Zawaideh did not file a lawsuit against Shaun White until May 2016, with documented allegations of sexual harassment and demand for about $42,000 in back pay. Some of the allegations included Shaun White forcing her to watch pornographic videos, some of which were videos of human fecal matter and pictures of male genitalia.

The lawsuit featured several incidents of Shaun White sexually harassing Lena Zawaideh, one of which included the time he put his hand in his pants and forced Lena to smell it by pressing his hand against her face. Despite Shaun White’s initial decision to contest the lawsuit, claiming Lena Zawaideh was suffering from mental health issues, he decided to settle the case out of court, according to court records and media report.

What Is His Height?

Lena Zawaideh has a height of 5 feet 4 inches with a body weight of 54 kg. Her body measurement, which defines her body shape is 34 inches for her bust, 27 inches for her waist, and 35 inches for her hips. Other noticeable body features include her black colored hair and grayish blue eyes.

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Other Facts About Lena Zawaideh

  1. More than just being a drummer, Lena Zawaideh is also a competent music engineer with skills in music software like Ableton and Logic.
  2. She has appeared on a couple of TV shows, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Access Hollywood.
  3. She graduated from the University of California in 2015. Her course of study is unknown.
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