Lena The Plug – Inside The Extraordinary Life of Lena Nersesian, Adam22’s Partner

Lena The Plug is one of those names you wouldn’t want to google if you are working on reducing the rate at which you expose yourself to sexually explicit content. While admired for being a fitness enthusiast, she has been able to take advantage of her attractively curved body and sex appeal to grow her career as a YouTuber.

For many people, it’s surprising that Lena hasn’t dabbled into the adult film industry. According to her, she has been approached on several occasions to do porn, but it’s not just her thing. Despite not taking the plunge into the world of adult film, Lena The Plug continues to lead an extraordinary life, with millions of fans and thousands of dollars to show for it.

Before Lena The Plug, There was Lena Nersesian

Even though this YouTuber is now famous as Lena The Plug, her real name is Lena Nersesian, and records have it that she was born somewhere in California on June 1, 1991. While we know that she was also raised in California, details of her upbringing and family are hard to come by. Nonetheless, reports suggest she grew up in a conservative home. There are also speculations that she is the only child of her parents, but she is yet to confirm this.

Where Lena attended high school remains a mystery, but we do know she attended the University of California, Santa Cruz. She earned herself a degree in Psychology in 2013. While she was studying to bag her degree, she got to spend a year in Sweden as an exchange student at Lund University.

Lena The Plug
Despite the appearances, Lena is a college-educated woman: image source

Contrary to what many may choose to believe, Lena The Plug was a bright student. The University of Southern California offered her the chance to embark on a post-graduate program just after she obtained her first degree but she didn’t take this offer due to the cost involved. Lena would take on several odd jobs and later work for a social media establishment called Arsenic. Her frustration with her income led her to Snapchat where she started her journey as a social media star.

Posting Sexually Suggestive Content Made Her Famous

Sex sells. That is a universal truth that has existed since the beginning of time and Lena The Plug weaponized this to become an internet star. In 2016, she created the YouTube channel, Lena The Plug, where she was able to leverage on the following she had built on Snapchat. Here, she began by posting plain old fitness videos before taking things to the next level by making them sexually suggestive.

Lena grew a massive following of internet fans who appreciated her 5 feet 1-inch voluptuous body by walking a fine line between outright nakedness and prudery. In one of her videos titled $EXTAPE AT 1 MILL, she promised to release a sex tape if she hit 1 million subscribers. The video has more than 15 million views.


Other content forms on Lena The Plug include lifestyle-based vlogs. There, she shares insight into her life and relationships. Using the vlogs, Lena has been able to drive attention to her channel. One of her videos, where she shared her decision to let her best friend have sex with her boyfriend, has more than 19 million views.

So far, the channel has more than 120 videos and over 1.6 million subscribers. Following the same content model, she has a large following on Instagram where she has more than 3.5 million followers, and on Twitter where she has got over 1.14 million followers.

Lena The Plug Has an OnlyFans Page

When a media outlet asked Lena The Plug about her lewd business model, she insisted that it was merely business. Her passion for sexually explicit pictures and videos were nothing more than about making money. So, it came as no surprise that Lena took advantage of the popular content-sharing site, OnlyFans, to share exclusive videos with paying customers.

There, Lena The Plug takes her sexual content further by posting sex videos, naked pictures, and other custom content. According to her page, she has more than 271,000 likes with more than 214 posts.

She is Worth Over $500,000

While there are many who would not approve of Lena The Plug’s business tactics, there is no denying that it has paid off as the social media star has more than $500,000 in net worth. Her wealth comes from a variety of sources, of which one is her vast social media following.

On YouTube, where she has more than 1.6 million subscribers, and over 153 million views on her videos, Lena makes between $369 and $5,900 per month in ad revenue. She also has an online shop where she sells merchandise. Her products include hoodies, stickers, and underwear.

The real source of her wealth, however, comes from OnlyFans. With thousands of fans who pay $5 for access to her content, Lena The Plug has become one of the site’s highest-earning creators.

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Lena Has Also Been Quite Succesful In Her Love Life

Lena The Plug
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Renowned YouTuber Adam Grandmaison, who goes by the name Adam22 and is a native of Nashua, New Hampshire, is Lena The Plug’s boyfriend. He owns the channels adam22 and No Jumper. He is also a BMX rider and founder of the BMX site, The Come Up. Lena’s partner has also tried his hands as a musician although he is yet to drop an album.

Lena and Adam have been together since September 2016. They have an open relationship and they have shared their bed with other women and men. Recordings of their sexual life have made it onto her OnlyFans channel, sold to eager customers. While the non-exclusivity of their sex life is a deal-breaker for most, it has had zero effect on their relationship. The pair remain together and are said to be expecting their first child together.

Both of them announced the pregnancy in April 2020 although they had confirmed the pregnancy since February. The couple recorded their reaction to the news and posted it on her YouTube page. They are expecting the baby sometime in October 2020.

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