Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian) – Bio, Partner (Adam Grandmaison) and Other Facts
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Lena The Plug is definitely one of those names you wouldn’t want to google if you are working on reducing the rate at which you expose yourself to contents that are sexually explicit. While she is admired for being a fitness enthusiast, she has been able to take advantage of her attractively curved shape and sex appeal to grow her career as a YouTuber. All over the internet, you will find Lena luring fans to come take a look at her nudes, watch her do things that are better left for your imagination, and what have you. In fact, there was a time she promised to make a sex tape for her fans if she reaches a million subscribers on her channel; this was sometime in January 2017.

Unsurprisingly, this move earned her thousands of subscribers in a matter of days. She was also criticized for this but Lena doesn’t really care. Her fame soared but about a month later, she was 300k shy of her target. To hasten the process, she released a naked video to butter the interest of those who really wanted to watch her do it. The channel which she created on 21st August 2016 has since surpassed the 1 million subscribers mark. As of April 2019, it boasts of over 1.4 million subscribers and almost 130 million views. In addition to that, she is followed by over 1.8 million people on Instagram and has no fewer than 641 thousand followers on Twitter.

For many people, it’s surprising that Lena hasn’t dabbled into the adult film industry. According to her, she has been approached on several occasions to do porn but it’s not just her thing. Let’s learn more about the YouTube star, her love life, and other facts worth knowing about her.

Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian) Bio

Even though this YouTuber is now popular as Lena The Plug, her real name is Lena Nersesian and records have it she was born somewhere in California on the 1st of June 1991. Also raised in California, details of her upbringing and family are hard to come by. Nonetheless, it is said that she was brought up in a conservative family and there are speculations that she is the only child of her parents; this hasn’t been confirmed.

Irrespective of the fact that things like where she received her earliest formal education and the high school she attended is best known to her, it is not a secret that she was once a student of the University of California, Santa Cruz where she earned for herself a degree in Psychology; this was in 2013. While she was studying to bag her degree, she got to spend a year in Sweden as an exchange student at Lund University.

Contrary to what many may choose to believe, Lena The Plug was a bright student. The University of Southern California offered her the chance to embark on a post-graduate program just after she obtained her first degree. She didn’t take this offer due to the cost involved. Lena would take on several odd jobs and later work for a social media establishment which inspired her to create her YouTube channel.

Who Is Her Partner Adam Grandmaison?

Adam22 and Lena The Plug
Adam22 and Lena The Plug (Image Source)

Everyone knows that Adam Grandmaison is Lena The Plug’s lover. While it is difficult to tell when she started dating the man who identifies as an atheist, there is no denying that they are perfect for each other. Also an internet personality, he goes by the name Adam22 and was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Apart from being an internet personality known for YouTube channels like adam22 and No Jumper, Lena’s partner is also a BMX rider and a musician even though he is yet to drop an album. These two are very much into each other and Adam believes he’s a lucky man to have Lena as his mate.

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Other Facts To Know About Lena The Plug 

1. Lena has brown eyes, dark brown hair, and her bust, waist, and hips respectively measure 34, 27, and 44 inches. Also, she is 5 ft 1 in. tall.

2. English isn’t the only language she understands, Lena is also good in Armenian.

3. Sometime in March 2018, it was alleged that her partner sexually assaulted women, including minors; he denied it.

4. Lena owns an online shop where she sells things like Lene the Plug hoodies, stickers, underwears, and what have you.

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