Leighla Schultz – Bio, Net Worth and Facts About The Cosmetologist

Although she is best recognized as Seth Rollin’s ex-girlfriend, Leighla Schultz gained wider attention following an online scandal. The undeniably gorgeous cosmetologist and her wrestler beau once seemed like a perfect fit until sometime in 2014 when a nasty incident ultimately led to their split. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the cosmetologist who considers herself to be a music and tattoo lover, a coffee addict, and a makeup junkie.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Going by public records, it is safe to say Leighla Schultz prefers to keep details of her personal life private. Hence, there is little or no information available about her parents, family, early life, and elementary education. Nonetheless, we have other facts. Leighla Schultz is a Texan, born on June 061988. Though the millennial’s hometown is Houston, she has lived in various cities including Davenport in Iowa, as well as Tampa in Florida.

For her tertiary education, she studied cosmetology at Capri College in Dubuque, Iowa. It is uncertain when exactly Leighla began practicing her profession or if she did other jobs during and after college. Her earliest job record includes a stint at an aesthetic hub called Sephora and Tribeca Colorsalons. Moreover, the positions she held there are unknown. She currently makes a living as a hairstylist and make-up artist working at an Iowa-based beauty shop, Salon Halo.

How Much is Leighla Schultz Worth?

Leighla Schultz was flung to the limelight following her relationship with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins whose real name is Colby Lopez. The cosmetologist does not have a claim to fame on her own and there is a dearth of information about her professional endeavours. Consequently, it is difficult to ascertain her exact salary and also if she has other sources of income.

Although Leighla’s net worth has not been disclosed, we do know it’s nothing compared to that of her ex-fiance, Seth Rollins whose net worth is pegged around $9 million. However, it is presumed that Schultz has amassed a sizeable fortune from her profession and can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Schultz’s Social Media Life

Leighla Schultz is very active on social media. Although the cosmetologist is best recognized as Seth Rollin’s ex-girlfriend, she gained wider attention following an online scandal. While Leighla may not be present on all popular social networking sites, fans can connect with Rollins’ smoking hot ex-girlfriend via her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Leighla Was Previously Engaged To Seth Rollins

It was Leighla Schultz’s long term relationship with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins that catapulted her to the spotlight. Although details of the erstwhile couple’s romance from the outset remain unclear, it is common knowledge that they became an item no later than the year 2008. The couple’s love blossomed over the years and after six years together, they stepped things up a notch. In May 2014, they became engaged after Rollins popped the big question and Leighla said yes!

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Leighla Schultz and Seth Rollins
Leighla Schultz and Seth Rollins- image source

While the going was good, Schultz and Rollins were presumed to be a perfect match as the cosmetologist publicly described her then-beau as her soulmate, rock, and best friend. During this time, many thought plans were underway for the lovebirds to exchange marital vows and finally settle in together forever. Sadly, just when fans were eagerly excited to hear a wedding date, an online controversy ensued which ultimately led to the couple’s split.

She Once Posted Her Fiance’s Nudes Online

Shortly before their split, Leighla Schultz shocked fans when she posted nude photos of her fiance, Seth Rollins, online. Her actions are believed to have stemmed from the discovery that Seth was having an affair with an NXT performer Zahra Schreiber. Schultz uploaded the raunchy photos via her Twitter account and then on Rollins’ account which then subsequently appeared on the WWE website. While it is believed in some quarters that Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked, Leighla later took responsibility for uploading the photos.

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The nude photos were uploaded on one of the days Rollins had to perform live on WWE RAW. Embarrassed by the scandal and what it could do to his career, the wrestler was forced to tender a public apology to WWE fans via his official Twitter handle right after the live show. Neither party have publicly addressed the scandal since then but it ultimately marked the end of the pair’s romance. Moreover, Leighla Schultz’s Twitter account was taken down after the incident but she has returned to the platform since March 2015. On the other hand, following her engagement and the internet scandal, Rollins’ former fiancee garnered thousands of followers on her social media accounts especially Instagram.

Leighla Schultz has since moved away from public glare and details of her love life after Seth Rollins are not known. However, her famous ex-fiance has moved on and dated other ladies. After Schultz, the WWE wrestler was romantically linked to Zahra Schreiber in 2015, and later Sarah Alesandrelli. Rollins is currently in a relationship with his WWE colleague Rebecca Quin, (aka Becky Lynch).


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