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In a world of over 7 billion people, being different can sometimes be a challenge, nevertheless, a minority have found a way to live outside of the normal definitions of the broader population and live by their own rules. LeeAnna Vamp is a part of that minority as a celebrity goth personality.

Not only is she a promoter of the goth lifestyle, particularly through her affinity for the horror genre and her dressing style, but she is also an actress whose credits have favored her preferred genre through projects like Super Horror Beat Down, Con Man, Pool Party Massacre and a couple more.

Along with her acting roles, she has gotten to be herself in a number of shows, including That Cosplay Show and Reaper Tales. She also has a social media reputation that has made her a star unto fans of horror films, shows, and grim cosplay. You can learn all about her by reading below.

LeeAnna Vamp Biography

LeeAnna Vamp was born on the 26th of January, 1981 in Temecula, California where she was raised by her parents. Though much as her life has been a parade of interesting phases, we have little information about her childhood. But we do know that LeeAnna Vamp graduated from Cal State University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Many of her peers with a degree in Communications often end up with a career in Journalism but that would not be LeeAnna Vamp, whose long-term interest in fashion and the goth lifestyle drove her to model instead. Although goth modeling is not exactly the most popular genre in the fashion industry, LeeAnna Vamp has been able to make something of herself as a model in the genre, appearing in and on the cover of a number of magazines.

Her interest in creative arts further drove her to acting, and she began to appear in onscreen dramatic projects in 2012, earning her first credit in 2012 in the web series, Video Game High School, starring in an episode as Esme. Two years later, she played an uncredited role as Han Solo in Team Unicorn.

Since she made her debut in 2012, she has appeared in different capacities on screen, both as an actress and as herself in reality shows that celebrate her lifestyle. In 2015, she was the host of the show, Reaper Tales and was part of a cosplay show, That Cosplay Show in 2017.

Amidst all of her creative endeavors, she also has her own YouTube channel, Vamp, where she posts videos of her various projects, interesting places and some of her work as an actress. On the platform, she stars in the web series, Best Fiends Forever.

LeeAnna Vamp’s Net Worth

From over 20 credits to her name across film, TV shows and reality shows, LeeAnna Vamp has been able to build a comfortable financial lifestyle and a total net worth of $200,000.

Outside of her on-screen roles, LeeAnna Vamp has also made several event gigs and has earned a significant sum via YouTube and Instagram Ad revenue. There is no doubt this amount will go up in the future.

Husband and Family Life

LeeAnna Vamp
LeeAnna Vamp with her husband, Cameron Vamp

For someone who enjoys and loves the horror theme life, it is incredibly fortunate that she is married to a man named Vamp. LeeAnna has been married to her long-time boyfriend, Cameron Vamp since 2015.

How the couple met each other remains a mystery but considering their shared interest in the Horror genre, it’s not that hard to imagine. True to their personalities and interests, they got married in a Knott’s Berry Farm in California which was designed with a Halloween theme. The couple, LeeAnna and Cameron Vamp, were dressed in all black, as opposed to the traditional white. Since their wedding, the two have remained together with zero scandals.

As for children, LeeAnna Vamp and her husband appear to be taking their time before bringing a child into their world.

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There is little to zero information about LeeAnna’s parents’ identities, although she famously calls known actress and Scream Queen – Cassandra Peterson her ‘mother’ due to her legendary contribution to the horror genre in film.

Along with the absence of information on her parents, we also do not know if she has siblings, but if her adult life tells one thing – LeeAnna Vamp was different from all the other children and her childhood must have been a very interesting one.

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