LeeAnn Kreischer’s Personal Profile, Family and Facts About Bert Kreischer’s Wife

It is one thing to be married to a famous person and another to be married to someone as famous as Bert Kreischer. LeeAnn Kreischer has been married to the comedian, who first achieved popularity and notoriety via a Rolling Stone article that exposed his life as a party animal; an article that was eventually made into a film, showing behaviors that haven’t completely left his life, even as a grown-up comedian.

When she is not managing and dealing with her husband, who is known for performing his stand-up routines without a shirt, she is a podcaster, an actress and a writer. Although she has taken a step back from performing all three roles to raise their family, she is still a working mother of two beautiful children. Scroll down to learn more about her.

LeeAnn Kreischer’s Biography

LeeAnn Kreischer is what one could summarily describe as a cool wife and a kick-ass mother. Not only is she a smart woman with a sense of humor to appreciate and love her husband who is a comedian, but she is also a writer and an actress. Before she became Bert Kreischer’s wife, she was LeeAnn Kemp.

She was born on the 19th of August, 1971 in Bowdon, Georgia. Although her parents’ identities are unknown, we know she was raised in Bowdon and spent a lot of time in her home state before she relocated to Los Angeles.

We do not have the details of LeeAnn Kreischer’s education history but we are certain that whatever it was, it enabled her to pursue her dream of being a writer in Hollywood. Following relocation to Los Angeles, she has been part of the writing team for several projects such as My Biggest Fan, which was a story about the members of the band, Dream Street, with Chris Trousdale being the lead.

As an actress, LeeAnn has worked on the short film, Destiny Stalled which was released in 2000. However, more than her professional works, she is most prominently known as the wife of the party man, Bert Kreischer. A status she has leaned into in her podcast, ‘Wife of the Party’.

Her podcast, which has featured her husband, consists of her interviewing friends, family, and professional workmates. On the podcast, LeeAnn Kreischer leads the guests in discussing issues like family, marriage, children and other trending issues going on around the world. One of the more popular episodes of the podcast is of her husband, during which they discussed the #Metoo movement and other related matters.

As someone who supports her husband, LeeAnn, more than just being a punchline in her husband’s jokes, can often be seen supporting her him at his shows.

Relationship with Bert Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer
LeeAnn with her husband and two daughters

When you are the subject of a lot of your husband’s comedy routines, you are bound to become a famous name. LeeAnn Kreischer’s relationship with her husband is as interesting as the personality of her husband.

To start off, they met three times before they started any form of meaningful relationship. The first two times, Bert Kreischer failed to make any positive impression on LeeAnn, and in fact, made zero impressions in the second time because LeeAnn never gave him her attention.

The third time proved to be the magic number as a party organized by Bert’s writing partner at the time gave her a chance to recognize the existence of Bert and who he truly was. Her curiosity drove her to give him her number and although she never expected to marry him due to his wild nature, that eventually proved to be the case.

Interestingly, the popular comedian who has no problem running around a school campus naked was too shy and nervous to call LeeAnn after he got her number, prompting LeeAnn to make the call herself, demanding an explanation. One thing eventually led to another and they started off on their first date, the second and the third and then eventually ended up at the altar in December 2003.

Since they got married, LeeAnn Kreischer and her husband have been able to raise two children, daughters who were born in 2004 and 2006. Their first daughter is named Georgia while the second is named Ila.

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Other Facts to Learn About Her

  1. Her first daughter, Georgia was named after her home state, Georgia.
  2. LeeAnn is an avid Instagram user. Her Instagram account is @lkreischer.
  3. She is an active philanthropist.
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