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Walton Goggins is a multiple award-winning Hollywood veteran. He is both an actor and a producer who is, inter alia, famous for producing and acting in the Emmy-winning 2001 short film, The Accountant. Walton was once married to a woman still known in the media as Leanne Goggins. Walton’s ex-wife Leanne is now late. She happens to be the subject of this post.

So, join us as we take a profound look at the life and career of Leanne Walton. We shall focus on her biography, family life, as well as the circumstances surrounding her death.

Leanne Goggins Bio

Leanne Goggins (nee Kaun) was a Canadian businesswoman. She was not famous until she married the veteran actor Walton Goggins in 2001. With this in mind, one understands why details about Leanne’s early life are lacking. We have no such information about her parents and siblings. We do not also have information about her education history. While she is widely reported to have been born in Canada in 1967, no one seems to know her exact date or place of birth.

Certain sources have reported about Leanne’s persistent battle with jaundice as a child. This triggered a chain of viral infections and led to doctors placing her on special diets. The resulting ill-health did not only make her early life a misery, but it also affected her education. According to sparse reports, this was the reason she started schooling at the middle school level. However, no particular schools have been associated with her.

Although it is copiously reported that Leanne Goggins eventually excelled in her academics and even went to college, it was her extra-curricula background that would shape her career life the more: she attended a pet training class while in college. Eventually, she built a solid career as a dog trainer and owned a dog-walking business in Laurel Canyon, California.

Her Family Members

Very little is known about Leanne Goggins’ family of birth, not so much as the first names of her parents. Hence, she was still surnamed after her ex-husband in much of the mainstream media, long after they divorced and even after her death. However, we know that her family of birth is Canadian. We also have the information that her parents are Christians.

Then, talking about Leanne’s own family, we cast our minds back to her marriage with Walton Goggins in 2001. It was reported that Leanne and Walton met in 2000 back in Canada while Walton was shooting a movie named Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Eventually, they married each other sometime the following year.

The couple was reported to have been very close before and after the wedding. However, the marriage could only last for roughly three years. They were divorced in 2004. Then, in November of that same years, Leanne Goggins died in circumstances that were widely believed to be a suicide. We will discuss this in another section of this piece. Meanwhile, Leanne’s marriage with Walton didn’t produce any kid, at least to the best of our knowledge.

What Led To Her Death?

It was in November 2004 – just months after her divorce with Walton – that news came that Leanne Goggins died after leaping off from the 17th floor of a Los Angeles building. There is no doubt that the news broke many hearts. For instance, it was reported that it was not Walton who initiated the divorce but Leanne. Then, while Walton was still nursing the media wounds of being a recent divorcee, he was again forced to be in the news for the wrong reason – and Christmas was just weeks away!

Many sources tend to link the divorce with the suicide that followed. It was well reported that Leanne initiated the divorce on the grounds that her husband was too busy to have time for her. Coupled with the fact that she was missing her country, Walton’s constant absence made her feel extremely lonely. Besides, it was said that Leanne had been going through medication for chronic depression. In view of all that, everyone believed her death was the result of a planned suicide. This was also confirmed by the autopsy report.

Another group of people who were heartbroken when Leanne Goggins’ obituary was announced was her customers; those she cared for their dogs. Her funeral was relatively well attended by such people.

Other Facts About Leanne

1. It is believed that she had a net worth of $300,000 at the time of her death.

2. Her bust-waist-hips measurement is also believed to be 34-24-32 in.

3. She had no social media presence such as on Facebook, Instagram or on any other platform. This is to be understood since social media was not as popular as it is now.

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