Intriguing Things You Should Know About Lawrence Faulborn’s Biography, Marriage to Giddish and More

Being in a relationship with someone popular automatically catapults you to the limelight. No matter how shy you are of being in the public eye, you get dragged out all the same as fans of your partner relentlessly keep searching you out, digging into your background while trying to fetch all the details they can find about you. This is the case of Lawrence Faulborn, an American celebrity who became famous after getting married to Kelli Giddish, a very popular American television actress.

Lawrence Faulborn and Kelli Giddish have been together as man and wife for a while and the more the actress gets in the news, the more the world turns its attention on her husband and the more the name Lawrence Faulborn gets mentioned around the media circles.

Who Then Is Lawrence Faulborn and What Does He Do For A Living?

The exact day, month, and year in which Lawrence Faulborn was born is not known at the moment. This is mainly because he has managed to keep a lot of personal details away from public space. Unlike his wife whose date of birth is known to be 13th April 1980, Lawrence’s birthday remains elusive to date – though that may change soon.

Talking about his family, we know for sure that Lawrence Faulborn was born in the USA, but the identity of his parents has not been revealed to the public. The main part of his life that fans know about is his marriage to Kelli Giddish and his relationship with the kids. At the moment, it is yet to be ascertained if he has any siblings or if he is the only child of his parents.

Lawrence is not into stage and film acting like his wife. According to some sources, he is a businessman known for his interests in some sponsorship and endorsement deals. Unfortunately, details of the corporate bodies he works with are not available. However, there is no gainsaying that he is very much supportive of his wife’s career. Kelli has been in the entertainment business since 2005 and has appeared in a good number of successful films and shows but she is best known for her role as NYPD Detective Amanda Rollins in the multiple award-winning NBC drama series of Law and Order.

Even when his main source of income is not yet made public, it is believed that Lawrence have generated quite a hefty fortune for himself as a businessman. Moreso, being married to a talented and one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, Lawrence shares in his wife’s wealth as well. His wife, Kelli, has her net worth estimated at $8 million. As expected, much of her income is generated from the show business. Though the exact salary or income from the series is not clear yet, her net worth estimation is pretty good enough for herself and her family.

How He Met His Wife – Kelli Giddish

Lawrence and his wife Kelli may not be that generous to say how exactly fate brought them together but from what know about them, they dated for about a year before deciding stick to each other forever. The couple tied the knot on the 20th day of June 2015 in front of just 12 guests including family and close friends who came to witness the union. The wedding took place at the New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

Lawrence Faulborn with his wife Kelli Giddish

Following how popular she is in the entertainment industry, the news about Kelli’s wedding got many people interested in knowing who the lucky man is. As a result of that, pictures of Lawrence Faulborn started flying around social media. Kelli herself wasted no time to satisfy her fans desire to know who her man was. She went ahead to post pictures of their happy union on various social media platforms. Thanks to his wife, Lawrence is today one of the most talked-about American celebrity husbands.

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The couple’s deep feelings for each is overwhelming. Kelli usually posts about her husband on social media, often professing her undying love for him and their kids. Shortly after Kelli had her second child, Lawrence fell ill and was hospitalized for about two months. Although the exact cause of his illness was not stated, his wife said he was totally paralyzed. Now that he is doing great, his wife who announced the news and thanked fans, as well as her co SVU stars, for their utmost support.

Lawrence Faulborn’s Life As A Father

Lawrence and Kelli’s marriage may be classified as young by many but to their fans, they are a match made in heaven. The couple has two children together. Their first child, a boy named Ludo Faulborn was born in October 2015 – some months after their marriage. Their second child, another boy named Charlie Faulborn, was born in November 2018.

Faulborn is super-fond of his kids and does not fail to show just how happy he is to have them in his life. This can be seen in the way he posts about them on social media. He is active on Instagram and the main things he posts on his page are pictures of his boys. In fact, he rarely posts any photos of himself or his wife but he constantly bombards his followers with images of his children. Each time he shares a photo of the boys, he follows it up with a cute caption showing how much he loves them. This has won him admiration from his fans on social media.

Aside from being a doting father, Lawrence Faulborn loves pets like dogs and this is quite apparent in what he shares on social media. Apart from his children’s photos, other photos he displays regularly on Instagram is that of Frannie Mae, their family dog. According to reports, the dog was rescued from the street by Kelli Giddish while she was filming one of her movies titled Chase in 2010. The dog has since been in the family and both Lawrence and Kelli are very fond of it.

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