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For years, Chicago Bears Hall of Famer, Brian Urlacher, made the news for the revolutionary performances he delivered during his years as a player in the NFL. These days, now fully enjoying retirement, Brian Urlacher’s personal life has become a more prominent feature in the news, such as his relationship with his ex-wife, Laurie Urlacher.

During his years in the league, Laurie Urlacher mostly kept away from the media, but with Brian’s personal life finally coming into focus, many are curious to know about his ex-wife.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Laurie Urlacher, including her relationship with Brian and what led to their divorce.

Early Life & Career

Brian Urlacher currently lives in New Mexico and it would appear he has deep connections with the southwestern American state. One of those ways is through his ex-wife, Laurie. Laurie Urlacher is a native of New Mexico, particularly Alburquerque, having been born there on the 12th of August, 1973.

Not much is known about her background, particularly her parents or the existence of siblings. But, she is believed to have been raised a Christian.

If you are wondering if Brian Urlacher was married to an educated woman, wonder no more. The ex-wife of the former Chicago Bears linebacker is a college-educated woman.

After completing her primary education at a currently unknown high school, she enrolled at the University of New Mexico, where she studied and earned a bachelor’s degree, graduating in 1995. It is unknown what she studied and if she worked in a professional capacity with her college certificate.

Relationship With Brian Urlacher

The first meeting of a couple is always important and for Laurie and Brian, it happened at a football game. Both of them met during one of Brian’s games in 1999. Shortly after they met for the first time, they became friends and later on, a romantic couple.

The two were together for about a year before they took their relationship to the altar on the 30th of June 2000. While they were together, they gave birth to two children, daughters, Pamela and Riley Urlacher.

A lot of times, when celebrities get divorced, the phrase ‘irreconcilable differences’ is used as the reason for their divorce. While it is usually used in place of the real reason for the divorce, sometimes it is the truth.

According to the public information about their divorce, Laurie Urlacher and Brian separated because they did not know each other very well. Also, their differences proved insurmountable for the marriage.

However, there were also allegations that Brian cheated on Laurie, while counter-allegations further suggested that Laurie was not supportive of his football career.

With their differences seemingly unsolvable, they got a relatively amicable divorce in 2004.

Other Facts About Laurie Urlacher

Laurie Urlacher is not a fan of the Media

While you would expect Laurie Urlacher to have a prominent presence in the media as a Football WAG, she does not. The ex-wife of the former Chicago Bears linebacker is notoriously not a fan of the press.

She mostly kept away from the media while she was married to the NFL Hall of Famer. She has continued to do so even after the divorce. As a result, there is little to no information about her professional career and details about her personal life.

So far, the closest to a media presence by Brian Urlacher’s ex-wife is social media. Laurie has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Laurie Urlacher, @LaurieHowndog, and @laurieurlacher, respectively.

She Doesn’t Plan to Remarry

While her husband, Brian Urlacher, has jumped back on the marriage wagon with former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Jennipher Frost, a report suggests Laurie does not plan on going back to the altar.

However, that does not suggest the Albuquerque-born ex-wife of the pro-footballer is no longer dating. She is reportedly in a relationship with a Vince Hartmann, whom she started dating sometime in April 2019.

It is unknown if she had any relationship before dating Vince since getting the divorce.

Laurie Urlacher
Laurie’s ex-husband, Brian, her two daughters, his new wife, Jennipher Frost, & son

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Laurie loves Animals

For animal lovers, the world is mostly divided into two – cat lovers and dog lovers. Laurie Urlacher belongs to the latter. She has a dog named Phil, whom she enjoys spending time with, indoors, and outdoors, particularly.

Laurie enjoys walking her dog outdoors and spending her time surrounded by nature.

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