Laurence Bailey – 6 Things To Know About Ben Bailey’s Wife

Before fame came knocking on Laurence Bailey’s doors, she was a total nobody to the media who did not have the need to know what she is up to. But when it came to light that the fan-favorite comedian and host, Ben Bailey was going off the bachelor market, there was a need to find out what remarkable lady accomplished that feat; hence the eventual interest in Laurence Bailey by the media and fans alike.

The lady has not been forthcoming with info about herself that would but here are the 6 most important things you need to be aware of concerning her personal life and marriage to Ben Bailey.

6 Things to Know about Ben Bailey’s Wife – Laurence Bailey

Laurence Bailey
Ben Bailey (Image Source)

Early Life and Family Background

While it is known that Ben Bailey was born on the 30th of October, the details of his wife’s date of birth and where she was born still remains a mystery. This has been attributed to the fact the before she came to be associated with the famous actor, she was not in the public radar. From all indications, however, she had a stable childhood.

Her Husband is a Renowned Comedian/Actor

Laurence Bailey’s husband as already mentioned is star comedian, cab driver, and game show host Ben Bailey. Ben who was born in Bowling Green Kentucky comes from a family of 5 and is the youngest of his parents’ three children. He had his higher education at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk after which he took the route of every budding actor and moved to Los Angeles. As is often the case, he started out his career timeline doing odd jobs and working as a bouncer at a comedy club.

Ben Bailey’s gig as a bouncer at the comedy club soon paved the way to bigger things when he was discovered by Skip E. Lowe who found a story he told hilariously and offered him the chance to try standup comedy in front of a live audience and the rest as they say, is history. Since those days of little beginnings, Bailey had done really good for himself having amassed an impressive portfolio from his many talents and endeavors. In the many hats he wears, Bailey hosts a game show in a cab he drives; hence his title as a cab driver.

Married life with Ben Bailey

The timeline for precisely when Laurence Bailey met her now-husband Ben has been somewhat sketchy especially because the lady is not one to share details about her family. However, it is known that they met in Morristown at a Hennessey owned pub where they took a liking to each other and struck up a relationship. In 1997, the lovebirds decided to take their love to the next level and got married in a small ceremony that was witnessed by family and their closest friends.

Despite the constant media attention on them since their union came to light, Laurence and Ben have done their best to keep their affairs under wraps with no hint of scandal or controversies trailing in their wake.

Does Laurence Bailey Have Kids?

If you’re among the interested fans wondering if Laurence Bailey and her husband have a child together, the answer would be a yes. The couple is parents to a daughter they named Emma. It is not certain if she was born before they got married or after.

Net Worth

Since there have been no clear indications of what Laurence does for a living, it has been even more difficult to know just how much she is worth. That notwithstanding, there is no doubt that she is financially stable because her husband Ben has carved a suitable niche for himself in the entertainment world from where he earns a handsome amount. Through his works in acting, comedy and more, Ben Bailey’s net worth is pegged at a handsome $6 million.

Laurence Bailey’s Body Measurements

Laurence Bailey
Laurence Bailey and Ben Bailey (Image Source)

Laurence Bailey may not be the tallest lady out there, but with a height of 6 feet 1 inch, she won’t be lost in a crowd. Her height further complements that of her husband who stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. She also has a commensurate body weight and a gorgeous physique. Other details of her body measurements which include bust, waist, and hips are currently not known. In addition, she rocks a long black hair and a pair of brown eyes.

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