Lauren Southern Bio – Does She Have A Boyfriend and Who Is Her Sister?

Talk about a commanding combination of incredible beauty and immense courage and the name Lauren Southern will come to mind immediately. Fearless, bold and very outspoken, Lauren is a Canadian politician who has become famous for her political activism. She has been involved in a number of controversies over the years which have further helped to bring her to the limelight.

Lauren is a talented woman; apart from her political activism, she is also a writer, YouTuber, and movie director. As a social media personality, she has fans that follow her every move online.

Who Is Lauren Southern and How Old is She?

Lauren Southern was born on the 16th day of June 1995 in Surrey, a city in the province of British Columbia, Canada where she was also raised. However, she now lives in the city of Toronto. It is noteworthy that her full birth name is Lauren Cherie Southern.

Details about her parents remain scanty at the moment, however, some reports have revealed that her father’s family hails from Denmark and actually immigrated to Canada during the Second World War. Apparently, Lauren has Danish roots.

Where she had her elementary and high school education are not known yet, but we know that she attended the University of the Fraser Valley where she studied political science for two years before dropping out. According to her, she dropped out because there was no need in wasting precious money to pay for knowledge which she could obtain on her own.

After dropping out, Lauren Southern fully embraced political activism and soon started working as a journalist for The Rebel Media, a popular Canadian far-right political and social commentary media website which is known for its political activism. She continued working for the website until March 2017. Lauren was actively commenting on political trends and attracting some attention to herself from the public.

She soon joined the Libertarian Party, a federal political party in Canada and went on to contest as a candidate in the 2015 Canadian federal election to represent her party in the district of Langley—Aldergrove. However, she was controversially removed from the party as a candidate after she staged a protest during a ‘SlutWalk’ campaign which she was reporting for The Rebel Media. She later rejoined the party following the intervention of different media houses and the general public, but she ended up losing the elections.

Over the years, Lauren Southern has been involved in a number of controversies; in 2016, she controversially clashed with LGBT protesters around Vancouver. The protesters got infuriated and even gave her a urine bath at the event. She also lashed at Facebook for banning commentators who spoke their minds on the platform. This made her popular among many party members.

Lady Southern has also contributed to popular media outfits including BBC Radio, CBC Radio, Sky News, IB Times and many more. She also wrote a book titled “Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation”. In 2017, Lauren Southern announced to her teeming fans that she was leaving The Rebel Media. According to her, she was leaving Rebel Media so as to become an independent journalist. A few weeks after she resigned, she managed to gain access to White House press briefings.

In 2018, Lauren Southern was banned from entering the UK after she and others were found to have distributed flyers in the English town of Luton describing Allah as “gay”. The same year, she was greeted with loud protests when she quoted the bible as “joke” in Australia. All these acts and many more made her notoriously famous around Canada and beyond.

In June 2019, she announced that she was retiring from politics because she wanted to find fulfillment in a more private capacity.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Lauren Southern has been able to rake in some money for herself with her work as a politician and a journalist over the years. It is also believed that she earns from her YouTube documentaries. At the moment, Lauren’s net worth has been pegged at about $500,000 by different sources.

Meet Lauren Southern’s Sister

Lauren Southern
Lauren Southern and her sister: Image Source

Even though the identities of Lauren Southern’s parents are in the dark, we know that she has a sister called Jess Southern. According to reports, Jess is a few years older than Lauren and currently works as a DJ.

It is very clear that the sisters are very close. Lauren’s page has many photos of herself posing with Jess and vice versa. Lauren is also very fond of her parents and has often shared photos of them on Instagram. Apparently, the family is close-knitted.

Details of Her Boyfriend or Husband If Married

Fans have often asked if Lauren Southern is in a relationship or even married, however, this information has remained elusive. Some reports have claimed she dated two men in the past but did not last long with either of them because of her activism. However, this claim has not been proven. At the moment, it is not clear if she is in a relationship.

Height and Other Body Measurements of Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern is a very beautiful woman with cute facial features and great body shape. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a weight of 125 pounds. Her other body measurements have been revealed to be 35 inches (busts), 24 inches (waist), and 35 inches (hips).

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