Inside Lauren Holly’s Life And All The Spouses She’s Ever Had Including Jim Carrey

Unlike most professions where you only need a chance and a good performance in your first rodeo to be able to work in the industry forever, acting is a fickle profession that does not rely only on your skills but also on factors beyond your control. This sadly leaves several talented actors unable to make it out of the ground floor of the industry. However, a very small minority of talented actors are able to achieve this, and they go on to rack up several credits to their name – Lauren Holly is among the fortunate few.

If you watch television at all or are a big fan of movies, chances are, in the past three decades, you have seen Lauren Holly in a TV show or a film at some point. Her career is one that features several popular films and TV shows, with examples like NCIS and Dumb and Dumber.

The American Actress Began Her Story In Bristol, Pennsylvania

Lauren Holly has crafted a life that several people, both in her chosen profession and in other professions should be envious of. Her life as an accomplished actress is the culmination of a journey that began on the 28th of October, 1963 in Bristol, Pennsylvania when she was born to Michael Ann Holly, her mother who is an art historian, and Grant Holly, her father who is a screenwriter, and professor.


She was raised along with two younger siblings, Nick, and Alexander Innes Holly but sadly, the latter died at the age of 14. Lauren completed high school from Geneva High School and attended college at Sarah Lawrence College, all based in New York.

Lauren Holly Made Her Acting Debut When She Was 20

Lauren Holly studied English at the college level but she found her calling in acting at the age of 20. She made her debut in the TV show, Hill Street Blues in 1984, appearing in two episodes. Since then, she has been able to appear in over 90 films and television shows, including Picket Fences, one of her significant projects, where she starred as Maxine Stewart between 1992 and 1996.

She then starred in films like Dumb and Dumber, where she met one of her husbands, Jim Carrey, and earned one of her awards, MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss.

As previously mentioned, Lauren has appeared in many roles over the course of her career, however, one of her most notable roles is as Jenny Shepard in CBS/ Paramount Television’s top-rated drama series NCIS. Sadly, she eventually decided to leave the show. One of the reasons Lauren left NCIS was because she was getting bored playing the character Jenny Shepard and was ready to venture into something different.

Additional projects contributing to the broad and diverse body of work Lauren has complied include the 2002 film Changing Hearts, with Faye Dunaway; Raising Flagg playing opposite Oscar winner Alan Arkin; the Darrell Roodt directed HBO thriller, Pavement, co-starring Robert Patrick; and in What Women Want, opposite Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

Lauren Holly has been nominated for over 10 awards, including the SAG Awards and the Daytime Emmy Awards. So far, she has won awards like Best Supporting Actress in a Quality Drama Series for Picket Fences and Best Ensemble for How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.

Her Successful Career Has Earned Her An Impressive $14 Million Net Worth

When you have an onscreen presence that has resulted in multiple appearances on screen, and a reputation that allows you to demand the big salaries across films and TV Shows (where actors and actresses earn per episode), being a millionaire is only the beginning.

Lauren Holly, along with income from her appearances onscreen and her investments, has been able to accrue a net worth in the region of $14 million.

Her Marriages Prove The Third Time Isn’t Always The Charm

The Actress Dealt With Multiple Divorce

Chronicles of Holly’s marital life shows that she has been married thrice. Her first marriage was to Danny Quinn, the son of a Mexican-American actor and film director, Anthony Quinn, whom she married in 1991. Normally, being married to someone in the same career field would mean better understanding but not in Danny and Holly’s case. Their marriage barely lasted two years starting ending in 1993 without many details of the cause.

Her Second Marriage To Jim Carrey

Lauren Holly
Lauren Holly with her ex-husband, Jim Carrey

After going through the changes that come with divorce, she fell in love with Jim Carrey, a famous Canadian-American comedic actor.

The two met for the first in 1994 during auditions for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In 1996, while she didn’t nab the role, the duo developed a close bond during the filming of Dumb and Dumber. However, in 1997, the marriage ended.

Holly’s Third Marriage Didn’t End Well Too

Holly’s last marriage was her longest and was seemingly her chance at a long and loving marital life. It started on a setup blind date with Francis Greco in 1999. Their love grew very quickly and the two got married in 2001. Greco, who is Canadian, is a business mogul and investment banker. It was during this union to Greco that Holly became a Canadian citizen. Apparently, things didn’t go well as they ended their union in 2014 after 13 years together as husband and wife.

Lauren Holly Struggled To Find Stability In Her Personal Life

Divorce is hard and depressing. It really sucks and smacks you in different ways. But Holly seems to have learned from being married multiple times. Over the course of her marital journey, Lauren Holly had three children – three sons, all of which were adopted with her last husband, Francis Greco. They are Henry, George, and Alexander Holly-Greco.

She has also been in relationships with Edward Burns, Ingrid Casares, Fred Durst, and Jim Fitzpatrick. In 2018, she was alleged to live in Toronto with her partner Jerome. But at the moment, the thespian is currently not married to anyone. She lives her life with her children in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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