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A registered nurse, author, fitness icon, and online sensation, Lauren Drain’s sexiest apparel is confidence and happiness. She is a prime example of determination over situation. Refusing to be boxed in by her former religious doctrines, Drain challenged the status quo and was consequently ostracized from her home, and disowned by her family at 22. However, she still found the strength to move on and thankfully, those years of turmoil have paid off as she is now living a better life. Lauren Drain’s success story is one more reason why you should always learn from your mistakes and never stop chasing your dreams.

Lauren Drain’s Biography

A Floridan, Lauren Danielle Drain was born on December 31, 1985. She was raised in her hometown of Hillsborough Country, Tampa. Lauren has always been a sports enthusiast and athlete. During her high school days at Olathe Kansas, she played several sports including baseball and softball among others but never really thought she’ll make a career in that field. After high school, Drain bagged a scholarship to study nursing at Washburn University.

Lauren Drain graduated from Washburn in 2007 and began working in healthcare in a full-time capacity. However, the nurse is best recognized for her book, Banished, the New York Times Bestsellers published in 2013 which chronicles the tumultuous experience Lauren had that led to her ostracization from the highly controversial Westboro Baptist Church. From 2001 until her expulsion in 2008, Drain was a member of the church which is known for using inflammatory rhetoric against a variety of different people and organizations.

After being expelled from the church, Lauren moved to Connecticut and trained to become a registered nurse. She spent 6 years as a full-time nurse in the state, working day and night in order to make ends meet. The New York Times bestselling author published her memoir Banished in 2013 and also joined the NOH8 campaign to combat the rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church, that same year. Cumulatively, Lauren Drain served as a registered nurse for nine years before becoming a full-time personal trainer and fitness model. She currently works as a fitness model and expert.

Parents and Siblings

Lauren is the first of three children born to Steve and Lucy Drain. Her parents are dedicated members of the Westboro Baptist Church and it was only natural for Lauren and her younger siblings to be indoctrinated into the church. During her teenage and young adult years, Lauren became suspicious about some of the church’s doctrines which she says did not add up with the bible.

She became unhappy and by age 20, began questioning her parents and elements of the Topeka-based church’s doctrine. But Lauren Drain’s rebellion was not taken lightly. In 2008, and at age 22, Lauren was shockingly disowned by her family and kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church for refusing to follow all of their rules.

Lauren’s banishment from the Westboro Baptist Church was sealed after her father and sister dropped her off at a local motel and told her she was never to speak to them again. Feeling disappointed, ashamed and disgraced, Drain first desperately tried to get back into the church after her family flat-out abandoned her but eventually decided to leave for good and build a life on her own.

It was after then that she moved to Connecticut, got a job as a registered nurse, wrote her book, joined the NOH8 campaign, and everything else began to fall into place. Though Lauren Drain’s parents, brother, and sister have since cut all ties with her since her expulsion, the nurse dedicated the book Banished to her siblings and still nurtures hopes of reuniting with her family again someday.

Lauren Drain’s Husband

Lauren Drain is happily married to her heartthrob David Kagan, who is also a fitness model. Although there is a scarcity of information about their romance from the outset, it is no secret that the lovebirds tied the knot on August 3, 2013. Interestingly, Lauren invited her family members to her wedding, but they did not respond nor attend. It was two of her ex-church members & close friends who also escaped the WBC that stepped in to take her father’s role and give Lauren away on her big day.

Lauren with her husband, David

Going by Lauren and David’s social media accounts, it is safe to say they are head over heels in love and are truly settled in forever. The couple has no kids yet and it is uncertain if there are plans for any in the near future. The lovebirds continue to wax stronger together with no signs to the contrary.

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Other Interesting Facts about Lauren Drain

1. Lauren Drain has enviable physical features. The blonde-bombshell stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 56.7 – 61.2kg. Her other body measurements have not been disclosed.

2. Like most celebrities in this era, social media played a huge role in Lauren’s journey to fame. The nurse/author is very active on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Judging by her nearly 4 million Instagram followers, we can safely say Drain expresses herself better and sure knows how to connect with and please her fans via the photo-sharing app.

3. Lauren Drain is a fitness enthusiast. The blonde bombshell has got a killer physique which she does not hesitate to flaunt in bikinis. Thanks to her workout and nutrition plans, Lauren has been able to achieve the ideal body and also maintain a lean physique over the years.

4. Although Lauren never really set out to be a fitness model, however, all that changed after she made a decision to get fit a few years back. Lauren thus shared her workout tips and personal transformation online and has since become an inspiration to other fitness enthusiasts.

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