Lauren Cosgrove – Bio, Family & Facts About T. J. Oshie’s Wife

Becoming the life partner of a popular sportsman can either be the expression of honest true love or that of material pursuits such as wealth and fame. While a lot of sportsmen fall into the trap of women or men who are only interested in the latter, some still find partners who desire the former. In this regard, TJ Oshie has found love with his wife, Lauren Cosgrove.

Lauren Cosgrove got married to the hockey player in July 2015 and they have remained together ever since, raising their children and building a happy home together. In this article, we take a look at details about the life of one-half of one of the most admired couples in the National Hockey League. Read on to learn more.

Early Life

Lauren Cosgrove was born in Missouri on the 24th of October, 1990 to unknown parents who raised her in her birth state. Not much is known about her familial background with the exception of the fact she was born into a large family.

Following the completion of her high school, she attended the University of North Dakota where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in an unknown subject. Since graduation, Lauren Cosgrave hasn’t been known to have any professional history of her own but she has been a supportive wife to her husband, attending several of his games and other events.

While Lauren’s professional background has been a mystery, her husband TJ Oshie has had a long and documented career as a hockey player since college. Just like Lauren Cosgrove, he attended the University of North Dakota where he played college hockey over the course of three years, playing 126 games and registering 59 goals.

In the NHL, TJ Oshie, who is a winger, has made his name playing for The Washington Capitals where he has achieved a number of team and individual accolades, including winning the biggest trophy in the NHL, the Stanley Cup in 2018.

As an outstanding athlete, Lauren’s husband has recorded accolades such as being named in the All-WCHA Rookie Team, All-WCHA First Team and AHCA West First-Team All-American. Internationally, TJ Oshie has represented the United States at the highest level, competing in major competitions like the 2014 Winter Olympics, 2009 IIHF World Championship and the 2013 World Championships where he helped the team finish third.

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Family Life – TJ Oshie and His Children

Lauren Cosgrove
Lauren Cosgrove with her husband, TJ Oshie on their wedding day

A random coincidence brought TJ Oshie and Lauren Cosgrove together. Both of them were reportedly visiting their college friends in North Dakota when they met each other.

The first hellos soon grew into a fun conversation that eventually led to a first date and then a relationship. They dated for the next three years before they got engaged in February 2014 following an adorable proposal by TJ Oshie that saw him ask Cosgrove to marry him while they were both on their way to breakfast.

The engaged couple later became husband and wife in July 2015 after a wedding ceremony that was held in Minnesota. They have remained together ever since with no reported scandal or controversies, earning the title of one of the best couples in the NHL and perhaps, American sports as a whole.

Since Lauren Cosgrove and TJ Oshie got married, they have raised two children, two daughters Lyla Grace and Leni Rose who were born in March 2014 and June 2016 respectively. The family lives in a five-bedroom mansion in McLean, Washington.

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Other Facts About Her

1. Her daughter, Lyla Grace was born with a condition called gastroschisis, and as a result, went for surgery immediately after she was born at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Lyla spent three weeks in the hospital post-birth.

2. While some women might find it difficult to acclimatize with the world of hockey, Lauren Cosgrove has become one of the most popular hockey WAGs in the NHL. Not only has she fallen in love with the sport, but she has forged relationships with other notable partners of other hockey players in the league such as Deanna Abbey.

3. Lauren Cosgrove also has quite the social media presence, especially on Instagram via the account, @lauren.oshie where she has forged a reputation from posting several bikini pictures of herself, showing off her beautiful body.

4. Before her husband, TJ Oshie joined the Washington Capitals, he played for the St. Louis Blues for seven years. He also made his NHL debut for the Blues.

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