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Let’s be honest, there are several numbers of us who would love a chance to be famous TV personalities. Apart from fame, it is a relatively low-stress work that pays a lot. But while several million people desire to be TV stars, only a minority of people actually have the courage to pursue a career in TV and an even smaller minority actually gets to be famous. Lauren Bohlander is one of the few who has found fame through TV.

Lauren Bohlander’s fame comes from her appearance on shows like Garage Squad and Born Racer. The former being a hosting job on a show about car repairs and tune-ups. She is also equally famous for her relationship with Tony Kanaan, a car racer. You can learn more about Lauren Bohlander below as we dive deeper into the life and career of the television personality.

Lauren Bohlander’s Biography & Age

Lauren Bohlander was born on the 11th of January 1982 in Lincoln, Nebraska. She has managed to keep details such as her parents’ identity and her childhood life out of the media, and such as we cannot say if Lauren has siblings or not.

We do however know a bit more about her education, starting with the fact she completed her basic education at Lincoln High School and then obtained her higher education at DePauw University where she earned a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences.

Since she graduated college, Lauren Bohlander has worked across different broadcasting companies, including Fox Sports and NBC, Big Ten Network, ABC WXYZ Detroit, but we cannot say specifically when she began her career as a broadcaster. In fact, until she made her appearance on Garage Squad, Laureen existed outside the consciousness of the public.

Since she appeared on Garage Squad and subsequently left the show, however, there has been increased attention towards Lauren Bohlander’s career and the journey has seen her appear in a number of TV commercials, some TV shows such as St Vincent’s Hospital and Freedom in America. She has also appeared in a couple of music videos such as From Me, For You by John McLaughlin and she was a narrator for EFT: The Digital Horizon.

Perhaps the biggest role Lauren Bohlander has played since she left Garage Squad was returning to hosting duties for the Verizon Indy Car Series which include major races like the Indy 500. Other hosting duties also include Born Racer, which she featured in 2018 and Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report, which she hosted between 2013 and 2014, before Garage Squad.

Garage Squad Career

Garage Squad began on the Velocity Network in 2014 as a show designed to help car enthusiasts who are building their project cars finish their ideas with the help of expert mechanics. During the first season of the show, Lauren Bohlander was one of the show’s cohosts and starred on it for about nine episodes before she moved on.

There has been speculation regarding her reason for leaving the show, there hasn’t been a discernable reason for her exit from the show.

What Do We Know About His Personal Life?

Lauren Bohlander
Lauren Bohlander with husband, Tony Kanaan

We do not know the circumstances in which Lauren Bohlander and Tony Kanaan met each other, but they started in 2011. They dated for about two years before they took their love relationship to the altar on the 8th of March, 2013, in commitment to being with each other forever as husband and wife.

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Their wedding was held at Miami, Florida and in attendance were their family and friends. The marriage was Tony Kanaan’s second and so far, has produced two children – Deco, a boy who was born on the 31st of December 2014, another son, Max who was born in 2017 and a daughter was born in 2018.

He Is Worth An Impressive Sum

Lauren Bohlander has spent less than a decade in the entertainment industry as a television personality but she is already a millionaire. Through her appearances on multiple shows and a couple of films, Lauren has been able to amass a net worth that places her in the region of millionaires. Her wealth is also augmented by that of her husband who is estimated to be worth as much as $20 million.

Her husband is a notable racing driver who has competed in the Indy Series, including the Indianapolis 500 and the Indy Lights Series in 1994. He has been named one of the most popular drivers in the IndyCar Series.

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