Who is Laurel Coppock? How Did She Become Famous and Who Is Her Husband?

Very beautiful, talented, and smart, Laurel Coppock is a typical example of beauty with brains. She is known for her outstanding role in movies, as well as print adverts and commercials. In recent years, Laurel has particularly come to acquire a reputation as ‘Toyota Girl’ or ‘Toyota Lady’ for the quirky commercials she has been putting up for the Japanese auto company – such as the one where she has been appearing as ‘Jan’ since 2013.

She is also a member of The Main Company of Groundlings, a sketch comedy troupe based in Los Angeles and equally a co-creator of the YouTube series titled The Breakwomb. All these and more are clear instances showing how famous the American actress has become but how did the journey to fame start for her?

Laurel Coppock Before Fame

There is a basic secret to Laurel Coppock’s amazing performances: she comes from a family of entertainers. Her mother Susan Coppock is an actress and Broadway dancer while her sisters Selena and Emily Coppock are not left out. Selena is a notable comedian, as well as an actress while Emily Coppock is an art dealer.

The star actress was born in Weston Massachusetts, in the United States of America on August 22, 1970. She was also raised there alongside her sisters. While she was growing up, Laurel attended Weston High School and then, Colby College in Maine before she continued her studies at the Square Acting Conservatory in New York City.

Upon graduation, she relocated to Chicago where she studied and also featured in comedy shows at Second City. She later became a part of an international creative group based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (known as Boom Chicago) for about a year.

How She Rose to Become Famous

In due course, Laurel moved to Los Angeles where she kicked off her acting career. She made her Hollywood debut in the comedy series Food Chain and, later on, she played minor roles in a few episodes of ABC sitcom Modern Family and NBC’s series The Office.

Not quite long after she arrived at Los Angeles, Laura Coppock landed her first big role in the 2011 romantic comedy film Crazy, Stupid, Love, appearing as ‘Sophia’, alongside Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell. The film received wide acclaim and was able to bring Laurel into the limelight.

The amazing actress went on to star in Bryan Robbins’ Comedy Jam in 2012. She also played a recurring role in television series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hot in Cleveland, and Arrested Development among others.

As mentioned earlier, Laurel Coppock has become even more famous following her appearance in a trending Toyota advert commercial as ‘Jan’. Have a feel of her in this 2015 Christmas commercial for Toyota.

She has also featured in Toyota’s Science Project commercials. Of course, she is also a Groundlings star, as well as a co-founder of the YouTube channel The Breakwomb which have all contributed a good deal in helping us know Laurel today.

Meet Laurel Coppock’s Husband

laurel coppock
Laurel with her husband Bobby and sister Selena Coppock: Image source

The goal of every successful woman is to find a caring and supportive man who would love and cherish her forever. Laurel Coppock has got it all. In addition to her successful career, she also has a handsome and supportive husband by her side. The amazing actress is happily married to Bobby Mort who is an award-winning American writer, as well as an actor and producer.

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Laurel Coppock’s husband studied improv and sketch comedy in a performing arts school in Chicago. He was a part of The iO Theater Ensemble, an improv theater and training center based in Chicago. The iO Theater has been reputed as ‘the Mecca of improvisation’ for its unique antecedents in the genre. He also performed as a part of a lesser-known sketch trio Maximum Party Zone.

It was Bobby Mort who wrote the screenplay for the 2010 action drama film Circle of Pain and co-authored the storyline with the director of the film Daniel Zirilli. He also wrote the screenplay for the 2010 crime thriller Beatdown and has written and produced several TV shows, as well as films such as Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report where he won an Emmy for a good job. He is also one of the executive producers for the Audience Network’s comedy series Loudermilk which has been running since 2017.

The couple met each other several years ago and has always kept their relationship away from the media, though they have appeared on different red carpet events. Despite the secret nature of their relationship, the love between them has been blossoming for so many years and they have a son whose name has not been disclosed.

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What Is The Secret of That ‘Perfect’ Body Shape?

No one can reasonably doubt that Laurel Coppock’s looks have played a major role in her eventual rise to stardom. She stands at a height of 5 feet, 6 inches and has a listed weight of 58kg. Her bust-waist-hip measure 32-24-34 respectively and she has a pair of what many commentators have referred to as ‘perfect legs’. Other sources refer to her as having a ‘perfect body shape’.

To go with her natural bodily endowments, the beautiful actress knows how to bear herself with grace. She often carries curly blonde hair made to look very tidy. Coupled with her adorable pair of blue eyes, it’s little wonder why a company like Toyota won’t let her go.

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Even after being pregnant and giving birth to her baby, her shape bounced back so fast. We found she wears a corset to flatten her stomach. She did this after giving birth to her baby, wearing a double corset day and night to help her return to shape fast. In terms of diet, the actress eats lots of alkaline diets like nuts, legumes, roots, fresh vegetables and fruits. The actress also has a habit of indulging in light exercises from time to time. You can catch her at a gym sometimes.

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