Laura San Giacomo, Matt Adler’s Wife – Bio and Best TV Appearances

From NCIS to Saving Grace, and Pretty Woman, Laura San Giacomo has graced a number of films and TV Shows, more than enough times to be recognized as a successful actress in the vast machine that is the American Entertainment Industry. Her career has seen her work alongside famous names like Julia Roberts and David Spade.

She has been in the industry as a professional actress since 1987 and in that time, she has starred in multiple productions across film, television, and theatre. Her work has spanned across several popular projects as listed above. In this article, we take a closer look at her life and her career. Read on to learn more.

Laura San Giacomo – Biography

Being an actress is often times, a journey of a lifetime and that life began for Laura San Giacomo on the 14th of November, 1962. When she was born to MaryJo and John San Giacomo; one wonders if they knew their daughter would one day be starring in some of the biggest and most popular shows on television. Regardless of their expectations, they equipped Laura with the tools to achieve her dreams while they raised her.

For her high school education, Laura attended Morris Knolls High School. Having fallen in love with acting as a high school student, she sought to make a profession of it and enrolled at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama where she bagged a degree in Fine Arts with a focus on Acting.

Following graduation from Carnegie, Laura San Giacomo headed to New York where all the great actors and actresses have begun their career. She started out as a stage actress, performing in various plays, from popular ones like Shakespearean plays to freshly crafted plays. With each performance, Laura further imprinted herself on directors and fellow actors as a formidable actress.

She continued to work in theater for about three years before she made her onscreen debut in 1987, where she has worked most prominently ever since.

Outside of acting, Laura San Giacomo is a big philanthropist who has dedicated her time and resources to a number of charities and organizations. She is also the proprietress of an elementary school in California, CHIME Charter Elementary School.

Movies And TV Shows

She may not be one of the most prominent names in the acting industry but she has been around for a while and in that period, she has starred in several films and TV shows, beginning from her debut appearance in All My Children in 1987, where she starred in an episode as Luisa. In the same year, she also appeared as Sharon in an episode of Spenser: For Hire.

In the following year, Laura San Giacomo continued her slow beginning as an actress by making another appearance in a TV show and starring in her first feature-length film, Miles from Home as Sandy. She continued her ascent as a professional actress in other shows like The Equalizer and Miami Vice.

One of her more prominent roles came in 1989 when she starred as Cynthia in Sex, Lies, and Videotape. She then followed the major appearance with another appearance in the popular film, Pretty Woman in 1990 as Kit De Luca. Over time, she has continued to star in several TV shows and Films, accruing an impressive number of credits over the length of her career.

More recently, she has starred in shows and films like NCIS, Animal Kingdom, Full Circle, Honey Boy, The Meddler, and a couple more. Her performances have also earned her a few awards and nominations, including Golden Globe nominations and a BAFTA Award.

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Who Is Her Husband – Matt Adler?

Laura San Giacomo
Laura with her husband, Matt Adler

Like several of her peers, Laura San Giacomo has had multiple marriages. Her first crack at marriage was with Cameron Dye, they were together for eight years during which time she had her solitary child – Mason Dye, who was born in November 1995.

However, unlike a majority of her peers, she has found a lasting relationship on her second try with Matt Adler, getting married to the actor in 2000. They have remained together ever since, lasting twice as long as her first marriage.

Those who might not be familiar with her husband, Matt Adler can hear his voice in films like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, having worked in the industry prominently as a voice actor.

Like Laura, Matt Adler was also previously married to another woman, an actress named Ria Pavia for two years between 1993 and 1995.

Laura San Giacomo and Matt Adler currently reside in the San Fernando Valley in California.

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