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When it comes to leaving a mark or a legacy in acting, one of the best ways to achieve that it is to appear in some of the iconic films of one’s generation, and when it comes to that, Laura Mennell can boast of having credits in some of the top films that have been produced in the past two decades.

Since the Canadian actress made her debut in 1998, in the television movie, I’ve Been Waiting For You, playing the character, Sarah Lancaster, she has gone on to star in several iconic projects that include Watchmen, Fringe, Van Helsing, and The Man in the High Castle among others.

In this article, we take a deeper look at her background, her career journey and everything you need to know about Laura Mennell.

Laura Mennell Biography

Laura Mennell is a Canadian born actress who was born on the 18th of April, 1980. She was born in Surrey, British Columbia to parents whose identities are so far, unknown. We do, however, know that she is of British, Irish, French and Scottish ancestry, suggesting diversity in the identity of her parents.

We do not have the details of Laura Mennell’s education history but we know that her love for acting began in high school, which she self describes as her being a “major theatre geek”. Considering she made her debut as a professional actress at the age of 18, it is difficult to say if Laura Mennell attended college with the evidence suggesting she did not.

Regardless, she has managed to build a long and successful career spanning over 20 years in the film industry.

All You Need To Know About Laura Mennell

Movies and TV Shows

When you venture into a highly competitive career like Acting, particularly in Hollywood, it is important to be equipped with talent, good working relationship, and beauty. Laura Mennell is a combination of all three qualities and it has helped her achieve over 60 credits in her name across movies and TV shows. She has also recorded credits in stage plays.

The journey to her success as an actress began in 1998 with I’ve Been Waiting For You. In the following year, she starred in two shows, Millennium and Stargate SG-1, which would be her first appearance in the Stargate franchise. At the start of the new millennium, she appeared in shows like Scorn, Special Unit 2, Cold Squad, and the film Thir13en Ghosts.

Over time, Laura Mennell has maintained a very busy career, weaving in and out of work for films and television shows, gaining experience and reputation that got her to star in one of the top films of the first decade of the new millennium, Watchmen. In the film, she played the character, Janey Slater.

She has gone on to star in Supernatural, Smallville, and one of the shows she is most prominent for, Alphas, where she played as the character, Nina Theroux. Other shows where Laura Mennell has appeared in major capacities include Haven, Motive, Van Helsing, The Man in the High Castle, and most recently, Project Blue Book.

Laura Mennell in Project Blue Book TCA Panel 2018
Laura Mennell in Project Blue Book TCA Panel 2018

On stage, Laura Mennell has played a part in Tear The Curtain! in collaboration with The Electric Company.

What is Her Net Worth?

Laura Mennell long career in the film industry has helped her to a modest net worth of $7 million. The accumulation of salaries in over 60 films and TV shows, along with the commercial success of some of her projects are responsible for the sizeable net worth.

Personal Life

One thing is for sure, Laura Mennell is no stranger to the workings of Hollywood and the life of a celebrity. This can explain why there is very little available information about her personal life. The actress has no information regarding the existence of a boyfriend, which has led several tabloids to presume she is a single woman. We, however, know that she is definitely not married.

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However, her social media pages have given clues to the existence of a boyfriend but so far, no confirmation has been made of this or his identity.

How Tall is She?

We mentioned earlier how beauty is an important factor in determining a long career in Hollywood. Laura Mennell, who is also one of the best-dressed women in the industry has the advantage of a height of 5 feet 9 inches, with a slim physique that is complemented with an oval-shaped face, black glossy wavy hair and brown eyes.

Other Interesting Facts To Know About Laura Mennell

  1. The actress is a vegetarian.
  2. Laura Mennell has played a lot of science fiction roles in both film and television.
  3. She is very fluent in French.
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