Laura Lux – Bio, Family Life and Achievements of The Australian DJ, Model and Social Media Star

Talk about a soothing combination of incredible beauty and stunning talent and one face that will pop up in the equation will be that of Laura Lux. Industrious, gorgeous, and dexterous, Laura Lux is a social media star, model, and disc jockey (DJ) who has become a huge internet sensation following years of hard work to promote herself online. She is now known for her dexterity as a DJ as well as for her mouthwatering beauty which she never fails to display in the different photos she shares on her social media pages.

Over the years, she has built her social media following to enviable heights and is highly admired for her outspokenness especially when it comes to matters regarding racism, molestation, and sexual abuse. She is also known for the unique hair she wears which is usually made of different colors. We have dug up some facts about the social media star for your reading pleasure and we hope you’ll find it interesting

Who Exactly is Laura Lux?

Laura Lux was born on the 23rd day of August 1988. The talented DJ has her place of birth recorded as Adelaide, a popular city in Australia where she also grew up under the watch of her parents. Laura was reportedly a very active girl growing up and took part in different public activities including sports.

Very little is known about how Laura spent her early days or where she had her education. It is believed that she had some form of formal education while growing up in Australia but the exact institutions of learning where she went to school remain vague at the moment. Also, the level she attained in education is not known

Background and Family Life of the Social Media Star

The identities of Laura Lux’s parents remain unknown as the model cum internet star has done a good work of keeping them shrouded. However, it is common knowledge that she came from a middle-class Australian family where she is the only female child and the second of three children. She spent her formative years in Adelaide with her two brothers.

One of her brothers has been identified as Mark Sellar who happens to be a property developer. Laura’s brother is best known for being the winner of the Seven’s television show The Big Adventure. Mark is married to Mel whom Laura is close to. She is yet to name her second brother. The disc jockey is very fond of her family and often shows them off on social media.

Laura Lux is yet to get a family of her own as she has remained single to date, besides, she seems to be the type that keeps their relationship details under lock and key. The only hint we have had on her love life came from a verbose tweet dated 19th of September 2010 when she talked about going on a dinner date with her boyfriend. However, she omitted to share names or photos.

Four years down the line in January 2014, Laura Lux again took to Twitter to talk about having a BF but also wrote that she didn’t need any at the moment. Later in 2015, the boyfriend issue popped up on her tweet and she was just talking about wanting one who would feed and hug her, but be away most of the time. So far, the internet sensation is single and seems to be enjoying it.

What We Know About Her Career Achievements and Major Works

Laura Lux’s adventure on social media started in 2010 when she joined MySpace, a popular social networking website, and started posting her photos. Being a photogenic and sexy lady, her photos quickly began to gain some attention. She then started to spread her influence to other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook through picture and content sharing gigs with fans.

  • Instagram followers: 1,800,000
  • Twitter: 54,0000
  • Facebook Fans: 32,093 followers
  • Twitch Followers: 36.1K

She Grew to Become a Social media Sensation

The DJ and social media sensation launched several Instagram accounts under different monikers such as, “luxvader”, “djlauralux”, and “darthlux” which is in fact her main account as well as the earliest. darthlux currently has 347 posts with 1.8 million followers.

Darthlux’ wasted no time in garnering tremendous attention thanks to the kind of pictures Laura shares there; mostly, she is seen in body-revealing clothes. This attracted many people especially her male fans. In fact, the account now has nearly 2 million followers. However, her other accounts like ‘djlauralux’ (with 30 posts) and ‘luxvader’ (with 896 posts and 108k followers) are also buzzing with life.

Laura has Gained Popularity as a Disc Jockey

Laura Lux
Laura Lux and Steve-O, an actor and stunt performer.

With millions of people now paying attention, Laura Lux decided to take her career to a completely new level, branching out as a Disc Jockey in 2011. As her music and mixes made it online, her existing popularity continued to soar in the years that followed. Laura played as a DJ for a while in Australia with performances at the popular HQ Nightclub. She also performed in Melbourne and Adelaide before the cravings for a career outside the shores of her home country set in.

Her cravings for a well-travelled life took her to the USA where she settled in Los Angeles, working in gay clubs as a DJ. Lux’s work as a DJ has taken her to different places around the world including Auckland, Amsterdam, Darwin, Las Vegas, Berlin, and other places on tour with other prominent musical figures.

The highlights of her career achievements include collaborations with big names in the industry like Tigerlily and Yo Gotti, besides, Monster Energy hired her services as its official DJ for their Motocross Tour. The fourth of March 2016 saw the launch of Laura Lux’s mix series Vodkast which has played over 100k times and is available on SoundCloud.

Her Modelling Career

Laura Lux’s multi-faceted career also includes modelling. The disc jockey promotes herself as a model, participating in several photoshoots. She has graced top magazines like “Monster Energy Girls”, “Girls of Zoo” and more.

Her Instagram account and her profile on Patreon were created solely to attract more attention to her personality. Lux regularly uploads her explicit pictures on social media and has recorded a lot of commercial contracts with popular companies and brands.

She is an Avid Gamer

Apart from her work as a DJ as well as her social media star activities, Laura Lux is also an avid gamer. In fact, in November 2016, she set up an account on Twitch, a live streaming video where she live-streams her gaming sessions. She is known to play first-person shooter games, as well as survival horror, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and RPG games. She may not be that skillful a gamer, but thanks to her striking looks, the Australian model attracts new followers and subscribers daily, especially the men.

She was into Adult Entertainment

Though she has long disappeared from the scene of adult movies, Laura Lux was an active player in the adult entertainment industry and went by the name Ashlee Adams during her time there. Some videos and photos of the social media personality without any clothes are splashed around the internet under the name of Ashlee Adams.

Her Hobbies and Other Interesting Facts
  • With respect to food, Laura has some favourites like pineapple pizza, sushi, and tacos.
  • Though hard to believe, Lux’s favourite music style is country music
  • She is an activist for the LGBT community, often participating in several gay events like their pride parade, and also has many gay friends.
  • Travelling is her major passion. She enjoys her DJ work as it takes her around the world regularly.
  • Tulum is her favourite beach.

Laura Is Growing in Fortune as well as Fame

Apparently, Laura Lux has been able to rake in quite a lot of money over the years considering the kind of work she has put into her DJ craft and her work as a model. She has worked with top names in the music industry and has toured different countries to play as a DJ and it is expected that she has been able to enrich herself from these ventures.

At this moment, Laura Lux’s exact net worth is still under review. There are publications that have gone ahead to peg her worth at about $500,000 which may not be far off the mark, However, we are rather skeptical about going with this figure as it is yet to be confirmed.

Profile Summary

Date of Birth: 34 years old

Nationality: Australian

Sun Sign: Leo

Also Known As Ashlee Adams

Country of Birth: Australia

Place of Birth: Adelaide, Australia

Known for Being: Instagram Star, DJ

Height: 5’8″ (173 cm), 5’8″ Females

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