Meet Laura Louie, Woody Harrelson’s Wife Who Saved Their Marriage

While there are many reasons to marry a famous person, the invasion of your personal life is not one of them. But, this is not something one can altogether avoid. It is a problem anyone romantically involved with a celebrity has to deal with. Many non-celebrity spouses can testify to the pressure and stress that comes with being married to their famous husbands or wives. One we know sure can, is Woody Harrelson’s wife, Laura Louie.

Laura Louie married Woody Harrelson, the War for the Planet of the Apes’ star and consequently had to deal with both the glamorous aspect of fame and the ones less so. However, we assume that being together for over 20 years gives you some insight into how to manage the undesirable part.

Laura Louie’s Twist of Fate

But for a twist of fate and the power of love, Laura Louie may have lived her life entirely outside the realm of media attention. She would have worked on the set of several television productions and later go on to raise enough money to start a business of her own, all without the attention that comes from being the wife of an A-list actor. However, things didn’t work out that way for her.

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Born in 1965, in the United States of America, she worked as an assistant on movie/television production set after she finished schooling. It was during her time as an assistant on the sitcom Cheers that she met her long-term lover-turned-husband, Woody Harrelson. While there is little to zero information regarding the background of Laura Louie, her physical appearance suggests she is of Asian descent.

Her life has been defined mainly by her relationship with the actor since she became known as the girlfriend and later, the wife of Woody Harrelson. Nonetheless, Laura Louis has gone on to register a few achievements of her own, including becoming the co-founder of a food delivery service named Yoganics.

The company is an extension of the lifestyle of Laura and her husband, who both share a passion for green initiatives to combat global warming and encourage healthy living.

The Scandal that Almost Broke Them Apart

Laura Louie
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When she met Woody Harrelson in 1987, she probably did not know she would end up in a relationship with the actor. They fell in love and began dating two years after they met on the set of Cheers.

Louie and Harrelson began what would become one of the longest courtships in Hollywood in 1989. Their relationship was going relatively smooth until a massive scandal made the news with the potential of rocking their union. Woody Harrelson let himself go a little too much on a wild night, and was caught on camera while at it.

Before we proceed, worthy of note is the fact that this took place in 2002. By this time, Laura Louie and her then-boyfriend Woody Harrelson had already been dating for thirteen years.

On the fateful night at a bar in London, the award-winning actor had had one too many drinks and lost his usual inhibitions. For a face that has been a familiar fixture on screen for as long as he has, some of the ladies recognized him. Two beautiful women approached Laura Louie’s sweetheart for a fun night, and the drunken actor agreed.

The ladies’ exact offer was for them to “take a walk on the wild side,” and they were joined in the car by another one. Together, they went to the room reserved for Woody Harrelson and began the main events of what the actor would later describe as the worst night of his life.

To cut a long story short, Harrelson Woody was caught inside multiple women on camera. It turns out one of the three women he had sex with was a paparazzi, and she somehow managed to get it on tape.

The video was never released, but Harrelson said he realized he was busted when his three companions left the room together. For fear of losing what he had been building with Laura Louie for 13 years, Woody Harrelson thought it best to keep this vital information to himself. Unfortunately, his worst fear came to pass, and news of his group sex was all over the internet in no time.

How Their Union was Saved

Laura Louie
Laura and Louie have built a beautiful family: image source

It was a scandal that was big enough to obliterate everything the couple had been building since 1989. However, to the surprise of many, Laura chose empathy. A confirmed cheating scandal with not one but three other ladies would have had most women packing their bags, but not Laura Louise.

She must have been hurt, but rather than focus on her feelings; she decided to reach out to her husband. It takes true love and a strong woman to realize how hard that level of exposure must have been on her husband, and Louie was one such woman.

If Woody Harrelson needed any more sign to prove that Laura Louie was the love of his life, that was it. The couple worked on their relationship, and the next news from them was four years later when their third baby girl was born.

Their Unconventional Wedding and Family Life As a Couple

The two got married six years later, in 2008. Their wedding was a minimal affair for their financial status. But it fits right into their eco-friendly way of life. The total cost of the whole even was apparently under $500.

The very intimate ceremony was held in their Maui home with only family and some close friends of the couple like Owen Wilson, Sean Penn, and Willie Nelson in attendance. The Canadian-singer Alanis Morissette was also present, and her signature voice was exactly right for the theme of the wedding.

The Harrelsons had their third child, Makani Ravello Harrelson, in June 2006. Before then, they had given birth to their first two children, Deni Montana and Zoe Giordano Harrelson. They were born in March 1994 and September 1996, respectively.

Together, the family, with their two dogs and cats, live in a small community located in Maui, Hawaii.

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