Who Is Laura Gallacher? Facts You Didn’t Know About Russell Brand’s Wife

Russell Brand is already an established name in the entertainment world. The 43-year-old is well known as a stand-up comedian of English extraction. In August 2017, he wedded a relatively unknown damsel named Laura Gallacher and since then, mouths have been wagging about who the lady is.

In this short piece, you will get to know who Laura Gallacher is. Not only that, you will get acquainted with lesser known facts about her. For instance, what are the qualities in her that caught the attention of Russell?

Laura Gallacher Biography

Laura Gallacher was born on June 28, 1987. Her father is the well known Scottish professional golfer, Bernard Gallacher, who is a member of the highly revered Order of the British Empire (OBE). Her mother appears to not be as famous as her father although her name is Lesley Gallacher. She has two sisters; Kirsty and Jamie.

Until May 2018, Kirsty was a sports presenter with Sky Sports. They were all raised in the high-brow neighborhood of Wentworth Estate in Surry, England. They were once neighbors with well-known comedian and actor Sir Bruce Forsyth. The great English composer, singer and pianist Elton John also once lived there.

1. Laura Gallacher Was A Former Restaurant Worker

It is well reported that, as a restaurant worker, Laura Gallacher was directly involved in the establishment of a highly prestigious restaurant for The Soho House. The name of the restaurant in question is Electric Dinner. Electric Dinner is located on Notting Hill, Portobello Road, London. The restaurant provides exotic dishes. According to their website, they provide “French-flavoured American diner with an all-day menu”.

We have focused substantially on a restaurant Laura Gallacher helped to establish. Now, what about the restaurant she worked for? Well, we may not be absolutely sure, but there are indications that it is Moral Fox Restaurant on Talbot Road, London. Why do we so suspect? She often tweets about the Moral Fox Restaurant.

2. She Is A Very Creative Person

We suspect this is one of the major traits that got Russell Brand hooked to Laura Gallacher; her excellently creative mind that she makes no hullabaloo about. However, we were able to unearth just one fact that easily gives her out on this. We discovered she owns a unique brand of dungaree called ‘The Joy Journal’. Just browsing through the ‘About’ page of ‘The Joy Journal’ website reveals to you what an excellent mind that sits inside Gallacher.

On the ‘About’ page being cited here, Laura tells of how the idea for ‘The Joy Journal’ came. It came while she was pregnant, most probably for her first daughter Mabel. She was getting sick just to stay idle. So, she taught about what to use to keep herself busy. She then began to paint any and every sight that presented itself. The next step was to make hand crafts. Next, she taught that it would be nice to make herself an over-all to really look like a worker. That she did. And she loved what her own hands had made. Next, it was the birthday of a good friend of hers and she taught of what unique gift to present to her. The idea of making her an over-all personalized with her name clicked. She did that. She presented it to her friend who loved it as well as the other guests.

Thus, people began to ask to have one of such made for them. The orders had started rolling in and Laura Gallacher seized the opportunity to roll out ‘The Joy Journals’ and the sales have never gone down since then.

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3. Laura Gallacher And Russell Brand Share The Same Birth Month But Twelve Years Apart

Laura Gallacher russell brand
Laura Gallacher and her husband Russell Brand: Image source.

Yes, that’s just it. Laura is twelve years younger than her husband Russell. While the comedian was born on June 4, 1975, Laura was born on June 28, 1987. Just the same month but a huge difference in years.

We hope their marriage lasts for them to prove naysayers wrong. Some people are not quite optimistic about the marriage surviving long years. These naysayers think the huge difference in years between the couple will hamper mutual understanding between them, causing unnecessary strain. But then, life is larger than logic and so, we urge the couple to endeavor to prove naysayers wrong in this contrived pessimism.

Chinedu Nweke
Chinedu Nweke
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