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If you are an outsider taking a look at a random roster of programs of an American television network, you are more than likely to find several shows that might seem strange and nonsensical. While it would be fair reasoning, the diversity in content that represents the interests of over 300 million people living in the country has both been an entertainment and economic achievement. One of these many shows is Storage Wars, an auctioneering show helmed by Laura Dotson.

If you happen to come across an episode of Storage Wars and you are wondering who the auctioneering lady on the show is, you are most likely wondering about Laura Dotson who has been in the auctioneering business for over three decades and has built a successful business with her husband, Dan Dotson.

Laura Dotson Biography 

Laura Dotson was born Laura Christine Payton on the 13th of May, 1968. Nothing is known of her parents or the existence of siblings and her childhood in general. She is only known to have been born in Thousand Oaks, California where she was equally raised.

As for education, there is also very little to report about the famed auctioneer seeing as she has kept that part of her life private. Following what we presume to be the completion of her studies, she went into the auctioneering business in 1988.

Regarding the beginning of her career in the auctioneering, it is believed that Laura Dotson worked in the industry before she met Dan Dotson, who would later become her future husband in 1996. At the time, Dan had already established his auctioneering company, American Auctioneers which engaged in various auctioneering services like legal or foreclosure auctions, the sale of storage units and many more auctioneering related services.

The amalgamation of Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson as business partners was the shot in the arm the business needed, which took American Auctioneers from a low-level auctioneering company to the leading company in America.

American Auctioneers grew from an average of three hundred auctions a year to over three thousand, a figure that ultimately made it a multi-millionaire dollar operation. The company has been maintaining an average of two auctions a day every day throughout the year for decades. The popularity and growth of the business have been recognized across a variety of talk shows in America like Anderson Live and Fox and Friends.

This popularity was eventually leveraged upon when in conjunction with Thom Beers, they developed their own reality television show, Storage Wars. They began to appear on the show in December 2010 and have remained on the show till date. In promotion of the show and some of the interesting discoveries made in some of their storage units, Laura Dotson has appeared in programs like Home & Family, Happening Now, Hot in Cleveland, and a couple more.

Storage Wars starring Laura Dotson and her husband has been on the air for over 12 seasons and they have appeared in over 259 episodes. On the show, Laura and her husband often switch roles between the ringman and auctioneer.

Details of Husband and Child

Laura Dotson
Laura Dotson with her husband, Dan

A cursory look at the life of Laura Dotson shows that she is living the American Dream. She runs a successful private business, has a good marital life, and is mildly famous. On the home front, she has been married to Dan Dotson since 26th August 2000. The couple met in 1996, during which time they developed an affection for each other and headed for the altar in total commitment to each other.

Their relationship, more than a successful auctioneering business and a television show has produced a child, a boy whose name and date of birth is unknown.

How Much Is She Worth?

Laura Dotson and her husband once sold a storage unit that had $7.5 million in it. Whilst the money was not for them nor could they keep it for themselves, it was a show of the quality of properties in their possession which has, in turn, made them one of the leading names in the storage and auctioning business. Since Laura began her professional life as an auctioneer, she has been able to accrue a net worth of $4.5 million.

Other Facts About Laura Dotson

1. Laura Dotson is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has blonde hair and a curvaceous, buxom figure.

2. She and one of Storage Wars cast member, Darrell Sheets share the same birthday.

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