Biography of Lance Armstrong – Net Worth, Wife and Children

Age/Date of Birth:
September 18, 1971
5 ft 9.5 in or 176.5 cm
Wife or Girlfriend:Anna Hansen (July 2008-Present)
Parents:Eddie Charles Gunderson and
Net Worth:$50 million

Lance Armstrong is an American retired/banned professional road racing cyclist, philanthropist, author, and public speaker. At the peak of his sporting career, Armstrong had his net worth upwards of $125 million. However, following his widely publicized and hugely disgraceful doping scandal, Lance Armstrong has consequentially lost millions, bringing his current net worth to an estimated $50 million. Here’s more on the rise and fall of the “former” seven-time Tour de France champion.

Lance Armstrong’s Early Life: How He Started

Lance Edward Armstrong was born on September 18, 1971, in Plano, Texas. Armstrong showed athleticism at the early age of 10 when he began participating in competitive sports. At the age of 13, he became a triathlon, competing in swimming, cycling, and distance running. Throughout his teens, he continued as a professional triathlon and emerged twice as the national sprint-course champion.

However, of the three, Armstrong chose to focus on cycling, which proved to be his forte. Eventually, the athlete who stands at 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m) high joined the Motorola Cycling Team in 1992, marking the beginning of his professional cycling career.

Cycling Success And Cancer Scare

Armstrong started his professional career on a strong foot getting his breakthrough victory in 1993 at the World Road Race Championship in Norway. He continued with a handful of stage victories in Europe, and two Tour DuPont victories in 1995 and 1996, among others.

However, in 1996, Armstrong’s blooming career was threatened by cancer. The 25-year-old was diagnosed with testicular cancer with a 70% survival chance, which was later reduced to 40% after traces of the disease were found in other organs, including the brain, abdomen, and lungs.

Fortunately, the cancer scare turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After defeating the life-threatening disease, Armstrong began penning books and giving inspirational speeches on his survival. He also founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation (Now Livestrong Foundation) in 1997 to help other cancer survivors. Thanks to cancer survival, Armstrong’s star status skyrocketed, opening the door to numerous endorsement partners.

Lance Armstrong

His Comeback and Continuous Success

Armstrong returned to professional cycling in September 1998 and signed a new racing contract with the US Postal Service team. He won his first Tour de France in 1999 (becoming the second American to win the title) and went on to win the title for a record 7 consecutive years until 2005. After the 2005 Tour de France competition, Lance exited racing.

A few years later, in 2009, he returned to competitive cycling and was signed to the Astana team. He participated in the 2009 Tour de France but finished in third position. In the years that followed, Lance raced with Team Radio Shack, a UCI ProTeam, which he helped to form. However, after the 2011 season, he retired for a second time amid a US federal investigation into doping allegations.

During his career, the cyclist won the following major professional titles:
  • Tour de France (1993, 1995)
  • Tour de Luxembourg (1998)
  • La Flèche Wallonne (1996)
  • Tour DuPont (1995, 1996)
  • World Road Race Championships (1993)
  • National Road Race Championships (1993)
  • Clásica de San Sebastián (1995)
  • Trofeo Laigueglia (1993)

Career Earnings and Breakdown of His $50 Million Net Worth

At the peak of his career, Lance Armstrong became a regular on the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes with annual earnings between $20 and $30 million. He also posted a net worth of about $125 million. However, he lost so much of his wealth following his run-ins with the law and court settlements. Thanks to his Uber Investment, the star cyclist still stands on his feet. His net worth is currently placed at $50 million.

He bolstered his salary and prize money with income from book sales, as well as speaking fees and endorsement bonuses. His major endorsement partners included Nike, SCA Promotions, Radio Shack, Trek Bicycle Corp., Anheuser-Busch, Oakley, FRS, and Honey Stinger.

Lance Armstrong

As a result of the compounding doping allegations, Armstrong was forced to retire twice, first in 2005 and after returning in 2009 retired again in 2011. Even after retiring, Armstrong earned $15 million in 2011 from endorsement deals alone. Throughout his active career, he earned about $218 million, out of which about $180 million came from endorsements and speaking engagements.

Key Takeaways
  • Lance Armstrong’s net worth is currently placed at $50 million
  • At the peak of his career, Armstrong posted a net worth of about $125 million
  • His annual earnings were between $20 and $30 million at the time
  • In 2011, he earned a total of $15 million from endorsements
  • Armstrong finally retired from competitive racing in 2011
  • Throughout his active career, he earned about $218 million, out of which about $180 million came from endorsements and speaking engagements.
  • Lance Armstrong made a $100,000 investment in Uber when the company was worth $3.7 million, and today, Uber now has a market value of over $52.3 billion, according to Forbes.
  • According to Bloomberg, Lance’s Uber investment is currently worth at most $30 million and Armstrong admitted the Uber Investment saved his family.
  • Lance lost as much as $75 million from endorsement partners within a few years.
  • The cyclist also paid US Postal $5 million in the settlement

Effects of the Doping Scandal on His Net Worth

Armstrong’s doping allegations, which began in 1999 shortly after he won his first Tour de France title, ensued several lawsuits and counter lawsuits. Armstrong strongly denied all allegations. However, in 2012 a US Anti-Doping Agency finally found him guilty and stripped him of all 7 Tour de France titles. The cyclist also received a lifetime ban on all sporting activities.

The hearts of millions of fans were left shattered. The record-breaking, cancer surviving hero to millions had fallen! Armstrong was labeled the biggest cheater in sporting history, after earning over $218 million from cycling. He finally admitted to wrongdoing on the Oprah Winfrey show, in January 2013. As a result, all of his endorsement partners dropped him.

Some of his endorsing companies also requested a refund, they include SCA Promotions, which paid him $10 million in bonuses, from 2002 to 2004; and Acceptance Insurance Company (AIC), which paid him $3 million, from 1999 – 2001. However, Lance Armstrong settled both parties for an undisclosed amount.

Others include Sunday Times; Lance before the “doping disgrace” filed a lawsuit and received damages payment from the British paper after it published that the cyclist had been on drugs. Lance lost as much as $75 million from endorsement partners within a few years.

The direst of the doping fiasco is the case with his former team sponsor US Postal with teammate Floyd Landis serving as the whistleblower. The US Postal as represented by the Federal Government claims it suffered damages as a result of his doping scandal, and thus requests $100 million in triple damages under the False Claims Act. Armstrong, on the other hand, argues that US Postal benefited hundreds of millions from the publicity his wins brought to them. However, the cyclist later paid US Postal $5 million in the settlement.

Livestrong Foundation

On the flip side, at least Lance used his fame to the benefit of others. His Livestrong Foundation has raised about $500 million to help over 2 million cancer survivors. Armstrong himself is the organization’s largest private donor giving about $7 million. In collaboration with Nike, he sold over 70 million yellow Livestrong bracelets with all proceeds donated to the charity. He was ousted from the organization after the doping confirmation. Maybe Armstrong would turn his focus to his Juan Pelota Cafe, a coffee shop he owns in downtown Austin, Texas. Armstrong also owns a home and a ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

Armstrong’s Net Worth Compared to Best Cyclists in the World

Considering Lance Armstrong’s doping allegation, the rider lost a large chunk of his fortune after he admitted to it. However, that didn’t stop him from being among the top road cycling earners of all time. While the world has witnessed an influx of young and talented cyclists who are currently making waves in road racing cycling, Lance, despite having retired since 2011, earned more than so of them.

Some of the world’s highest-earning cyclists include Peter Sagan, a three-time world champion; Chris Froome, a four-time Tour de France winner; Geraint Thomas, who has won great medals in various competitions; Julian Alaphilippe and Nairo Quintana, to mention a few. Below is a table showing Lance’s net worth compared to other world’s top cyclists. It also contains a Greg LeMond who is a two-time winner of the Tour de France.

Name Estimated Net Worth
Lance Armstrong $50 million
Greg LeMond $40 million
Peter Sagan $30 million
Chris Froome $12 million
Vincenzo Nibali $6 million
Nairo Quintana $4 million
Alejandro Valverde $3.8 million
Geraint Thomas $1.8 million (£800,000)
Julian Alaphilippe $1 million

Lance Armstrong was Previously Married to Kristin Richard

Lance Armstrong has been in relationships with many beautiful women almost like one of the medals he collects from time to time. However, among those he dated, Kristin Richard was the one he walked down the aisle with. The duo met for the first time in 1997 when the Tour de France champion completed his chemotherapy for testicular cancer, a disease he was diagnosed with in 1996.

At the time, Kristin was working as an advertising ad public relations officer in Texas. Even though they started as just friends, things later took a positive turn, and the gorgeous couple fell in love. As a result, Kristin also decided to quit her job, sold her car, and moved out of her apartment, and went to France to support Lance’s career.

A few months into their relationship, the cycling champ popped the big question with an expensive diamond ring in California, and Kristin said YES!. They sealed their love with a nuptial vow in May 1998, and their wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California.

Lance Armstrong
Lance and Kristin on their wedding day

The Couple Went Their Separate Ways in 2003

After their wedding, Kristin became a full-time housewife, raising their children in the French Riviera, while her husband, Lance, was busy redefining the world of professional cycling with his achievements. Just when it seemed Lance and Kristin are on a long journey to living happily ever after, news broke that they are going their separate ways in 2003.

The news of their divorce flooded the news barely five years after they tied the knot. According to a report, Kristin said she lost her independence after her marriage. She used to be an opinionated woman but slowly eroded as they succumbed to pleasing others rather than pleasing themselves.

Also, according to an article she wrote for Glamour magazine, Kristin talked about feeling like a person she didn’t recognize – someone so different from who she was when she first met Lance. The couple tried all they could to be perfect, but all to no avail; hence, their divorce. Their divorce process was finalized in 2003, and the duo was given equal custody of their children.

Since their divorce, Lance has gone to be in other relationships while Kristin slowly went under the radar. The mother of three said it was her faith in God that helped her get through the effects of the divorce. She later found herself and followed her passion, thus becoming an author. Kristin wrote a book about her experience with divorce titled Happily Ever After: Walking with Peace and Courage Through a Year of Divorce, to help others through the process.

They Had Three Children

Over the course of their union, Lance Armstrong and his beautiful wife, Kristin had three adorable children, a boy, and twin daughters. Kristin’s pregnancy was made possible by the sperm Lance stored three years earlier, before his chemotherapy and surgery. Their children include Luke Armstrong, Isabelle, and Grace Armstrong. Let’s meet them below.

Luke Armstrong

  • Date of Birth: 12 October 1999
  • Parents: Lance Armstrong and Kristin Richard
  • Occupation: College Football Player
  • Current Team: Rice Owls football (#35 / Fullback)

Luke Armstrong is the first child between Lance Armstrong and his ex-wife Kristin Richard. The younger Lance was born on 12 October 1999 and he currently plays college football at RICE University. He attended Westlake High School, where he was a standout offensive lineman for the school’s football team. Although Luke may not be as successful as his father during his cycling career, he would surely have an honorable football career.

Twins – Grace Elizabeth and Isabelle Rose Armstrong

  • Names: Grace and Isabelle Armstrong
  • Date of Birth: 20 November 2001
  • Parents: Lance Armstrong and Kristin Richard

Two years after Luke was born, Lance and Kristin welcomed a set of twin daughters– Grace and Isabelle. Just like their dad, the girls also love sports, and sometimes, they are seen biking alongside their father. It is not known what high school Grace and Isabelle attended, but we do know they are currently studying at Texas Christian University. The two girls have a wonderful relationship with their father as they are always seen together. However, not much could be said about their relationship with their mom Kristin.

Finding Love Again with Anna Hansen

Not long after his marriage to Kristin Richard ended, Lance Armstrong started another relationship with Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, Sheryl Crow, and even though they were formally engaged in September 2005, they never made it to the altar as they went their separate ways six months later in February 2016. The renowned cyclist also dated a few other women, including fashion designer Tory Burch, in 2007.

Although the first two relationships didn’t work out, Lance never gave up. He finally met Anna Hansen, a Colorado native, whom he has been with for over a decade and still counting. Anna is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where she bagged a degree in Biology. She had previously worked at the Children’s Hospital of Denver, as well as a program director for a Colorado-based non-profit First Descents, an organization that provides outdoor adventure experiences for young adults who have cancer.

The couple began their relationship in July 2008 and it was charity work that brought them together. Despite all the controversies that Lance Armstrong has faced in recent times, he admitted that Anna’s love has never withered and she has been his strong support in such times. After being together for about a decade, the couple announced their engagement in 2017, and soon they will be walking down the aisle to exchange marriage vows.

Lance Has Two More Kids with Anna

By December 2008, Lance and Anna announced they are expecting their first child. However, in 2009, their son Max Armstrong was born. The cyclist announced the birth of his son on Twitter during a break between his Giro d’Italia and Tour de France outing. While it is still too early to know if Max would follow in the footsteps of his father, we do know that Lance often takes Max and his siblings on cycling tours.

Lance’s last child Olivia Marie Armstrong was born in 2010. After she was born the celeb cyclist also announced her arrival via a Tweet. The conception of his last two children with Anna happened like a miracle, as many thought Armstrong could no longer father children due to chemotherapy and testicular cancer. However, his last two children were conceived naturally.

Lance has a Total of Five Children, including the following:

  • Luke Armstrong (b. October 12, 1999)
  • Twin daughters – Grace and Isabelle Armstrong (b. November 20, 2001)
  • Max Armstrong (b. June 4, 2009)
  • Olivia Marie Armstrong (October 18, 2010)
Profile Summary
First Name:Lance
Last Name:Gunderson
Also Known As:
Le Boss, Big Tex, Tour de Lance, Mellow Johnny
Former professional road racing cyclist
Famous For:His seven consecutive Tour de France wins from 1999 to 2005
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Bending Oaks High School in Dallas
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
September 18, 1971
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Birth Place:
Plano, Texas, United States
Country of Residence:
Physical Attributes
5 ft 9.5 in or 176.5 cm
75 kg or 165.5 lbs
Eye Colour:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Anna Hansen (July 2008-Present)
Family and Relatives
Eddie Charles Gunderson
Mother:Linda Gayle née Mooneyham
Sons named Luke David (b. October 12, 1999), Max Armstrong (b. June 4, 2009) and twin daughters named Isabelle Rose and Grace Elizabeth (b. November 20, 2001). He also has a fifth child whose name is unknown
Siblings:Sonnie Michaela Gunderson and Larry Armstrong
Other Relatives:
Terry Keith Armstrong (Stepfather), Nieces: Grace Armstrong, Olivia Marie Armstrong, Isabelle Armstrong
Nephews: Luke Armstrong, Max Armstrong
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
$50 million
Source of Wealth:
His cycling career, book sales, speaking engagements, and endorsement seals
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