Lana Gomez – Biography and Facts about Sebastian Maniscalco’s Wife

Without a shred of doubt, standup comedy is one of the beautiful creations of mankind and one of the many traits of standup comedy is its tendency draw from the personal lives of the comedian, a fact which has turned several family members of various comedians to public personalities due to the frequency by which their names come up in comedy shows, such as Lana Gomez who has become a known personality through her marriage to Sebastian Maniscalco, a comedian.

Considering her profession as a painter and the owner of an art magazine, one cannot say that Lana Gomez would be averse to the popularity she has earned through her relationship with Sebastian Maniscalco. You can learn more about Lana Gomez, her life as a painter and her relationship with Sebastian Maniscalco below.

Lana Gomez’ Biography

When Lana Gomez was a teenager, she may not have envisaged she would one day be married to a standup comedian who has produced multiple specials, with one bought by the giant streaming service, Netflix but that is life.

It has been an interesting life for Lana Gomez, who was born on the 23rd of April, 1983 somewhere in the United States. She was born into a Jewish family which consisted of parents Simone Gomez and Barry Gomez and siblings Heather Dockweller and Rodney Weiss, a cultural contrast to that of her husband who was born into an Italian-American family, a contrast that has been a subject of some of Sebastian’s jokes.

Lana Gomez took up an interest in art, particularly painting from a very young age, having been introduced to it by her father as a bonding exercise, only it did not remain a bonding activity.

She would later complete her high school education and then proceed to university at the University of Tennessee where she studied art. After graduation and she was armed with a Bachelor’s degree, she headed to Los Angeles where she began a professional career as a painter.

Unlike traditional professions where one starts a career at an entry level after graduation, art is about creating something that connects with people, and it doesn’t matter when you start. Since she began, she has been able to achieve this, drawing her on her own experiences to create pieces that resonate with the human experience across culture and race. She held her first exhibition in 2008 at Judith Liegeois Designs.

The excellence of her painting technique and the emotional depth of her artwork gave birth to a collaboration with notable interior designer, Kelly Wearstler. Her collaboration with Kelly resulted in a year-long design in her studio between 2008 and 2009.

With the collaboration, Lana Gomez grew in popularity and so did the contracts. Her work has so far been published in several art magazines, from Interior Designs to Painting. She has been published by The New Yorker and won an award from the California Home and Design Magazine in 2014.

Lana Gomez’s thirst for creative venture has also extended to sculptures, creating a 10-foot guitar sculpture for Gibson GuitarTown in Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Lana Gomez
Lana Gomez with her comedian husband, Sebastian Maniscalco

She might be a modestly successful painter but she is no Van Gogh, thus she would have remained unknown outside media spotlight if not for her marriage to the popular comedian. Lana Gomez had met Sebastian Maniscalco during one of her trips to the gym. Unbeknownst to both them, they shared the same personal trainer and a request by Sebastian Maniscalco to train alongside any good-looking girl resulting in Lana Gomez meeting the famed comedian.

After a bit of banter between them during their first meeting, they went on their first date and began to date, taking their relationship to the next level officially in August 2013 when they got married.

Four years after they got married, they welcomed their first child, Serafina Simone Maniscalco in May 2017. The family currently reside in West Hollywood, a house filled with artworks created by Lana Gomez.

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Other Facts About Her

  1. Her daughter, Serafina Simone Maniscalco was named after her husband’s grandmother and her own mother.
  2. With regards to social media, Lana Gomez is active on Instagram via @lanagomez
  3. Lana Gomez may not be a model, but she has the body measurements of one. She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a body weight of 56kg. Additionally, she has brown eyes and blonde hair.
  4. Lana Gomez has an estimated net worth of $6 million.
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