5 Awesome Lamborghini Replica Designs That Could Drive You Nuts

Car lovers will go to every extent to get their hands on the their dream cars. Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars and even in some cases millions of dollars, no expense seems too high when it comes to owning their very own speed monster. With all the craze of these expensive muscle cars, companies have been fuelled by the need to build even more expensive and powerful cars have left no stone unturned, but even with one of the toughest wars ever going on between high range muscle cars, a new class has managed to emerge which has blown away quite a few car lovers.

Replica cars without a doubt have managed to become the latest craze of the world. Comprising of few of the of the best known cars available today and with the look of those super expensive speed demons, they are one of the most popular ways for people to get their dream cars. But none of these replica cars have managed to become as popular as Lamborghini, which is why we went all over to find out the 5 awesome Lamborghini replica designs that tried to copy Lamborghini, here goes the list.

1. Gagliardi Vendetta

Coming in as one of the most popular Lamborghini replicas of all time, the Gagliardi Vendetta has truly managed to become one of the most popular replicas in existence. If you are planning to get your hands on your very own Vendetta, then be prepared to dish out some serious cash. Costing about $ 79,000 for a complete chassis version, which includes the a tubular chassis and $ 59,000 for the donor chassis version, the Vendetta is custom built to every extent. What makes the Vendetta most popular is not only the fact that it costs almost one third the price of an original Lamborghini, but the fact that it can be customized to include any and every specific parts as per your needs and want.


2. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Who says that replicas have to be cheap? Perhaps one of the best entries on our list of Lamborghini Replica Designs, the Sesto Elemento extreme super car has without a doubt managed to capture the imagination of people from all over. Standing at a muscular 2 million Euro price tag and looking something out of a Batman picture, this car is anything but ordinary but this also means that there are plenty who needed one but couldn’t get it. Well, it appears that in India, if you can’t buy one, you make one for yourself.

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3. Lamborghini Diablo Replica

Powering in at the number three spot is the Lamborghini Diablo replica car. Being one of the most replicated versions from Lamborghini, this powerful car costs only 10% of the real deal. Standing in with a sticker price of $19,750, this dream car has been built on a 1995 Fiero Chassis and has a Chevy Lumina engine which can push out a maximum power of 300 HP. Apart from one of the best custom paint jobs, this is one car that no one want’s to miss out on.


4. Murcie-Me G 28

It looks like someone just brought this Lamborghini kit out of someone’s dreams and put a price tag on it. Even though it is one of the highest security body kits out there, this is without a doubt as good as Lamborghini replicas get. Just in case if you are wondering what exactly do we mean by body kit and what does it have to do with replicas, then the answer is anything and everything. It is the body Kit that gives the car the Lamborghini look and the feel, and without it, any replica is as good as dead. Being a Fiero based body kit, this can be easily installed on the Fiero Chassis and with a few minor adjustments, you can have your very own Lamborghini at an extremely low price.

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5. Shanzai Lamborghini –

Sometimes you hate the Chinese for their cheap products which lasts only hours, but there are times when you simply want to kiss them. China’s take on the Lamborghini Murcielago LP4 is perhaps one of the best things that have come out of China ever. Costing around $65,000 this car has managed to give the LP4 a serious run for its money, because the original LP4 costs around $400,000, which is too high for practically anyone. With a 2.2 Liter Toyota 5s Engine which is capable of kicking out almost 175 horses and a 99% exterior and 75% interior accuracy, this is perhaps the closest anyone can come to owning a Lamborghini and just in case if you are thinking that we are joking about the ultra-high price tag of Lamborghini Murcielago LP4, then keep in mind that just the original keys alone cost $9000 (nine thousand and not nine hundred).

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