Puzzling Facts About Laia Manzanares’ Biography, Filmography and Family

Acting is a global profession, and Hollywood is undoubtedly the leading film industry in the world. However, there are several countries in the world with a thriving film industry, driven by talented actors and actresses. Some of them have even been able to achieve global popularity via their projects, like the cast of the Spanish series Money Heist. Laia Manzanares is another Spanish actress making a big splash globally.

If you are not familiar with Laia Manzanares, you are about to be. She has been a professional actress since 2015 and, in that short time, appeared in over 19 films and television shows. The actress has featured in TV shows like Merli and Heavies tendres. With the Spanish acting industry rising in global popularity, here is everything you should know about one of its leading stars.

Laia Manzanares is a Polyglot

One of the first things to note about Laia Manzanares is that she is part of a young crop of actresses taking over the Spanish acting industry. She was born on the 30th of March, 1994, to parents whose identities are at this time unknown. She was born in one of Spain’s largest and more popular cities, Barcelona.

The actress did most of her growing up in the city, getting educated academically and linguistically. She is fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Catalan. This quality now helps her stand out as an actress across several acting industries in Spain and America.

She had her education at the Institut Public XXV Olimpiada High School and later attended Collegi de Teatre, spending two years. Her interest in acting began as a child after she watched the Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill: Volume 1. Her love for Uma Thurman’s performance as Beatrix Kiddo inspired her to pursue a career as an actress.

Laia Manzanares
Laia during one of her stage plays: image source

Since making that decision, she has appeared in multiple films, TV shows, and stage plays. She has made millions of fans across Europe and Latin America, specifically Brazil, where she has thousands of following.

Exploring Laia Manzanares’ Growing Filmography

Laia Manzanares is also a good singer and a dancer, but it is her work as an actress that has brought her into the limelight. She began her journey into the world of professional acting with the short video, Tame Impala: The Less I Know the Better. It was a minor role in which she played a cheerleader. Regardless, it was the beginning of her life as an actress, and it has been the foundation that has led her to other projects across film and television.

In the following year in 2016, she starred in three projects – two television shows and a short film, titled Cities and Waste. The second television show was Merli, a Spanish show that aired between 2016 and 2018. On the show, Laia Manzanares played the character Okasana and appeared in 27 episodes of the show.

During her time as a cast of Merli, she starred in other projects, including her appearance in her first feature-length film, Proyecto Tiempo. Other roles were in the miniseries, Ray, the short film, Bathed in Light, and El vent es aixo, another full-length movie.

Laia Manzanares
Laia Manzanares in Merli: image source

In 2018, she also played another of her notable characters, as Clara on Heavies tendres, starring as a voice actor. Other projects include Killing the Father, What the Future Holds, Villafranca. She played Lucia in the 2018 film, The Candidate and began starring as Sisilia in the 2019 TV show, Hache. One of her most recent roles, Carlota, was in another TV show, Estoy vivo. She played the part across 13 episodes in the first season.

Her career is not limited to the front of the camera, either. Laia Manzanares has appeared in at least five plays since she began her professional career. Laia made her stage debut in 2014, in the Txiki Blasi play, Mainascuts. Her other stage appearances include Odisseus, Amanda T, and Temps salvatge.

Laia Manzanares is a young actress with decades of experience ahead of her. But so far, her evolving filmography has more than 19 projects across movies and TV shows in on-screen and voice acting roles. Not only is her filmography expanding, but so also is her award cabinet.

Her Career Achievements So Far

Acting is about the art for many, but getting recognized for your work through awards is one of the few side benefits. In that regard, Laia Manzanares has received several recognitions, at least nine of them, from various award organizations.

Some of them include the Jury Prize from Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia for Best Actress, Audience Award from Festival Iberomaericano de Cortometrajes ABC for Best Actress, Festival Award from Cerdanya Film Festival for Best Actress, all for her role in La Tierra Illamando a Ana.

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Her Backup Career was Psychology

Had her pursuit of a career in acting not panned out, Laia would have pursued a career in psychology. While that might seem odd to most, it is not to the Catalonian actress whose primary drive is to help people through her art. According to her, Uma Thurman’s role in Kill Bill inspired her during a time she was going through a difficult period in her life.

As an actress, she has been using her heart, along with other means, to help others in similar periods of their lives. With this background knowledge, it is understandable to see why the actress would have chosen psychology has a second career.

Beyond her passion for helping people, her other interests are horticulture, Lego building, and leather crafting.

Laia Manzanares Prefers to Keep her Personal Life Private

As far as details about her family and personal life go, Laia Manzanares has kept mum on details. So far, nothing is known to the general public about her family, either nuclear or extended. At the moment, the only notable information about her family is that her father is Valencian and her mother, a Catalan.

We also know that her parents raised her a Christian, specifically of the Roman Catholic faith. To date, Laia remains a Catholic, following in her parents’ footsteps.

As for her immediate personal life either, one would be hard-pressed to find Laia Manzanares’s name linked romantically to anyone, either male or female. The young actress, at this point, seems focused on building her burgeoning career in the industry.

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