Who Is Korie Koker (Danny Koker’s Wife)? Here are 5 Facts You Need To Know

Being a celebrity is known to be encompassing; the benefits and the downsides cover not just the celebrity, but also their family members, and in certain cases, known close friends. In the case of Danny Koker, who has had a career as a musician and is now a television personality, his wife, Korie Koker came to learn of the downsides when an internet hoax went viral of her supposed death.

While this hoax most definitely was unpleasant to read for members of the Koker family, it drew more attention to who Korie Koker is, with many fans searching frantically for answers. Here, we answer a few questions about Korie Koker and tell you five facts about the wife of the television personality.

Who Is Korie Koker?

Korie Fera Koker is a native of Las Vegas, globally known as Sin City. She was born in the city on the 8th of August 1965.

There aren’t many specifics available when it comes to Korie’s upbringing but her parents are believed to still reside in Las Vegas. There is also no word regarding the existence of siblings either. Though she lived in a city that is known primarily as a party city, Korie went about her childhood and teenagehood like any young adult across other parts of America. She attended high school before going on to attend and graduate from an unknown college where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting.

Korie Koker met the love of her life, Danny Koker in Las Vegas, Nevada over a decade ago and the couple has remained together ever since.

The Important Facts You Need to Know

1. Korie Koker Had A Brief Stint In Television

Today, her husband is the one known on television, but before Danny Koker became a television personality, Korie had a brief career in television which involved some behind the scenes work. Having graduated from college with a degree in broadcasting, she worked in a number of local television stations in roles such as camera operator and production coordinator. She also worked as a promotion director, in charge of programs and events.

2. She Was A Musician For A While

Again, Korie Koker shares another similarity with her husband. One of her husband’s claim to fame was his career as a musician in Las Vegas as a member of the band, Count’s 77. His wife, Korie does not have the albums or the national success that her husband has in music, but she was also a member of a band, which she formed along with some of her friends.

The band was short-lived, with each member pursuing their various life interests instead. However, Korie can still be found performing with the Karaoke machine from time to time.

3. She Is An Entrepreneur

While her husband stands in front of the camera expressing his immaculate knowledge of cars on his show, Counting Cars, Korie Koker runs their bar and grill business – Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. She is a co-owner and manager of the business, making decisions such as booking live music bands and other entertainment options. Considering they have been married for over fifteen years, it seems to be working out fine for them thus far.

4. Korie Koker Does Not Have A Child

Korie Koker
Korie and her long term husband, Danny Koker

There are many tricks to a successful marriage, but one of the most important ones is to marry someone who shares the same life goals as you, especially when it comes to domestic goals like children. Korie has no interest in having children and that is something she shares with her husband, Danny. The pair have remained together with no desire to raise a child. As far as we know, they remain happy with the decision.

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5. Her Death Hoax Was The Second In The Family

Death hoaxes are not funny, but in the internet age, they have become par for the course for celebrities. When a death hoax went around the internet about Korie following an accident she sustained, it was the second one in their family. Her husband had a death hoax go viral back in 2008. Although the 2008 hoax was a fair mistake considering the actual death was that of Danny’s father, Daniel Nicholas Koker, whom Danny shares a name with; Danny’s full name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II.

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