Who Is Koren Grieveson? Here Are Facts About Anne Burrell’s Wife

Koren Grieveson is a well-renowned chef, reality TV star, and ex-member of the US Army who rose to prominence because of her skill and talent in cooking special delicacies. With over 20 years of experience as a chef, she can be regarded as one of the most successful chefs in America. Grieveson has an illustrious CV to back this assertion as she has worked for several exotic restaurants. She has also appeared on a couple of reality TV cooking shows most notably, Iron Chef and Top Chef. Despite all her achievements, little is known about her personal life, something we hope to correct with this piece.

Koren Grieveson’s Biography

Koren Grieveson was born on November 4, 1971 in South Africa. There is no information as to where she had her elementary or high school education as a result of the fact that she spent most of her childhood and teenage years moving from country to country owing to the nature of her parents’ jobs. Over time her parents got tired of moving and decided to settle permanently in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

At the age of 17, Koren joined the United States Army and went on to serve in the army for a lengthy period of 9 years. After her service in the army, she held a series of odd jobs before deciding to become a chef. In order to achieve that goal, she attended the Culinary Institute of America where she learned the intricacies of modern-day cooking. Upon graduation from the institution in 1998, she found a job as a sous gourmet expert at a restaurant called Kahan’s Blackbird. In 2003 she left Kahan’s Blackbird having secured a better paying Job with Avec. She worked as a chef and floor supervisor for Avec till 2012.

Besides working for Avec she also worked for an exotic bar and restaurant in New York City called Rusto. After eight years of working as a chef at Rusto, Korean Grieveson was promoted to the position of Executive chef in 2015 but served in this capacity for six months before she quit. That being said, she currently works as a meat chef in an easy-going restaurant/bar in New York City.

She Hasn’t Been Open About Her Family

As a result of her extreme desire for privacy, not much is known as regards the family of Koren Grieveson. During an interview with Avec in 2011, she revealed that she has sisters but didn’t mention their names or even how many they are. Furthermore, she revealed that her parents were big shots in the poultry industry, hence the reason for their constant relocation while she was a child; but in classic Koren style, she withheld information as to the identity of her parents but stressed her immense love for them.

Now in her late 40s, one might expect Koren to be happily married with kids of her own but that is clearly not the case, hence raising questions about her reluctance to start a family. In 2012, she came out of the closet on issues concerning her sexuality by announcing that she is a lesbian. In addition to that, she disclosed that she is engaged to the famous Chef Anne Burrell.

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Other Facts About Anne Burrell’s Wife

Koren Grieveson and Anne Burrell
Koren Grieveson and Anne Burrell: Image Source

Having been engaged for six years now, there is a tendency for most people to refer to Koren Grieveson and her fiancée, Anne Burrell as a married couple. This is not so as they are yet to make it official. Anyway, while waiting for the wedding bells to ring, here are facts you should know about Koren Grieveson, the woman many regard as Anne Burrell’s wife.

1. She has a thing for tattoos. This is evident by the number of tattoos she has inked on various parts of her body, such as that of a crest which reminds her of her family and a piece of bacon that expresses her passion for cooking.

2. For her exploits in cooking, she has won a series of awards, the most significant being the James Beard Award for Best Chef in 2010.

3. Although her annual salary isn’t known, several sources peg her net-worth at an estimated $1 million.

4. She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches coupled with moderate body weight. Her most impressive body features are her dark brown hair and eyes.

Koren is very active on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has accumulated over 2.3K followers on her Twitter account.

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