Is Kitchen Nightmares Fake Or Real And Why Did It End?

Gordon Ramsay’s on-air personality might not win him Father of the Year, but it makes him one of the most popular chefs in the world, with an array of shows designed to cater to the insatiable interests of his global fans who want to watch him scream at hapless chefs and cooks. One of those shows was Kitchen Nightmares, a show where he went around the US, fixing up struggling restaurants. While Ramsay was his enjoyable self on the show, many wondered if the drama and struggles on Kitchen Nightmares were fake or real.

In this article, we examined the evidence available and determined the truth about Kitchen Nightmares. We also looked at why it left the air. Read all about this below.

What Is Kitchen Nightmares?

Kitchen Nightmares Fake or Real
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American Television has been making its versions of successful British shows for a while, and in September 2007, Kitchen Nightmares joined that list when it premiered on Fox Network.

The show was adapted from Gordon Ramsay’s show of a similar name, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The American TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, follows Gordon Ramsay as he goes around the country fixing struggling restaurants.

The show aired its first episode on the 19th of September 2007, airing a total of 92 episodes during its run from 2007 to 2014. While the show did not win any major awards, Gordon Ramsay’s animated personality made it a popular fixture on the Fox Network lineup until it came to an end in September 2014.

Yes, Kitchen Nightmares was a popular show and it turned Gordon Ramsay into a TV star, but was it all fake or real?

Is The TV Show Real or Fake?

Kitchen Nightmares Fake or Real
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If you have been watching reality shows for a long while, especially American produced reality shows, you may have learned that American TV shows occasionally play a little fast and loose with the real in reality, which has left many people wondering if their favorite reality shows are scripted or real.

Well, in the case of Kitchen Nightmares, it is difficult and almost impossible to categorically say if it was fake or real. The show’s production has aspects that could be termed fake, such as Gordon Ramsay’s shouty personality and the endless drama that occurs during the fixing process are usually played up and carefully edited to drive ratings for the show. Off the camera, Gordon is a nice person who barely raises his voice.

Additionally, contrary to what the show might suggest, Gordon Ramsay is not usually present and rarely interacts with restaurant owners off camera. In fact, insider report suggests that he is only usually around at the beginning and only returns during the re-opening. Also, customers who appear in these restaurants are often paid to be present.

However, while that might be damning for the perception of the show, there are aspects of it that are real, such as the actual changes recommended and implemented by the crew, as well as some of the most dramatic moments in the history of the show.

Thus, it might be unfair to classify Kitchen Nightmares as either fake or real, and it might be best to simply consider it a semi-reality TV show.

Why Did It End?

Kitchen Nightmares Fake or Real
Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares

Having determined Kitchen Nightmares to be a semi-reality TV show, let’s take a look at why the show came to an abrupt end.

Kitchen Nightmares came to an end because Gordon Ramsay was tired of it. The celebrity chef claimed he got tired of the show because it was proving ineffective because most restaurants reverted to their old ways after he works on them, which eventually leads them to fail.

Tracking record for the restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares shows that more than 61% of the restaurants that were supposedly saved by Gordon Ramsay have closed, i.e. the show may not have been entire real, but the threat of bankruptcy was not fake.

According to Gordon Ramsay, fans criticized him for the restaurants’ failure and he got tired of the negative criticism. Interestingly, it wasn’t just the US version of the show that ended in 2014, he also ended the UK version.

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Other Interesting Facts About Kitchen Nightmares

• Compared to the UK version, Kitchen Nightmares has a lot more drama and focuses more on the people than the food. This difference drew criticism from various TV critics.

• Gordon Ramsay has been sued multiple times by restaurant owners who appeared on the show. The production team has only had to settle the suits a few times. Majority of them have been dismissed.

• Another aspect of Kitchen Nightmares that was certainly not fake and was definitely real is that Gordon Ramsay really did eat all those badly cooked meals and suffered from food poisoning, indigestion and ulcers during the show’s production.

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