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In recent times, a good number of women are poised to win public offices in the United States; this has helped to increase the growing recognition of women in political leadership. There are a lot of women who have a wholesome impact in American politics and Kirstjen Nielsen happens to be one of them. She began her political career a long time ago and has held several offices both at the grass root, as well as the highest level of leadership in the US.

Currently serving as the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen was the Principal Deputy White House Chief of Staff under President Trump’s regime. Being a security expert, Kirstjen’s excellent and unparalleled records have helped her rise through the ranks to attain her current position as the sixth Secretary of Homeland Security. Learn more about Kirstjen’s bio, her political career, and other interesting facts below.

Who is Kirstjen Nielsen?

The female political icon was born as Kirstjen Michele Nielsen on the 14th day of May 1972 and her birth took place in Colorado Springs in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Michele Nielsen and her husband James McHenry Nielsen. Kirstjen is of Danish and Italian descent while her nationality is American. Growing up, she spent her early years in Colorado Springs where she completed her basic education.

Later on, she acquired her bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. After her graduation, Kirstjen studied further, acquiring her Juris Doctor Certificate from the University of Virginia’s School of Law in 1999. In addition, she also studied the Japanese Language at Nanzan University.

Political Career

Kirstjen kicked off her political career soon after her graduation from law school; her initial role was to serve as Special Assistant to the President during George W. Bush’s dispensation in 2004. From there, she was appointed to the position of Senior Director for Prevention Preparedness and Response at the White House Homeland Security Council. While she was there, Kirstjen spearheaded several committees and helped put up robust security policies. Her incredible performances made her a stand out personality and also positioned her for higher roles subsequently.

Kirstjen also served as the Assistant Administrator for the Transportation Security Administration’s Office of Legislative Policy and Government Affairs. Serving in that position, Kirstjen helped to coordinate and develop US Government security policies. Leaving her position in 2008, she joined Civitas Group LLC where she served as the President and General Counsel of the Homeland Security and Private Sector Preparedness Practice.

In 2012, she founded her own security consulting firm called Sunesis Consulting LLC. The firm focuses on the planning and development of various policies and legislation for the government. Amazingly, the firm won a federal contract in 2013 to help provide technical writing and organizational development to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She continued to work at Sunesis until the end of 2016. During the early days of Trump’s administration in 2017, Kirstjen was recruited to serve as the chief of staff of the then-Secretary of Homeland Security, John F. Kelly. Kirstjen advised Kelly on the areas of cybersecurity, border security, and counterterrorism, until September 2017.

kirstjen nielsen
Nielsen with President Trump

Following her outstanding work ethics, Kristjen was nominated by Trump to serve as a replacement to the acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke in October 2017. However, her appointment was only confirmed in December 2017, making her the sixth Secretary of the US Homeland Security. Since then, Kirstjen has been doing a great job under Trump‘s tenure as president. She has helped to enact different laws as well as policies guiding the US border protection and immigration.

Parents and Family

Just like we aforementioned, Kirstjen Nielsen was born to American parents James and Phyllis Michele Nielsen. Her parents are both physicians and they served in the United States Army. Her father, James, is of Danish origin while her mother, Phyllis has Italian ancestry. She grew up along with her two siblings – Ashley and Fletcher. They all spent their childhood in Colorado Springs. However, due to the nature of their parent’s job, her family moved over to Clearwater, Florida, when she was very young. Later on, her parents separated when Kirstjen was in college leaving Kristjen and her two siblings with their father. Sadly, her mother passed away in 2011. Additionally, her brother Fletcher has established himself as a musician while there is no much information regarding her sister. Notably, Kristjen introduced all her family members during her swearing-in ceremony in 2017.

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Is Kirstjen Nielsen Married, Who Is The Husband Or Spouse?

Kirstjen Nielsen hasn’t shared many details regarding her affairs and relationships. She enjoys striking a balance between her professional and personal life and has never been linked to anyone or any relationship to date. Obviously, she supports the cause of the LGBT community; nevertheless, she has never declared herself as gay or lesbian. Apparently, Kirstjen is still single and is aiming to reach the climax of her political career.

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