Why Did Kirsten Storms Divorce Her Husband and Who Is She Dating Now?

Most celebrity couples who split up never disclose the real reason behind the decision. They simply attribute their separation to irreconcilable differences while maintaining that the divorce process would be an amicable one. Some of them keep to this promise while others go for each other’s jugular. If there is one person who has stayed true to her words in this regard, it is Kirsten Storms.

A regular star on daytime soaps such as Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, Storms was previously married to one of her colleagues named Brandon Barash. The couple seemed destined to last forever but could only manage three years of matrimony. They have now divorced but maintain amicable relations. This has made many speculate that they may get back together in the future. This has also made some wonder why they even bothered separating in the first place.

How Kirsten Storms Met And Married Brandon Barash

Kirsten Storms first met former husband, Brandon Barash, in the course of working together on the popular show, General Hospital. Prior to joining the cast in 2005, Storms had made a name for herself, featuring in several Disney originals such as Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Johnny Tsunami, and Kim Possible. She had also featured on another long-running soap, Days of Our Lives. Barash, on the other hand, was previously a major staple on the TV series, Gilmore Girls, before joining General Hospital in 2007.

The two started out as colleagues and eventually worked their way up to friends. By late 2012/early 2013, they were both single and decided to take their relationship to the next level. Things proceeded quickly from this juncture and by May 2013, the couple found out that they were expecting a child. The news came as a pleasant surprise to them as Kirsten had previously struggled with endometriosis, an issue that can cause infertility. They nevertheless welcomed it and proceeded to tie the knot in Las Vegas in June that same year. The wedding was top secret and the couple later publicized their marriage in August 2013.

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Building a Family Together

Following the nuptials, Kirsten Storms and her husband settled down to family life and continued preparing for their child. They disclosed that they were very excited about the new adventure and thanked fans for their love and support. The couple eventually welcomed a daughter, named Harper Rose, on the 14th of January 2014 and an overjoyed Barash took to social media to share the news. In a Twitter post, the proud papa described his daughter and wife as his princess and queen respectively. He also stated that Harper had left indelible footprints on his heart. Kirsten, on her part, took a maternity leave from General Hospital.

She spent about three months, completely dedicated to her daughter and returned to filming in April 2014. Storms and her husband spent the next two years in relative bliss. They focused all their energies on their child and showered her with love and affection. They also got their respective careers back on track. Storms continued her role as Maxie on General Hospital and additionally landed a gig on a web-based soap known as Winterthorne. Barash, on his part, returned to General Hospital from 2014 to 2016, reprising his role of Johnny Zacchara. The Missouri native additionally scored a recurring role, Detective Robby Oderno, on the TNT series, Major Crimes, within that period.

What Went Wrong?

Given the steady inflow of work, as well as an adorable child in tow, Kirsten Storms and her husband seemed to be on solid ground. That illusion was however shattered when they announced their separation in April 2016. The couple stated that the decision was taken jointly and was due to irreconcilable differences. They also revealed that they had attempted a couple’s therapy to improve their communication, but that did not work hence the divorce. The two TV stars promised that the whole process would be amicable and stated that they were looking forward to becoming friends. They also revealed that the decision was in their daughter’s interest as they wanted to raise her in two healthy environments rather than one toxic home.

Kirsten Storms and her ex-husband have since lived up to their words and remained close friends. Shortly after their divorce, they attended the General Hospital Fantasy Event of 2016 together. Since then, they have been spotted on many lunch dates with the actress sharing a photo of one of such dates with the caption “we get along well enough to have lunch together #blessed”. The erstwhile couple also co-parents their daughter beautifully and in May 2020, Storms took to Instagram to reveal that her ex had given their daughter a haircut amidst the coronavirus lockdown. She herself also volunteered for the haircutting services and got a nice bob in return.

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Kirsten Storms
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Finding Love Again

Kirsten Storms’ closeness with her ex-husband has sparked rumours that they may get back together. That is however not true as the two are just platonic friends who get along with each other. They have also found love again with other people. In Storms’ case, she is now in a budding relationship with a rock artist, Elias Paul Reidy, an instrumentalist who previously played with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus band. He is now part of a rock and roll duo known as The Soul Shakers.

Kristen and Reidy go way back and first dated in 2006. They remained together for the next four years during which the rock star accompanied his girlfriend to the Emmys. The couple, however, went their separate ways in 2010 only to find their way back to each other eight years later. They are now holding on to each other tightly and Kirsten often gushes about her man on Instagram. She has described him as the boyfriend of the year. The actress has also stated that she is quite grateful for him as he has her back like no other.

On his own part, Kirsten’s ex, Brandon Barash is now going steady with a gorgeous lady named Morgan Mitchell. Morgan is an L.A. based personal trainer and the couple commenced their relationship in 2018. They are quite crazy about each other and frequently post heart-melting tributes online. Morgan has described Brandon as her soulmate while he declared his love for her with the song, Its Always Been You by Ray LaMontagne.

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