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In the US, without a doubt, primetime programs get a lot of applause and popularity from mainstream audiences when it comes to American drama shows. Daytime programs, particularly soap operas cannot boast of a similar level of attention from the audience, despite the fact it possesses some of the industry’s talented actresses like Kirsten Storms, who has appeared on shows like Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

Not only is Kirsten Storms a competent on-screen actress, but she is also an accomplished voice actress who has voiced roles for films like Kim Possible: A Stich in Time. Kirsten’s multi-decade career has seen her play notable characters like Zenon Kar and as Emily in Johnny Tsunami.

For those who would like to know more about the actress, read everything there is to know about her below.

Kirsten Storms Biography & Age

Kirsten Storms was born to Mike Storms and Karen Storms on the 8th of April, 1984. She was raised along with two siblings, a sister named Gretchen and a brother named Austin. Following her parents’ divorce, she inherited a stepbrother named Chris.

Kirsten was born in Orlando, Florida but being born in the southeastern state did not stop her from aspiring to a life in California as an actress. The Days of Our Lives star had her sights set on becoming an actress from the age of five and her education path was very much tailored to achieve this dream.

This was further established when she was discovered by a talent agent who encouraged her parents to enroll her in acting classes. This helped Kirsten with the first phase of her life as an actress. She then appeared in commercials as a child actress.

Following her parents’ relocation to Los Angeles, Kirsten Storms began her career as a professional actress.

Is She Dating Now?

Since she divorced her husband in 2016, Kirsten Storms has since gotten back into the dating scene and she is believed to be dating Elias Paul Reidy, a musician. The two had dated previously before they broke up. They have since reunited and are back together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Daughter, Husband, and Divorce

Kirsten Storms
Kirsten and her former husband, Brandon Barash

Kirsten Storms career has not exactly been shy of a little controversy nor the unconventional. Some of it reflected in her personal life when she chose to go against the norm among Hollywood personalities and get married secretly to Brandon Barash. The couple got married away from media attention in June 2013 and had their first and only child in January 2014.

The couple named their child, a daughter, Harper Rose Barash. Two years after the birth of their child, just as they had gotten married, the couple got divorced in a secret fashion that was later revealed by a report in the Soap Opera Digest in April 2016. Their marriage lasted three years.

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Career Achievements

She made her television debut in 1996 for the television show, Second Noah on the ABC network. It was her first role on television and it was a recurring one, playing the character Ashley. The couple years of her career featured more appearances in television shows like The Cape, You Wish, Any Day Now and Sing Me a Story with Belle where she played the lead role.

She starred as one of her most popular characters, Zenon Kar in 1999 for the film, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. She has reprised the role couple more times in Zenon: The Zequel and Zenon: Z3. In 1998, Kirsten Storms starred in 7th Heaven as Laura Cummings appearing on the show several times between 1998 and 2001.

As someone who dreamed of starring in a soap opera something, Kirsten Storm achieved her dream when she began to appear in Days of Our Lives as Belle Black. During her time on the show, which spanned between 2000 and 2004, Kirsten appeared in a total of 409 episodes. In another soap opera, General Hospital, she has appeared on the show since 2005, with over 1,100 episodes credits to her name.

As a voice actress, Kirsten Storms has voiced the character Bonnie Rockwaller for the animated series, Kim Possible. She first voiced the role in the television movie, Kim Possible: A Stich in Time.

Despite a long and illustrious career in front of the camera, Kirsten has suffered multiple health issues which often times kept her off the set of her shows. She has suffered from Endometriosis and Skin problems. Most recently, she left her role in General Hospital to seek treatment for depression.

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