Facts You Didn’t Know About Kin Shriner of General Hospital

Kin Shriner is an American actor who is famous for his role as Scott Baldwin in ‘General Hospital’, an ABC soap opera, as well as its spin-off, ‘Port Charles’. A former salesman with Fuller Brush, Shriner appeared on several other soap operas including ‘Rituals’, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, and ‘The Young and the Restless’. Apart from the foregoing, Shriner also appeared as a guest on ‘Full House’, an ABC highly-rated sitcom.

Prized for his longevity on a scripted TV soap opera, Kin Shriner didn’t have it so good growing up. From losing both parents while he was still young to losing a marriage, wife, and children, Kin Shriner is something very close to the proverbial cat with nine lives. Find below all you must know about the veteran actor.

Who is Kin Shriner and How Old is He?

Kin Shriner was born on December 6, 1953 in New York to Herb Shriner and Eileen McDermott. His father, Herb, was an American humourist, radio personality and TV host. Kin has a twin brother, Wil Shriner, who is also an actor. While they were still teenagers, they lost their parents in an auto crash. After mourning the devastating demise of both parents, the twins moved to Texas where they were raised by their grandmother.

Kin Shriner is one of the easily recognisable faces on the ABC soap opera, ‘General Hospital’. This is not so surprising because he’s been on the show since 1977. Like his door-to-door salesmanship experience with Fuller Brush, Shriner has moved in and out of ‘General Hospital’ at various times to take roles in other shows. But then, he would return to his role on the long-running show where he was first cast as Scott Baldwin way back in 1977 – a role for which he’s best known. Shriner is among the few actors who have appeared in the same TV programme for decades at a stretch.

Celebrating his 40 years on ‘General Hospital’, Shriner said he’s not happy with just 4 decades, adding that he’d gladly play his Scott Baldwin for another 40 years if he could. Even though he never won the Daytime Emmy Awards, he got several nominations. Meanwhile, he is proud of his longevity in his craft and wouldn’t mind missing the Emmy awards. With a recurring role on ‘General Hospital’, and his affable personality, Shriner has got himself a huge fan base that wouldn’t want him out of the show for any reason. Hence, when he once posted ‘Scott Baldwin out’, he caused a stir among his fans who thought he was leaving the show. But Shriner had only meant he was done for that particular week.

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His Net Worth

Kin has an estimated net worth of $34.7 million. He has been an actor since 1976 and has garnered fame, experience and a huge following. Even though his salary is not publicly known, he is believed to be earning well due to his long-standing popularity and experience in the industry.

In spite of his tragic childhood experience resulting from losing both parents, Kin found succour in acting and has done a good job so far.

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Kin Shriner’s Wife and Son

Kin Shriner married his first wife, Laura, but she left him for another man, Luke Spencer. Kin took another shot at marriage as he fell in love with and married Dominique Stanton. However, Stanton died, leaving Kin even more devastated but Kin would not give up as he returned to his ex-wife, Laura. Their re-connection didn’t last long either. He then had to let things be the way he found them while he focused on his career.

Kin Shriner and Robin Mattson
Kin Shriner and General Hospital co-star Robin Mattson

Kin Shriner has a son, Eric Lee. But Shriner seems to have had it quite sad in his life, losing dear ones at various times. After losing his parents while he was still young, Shriner would go ahead and lose two children: a daughter, Karen and a son, Logan. This is in addition to losing his second wife, Dominique Stanton to death after losing his first wife, Laura to another man. However, it has not been all losses for him as two other children of his, Serena and Franco are alive, alongside Eric Lee.

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