Kimberly Caddell – A Glimpse Into The Life of Keenum’s Wife

Being the wife of a professional football player in the NFL, Kimberly Caddell enjoys a certain degree of attention in the media that has made her into a celebrated personality. This, of course, has been due to the fact her husband, Case Keenum is an active player in one of the most popular sports in the world, American Football.

However, Kimberly Caddell is more than just a football WAG, she also has her own professional career that spans across different forms of social work, all of which, admittedly does not bring as much fame as her status in the Football world.

You can all about her, including the history of her relationship with Case Keenum below.

Kimberly Caddell’s Biography

Kimberly Caddell is married to a football player and while that means a considerable percentage of the conversation held in their home will be football related, she has plenty of experience having been born to a father who was an avid football lover. She was also an athlete during her high school days, having played and competed as a volleyball player and as a pole-vaulter.

Although their identities are unknown, Kimberly Caddell was born in Texas into a lovely American family; sadly. her date and year of birth are unknown. Much of her childhood years are unknown outside of her relationship with Case Keenum but we know she attended Hardin after graduating middle school which she attended with her husband.

After high school, Kimberly Caddell headed to Texas Tech University where began her higher education in pre-speech studies, beginning the first phase of her study in 2008 and ending it in 2011. After, she headed to the university’s health science center where she continued the second phase of her study before graduation.

She got engaged to Case Keenum while she was in college and although her husband heading into the NFL straight from college created its own challenge for her professional career, she has been able to record a considerable amount of professional experience across different positions.

She has so far, worked at the Southeast Texas Cooperative for Social Services and she has worked as a marketer and event planner for an unknown organization which is based in Houston. Perhaps her most significant role so far has been her position as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant.

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Other than her work as a Speech-Language Pathology assistant, Kimberly Caddell has also featured in a TV documentary, All or Nothing: A Season with the Los Angeles Rams. The documentary was released in 2017 and it featured Kimberly as herself, playing her admired role as the knowledgeable football wife of her quarterback husband.

Her husband, Case Keenum, on the other hand, has had a well-documented career that has seen him play for the Houston Texans, the St Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins. The acclaimed quarterback has been an instrumental figure in some of his team’s success, particularly the Minnesota Vikings whom he has helped win the NFC North Division.

Net Worth

There is no doubt that a speech-language pathology assistant earns comparatively low to a football player. According to official statistics, the position pays an average income of $29,768 to $63,851 per year in salary, a figure that is considerably less than a footballer makes per day in the football season.

Kimberly Caddell is believed to be earning somewhere in the middle but the low income pales in comparison to her husband who is worth an estimated $3 million.

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Relationship with Case Keenum

Kimberly Caddell
Kimberly Caddell with her husband, Case Keenum during a basketball game

Although it is not to say there are no honest relationships among footballers or sports stars who meet their spouses after they became successful, there is always a lingering doubt about the true foundation of the relationship. Thankfully, that is not something Case Keenum and Kimberly Caddell has to worry about having known each other since they were in middle school.

Having grown up in Abilene, Texas, Kimberly Caddell and Case Keenum met each other as children while attending the same church with their families, and although they parted ways academically by attending different high schools and college, they had an unwavering bond.

When they met again as adults who were both in college, they restarted their relationship. Following an elaborate proposal that saw Case Keenum propose on the football field surrounded by candles, Kimberly Caddell got engaged to Case and they got married on the 11th of June, 2011. They have remained together ever since.

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